Contrast shower – the rules of admission. The benefits and harms of a contrast shower


All people want to be healthy, but many of us do not have enough time for fitness clubs, SPA salons and trips. A good alternative to the procedures in the cabin is a contrast shower, which does not require much effort, time. The main meaning: with short-term sudden cooling, all the body’s defenses are activated. Such a pouring tempers, refreshes, and recharges with energy. Let’s see what is the use of contrasting water procedures, are there any contraindications and how to carry them out correctly.

What is a contrast shower?

We take water procedures every morning to wake up, and in the evening to relieve fatigue. Daily shower is very beneficial for the whole body. But the effect of it increases if the pouring is done in contrast: alternate hot (about 45 degrees) water and cold (about 20 degrees). This procedure improves the functioning of the nervous, immune system, in a matter of minutes you get a charge of vigor, as well as a good mood for the whole day.

The benefits of a contrast shower

Contrast douche has a positive effect on the whole body:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • helps to lose weight;
  • gives a chance to get rid of cellulite, varicose veins;
  • favorably affects the face and body;
  • helps to cure osteochondrosis, arrhythmias, arthrosis.

But a shower, based on the contrast of the water temperature, should be carried out only after consulting a doctor. This is an affordable way of hardening for every person at home. It increases the body’s resistance to various adverse climatic conditions, stimulates the nervous system, normalizes endocrine activity. To get the result, you must strictly follow the basic principles of this procedure.

For weight loss and cellulite

The temperature contrast has a tonic effect on the vessels. Due to this, blood flow in the entire human body, including problem areas, is enhanced, metabolic rate is normalized, the set of cellular nutrition processes that maintain the structure and function of the tissue (organs) is significantly improved, and the breakdown of fat in cells is activated. The effect of losing weight will be better expressed if you combine shower and hydromassage.

It is advisable to perform water procedures in the morning, but if they are performed in the evening, end up with slightly cool water, not cold, and massage the body in parallel. To do this, keep the shower head at a distance of about 20 cm, moving it around the circumference, capturing the chest, abdomen, buttocks. Thanks to such movements, blood circulation is additionally enhanced. Using contrasting water procedures, you can get rid of excess weight, as well as various diseases (ovarian cysts, fibroids, tumors, colds, normalize blood flow).

Massage, cold and hot showers make the skin supple, soft, strengthen the muscles of the chest, abdomen, buttocks. So you can get rid of cellulite. Shower, based on the contrast of water temperature, is used for preventive and therapeutic purposes:

  • We start with warm water, pleasant for the body, gradually increase its temperature to hot to warm the body (1-1.5 min).
  • Then we switch to cold for 30-60 seconds (if you are dousing every day, feel free to switch from hot to cold water).
  • Repeat the cycle several times.
  • Then we rub the body well with a towel, apply anti-cellulite lotion or cream to problem areas.

If you make it a rule to carry out such procedures every morning or evening, cellulite will disappear without a trace. In order for the adoption of procedures to benefit from the first try, you need to purchase a hard washcloth or hand massager, a good anti-cellulite cream or lotion. With a washcloth you need to massage problem areas of the body (stomach, hips, buttocks) while taking a shower and do not forget to change the water temperature in turn. After the procedure, carefully rub the cream or lotion into the skin.

With varicose veins of the legs

The veins that protruded on the legs (varicose veins) indicate that their walls were stretched and exhausted under the pressure of the blood, and because of the malfunctioning of the venous valves, the blood in the veins circulates poorly. This problem for women also has cosmetic significance – blue veins swell, forming protruding spots on the skin. A shower with a contrasting change in water temperature is useful for varicose veins because it helps increase blood flow, increase venous tone, eliminates stagnation in the veins, due to which they protrude on the legs.

When conducting water procedures for the prevention of this disease, the basic rule must be observed: cool water must be cooled gradually, and the temperature of warm water should be raised slowly (with a sharp change in temperature, the veins expand even more). Improper use of contrast procedures can worsen the course of the disease or lead to exacerbation.

With vegetovascular dystonia

Violations of the vascular system of the body, which lead to insufficient supply of organs and tissues with oxygen, are called vegetovascular dystonia. Contrast douche is useful for people suffering from this phenomenon. Such water procedures increase the level of stimulating hormones in the blood, increase metabolism throughout the human body, contribute to the narrowing and expansion of blood vessels, improve heart function, blood flow, put a lot of stress on the heart muscle, the blood goes to the organs of the body suffering from malnutrition.

But this must be done correctly. It is necessary to warm up the body so that there is a desire to cool. We always start with warm water, pour water from the lower extremities, rising higher along the body, with the exception of the head, and end with the face (30 sec). Then we return gradually to the hot. Repeat at least 3 times. In the morning we finish the procedure with cold water, and in the evening – warm. If you do this regularly several times a week, then headaches occur less frequently, insomnia disappears, and appetite.

For face and body

Wash your face, alternating cold water with hot water is useful and effective: the pores of the skin under the action of hot open, and cold – narrow. The skin is cleansed, it acquires smoothness, elasticity. With contrasting washing, every day you will have to use soap only once a week. If such procedures are performed regularly, you will soon notice that the eyes stop watering on the street, eyesight gradually improves, bags disappear under the eyes.

Under the influence of contrasting body pouring, toxins come out of the body, blood circulation improves, human skin cleanses and rejuvenates (due to enlargement and narrowing of pores), acquires a healthy look, and the body is effectively hardened, which has a beneficial effect on general health. A shower that includes alternating hot and cold water for a whole day gives a boost of energy and a good mood.

How to take men and women

To get more benefit from the adoption of contrasting water procedures, you need to follow a few simple rules. For men and women, they are slightly different. If you are a woman, then you are advised to conduct a shower with a contrasting temperature of water as follows:

  • keep warm under warm water;
  • go to hot water (but comfortable for you), wait 1 minute;
  • sharply switch to cold (and not ice), wait (5-10 seconds);
  • repeat the procedure 3 times;
  • end with a hot shower;
  • at the end of the procedure, rub with a bath towel.

For men:

  • stand under cold water until the body cools (1 minute);
  • go to hot water, but not boiling water (60-90 seconds);
  • repeat 3 times;
  • finish dousing with cold water;
  • rub with a bath towel.

With regular intake of contrast douche, the body burns calories more efficiently, metabolism occurs faster, which means that excess weight does not linger. Women can get rid of cellulite, varicose veins. For men, the alternation of contrasting temperatures of water during a shower has a positive effect on potency, helps fight prostatitis. The time intervals between cold and hot water should be increased gradually. It is better to take a shower in the morning, and if in the evening, then at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Is it possible to do douche during pregnancy?

Before you start taking contrasting water procedures, you must always consult a gynecologist. With alternate dousing of the body with warm and cool water, the future mother’s well-being improves, blood circulation is activated, the likelihood of varicose veins, stretch marks, cellulite is reduced, lower back pain disappears, the whole body rejuvenates. When carrying a baby, you can not direct water jets to the stomach, this threatens with a miscarriage. A pregnant woman should do douche only in the hips, legs, buttocks.

Harm from a contrast shower

Water procedures can bring a person not only benefits, but also harm. Cold showers are very stressful for the body. If often sick people are doused with cool (19-20C) water, rather than alternating hot with cold, this can worsen the condition. The healing effect of contrasting water procedures consists in a sharp change in temperature, and when doused with simply cool water, the body’s protective mechanisms are “napping”. Therefore, before starting the hardening of the body, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


Water dousing is preferably carried out in the morning, after charging. You need to calculate the time so that you do not have to immediately go out. However, you can not take it for malignant tumors, acute thrombophlebitis, diseases of the cardiovascular system, blood. If a person has hypertension, conducting wellness procedures is undesirable, but if there is a doctor’s permission, it is necessary to take a shower with great care. You can not start the procedure during menstruation, during pregnancy, with a variety of inflammatory diseases (for example, tonsillitis, cystitis).

Feedback on the results after applying the procedure

Oksana, 33 years old:

“I used to have a sore throat often. Now I regularly do contrast douche for hardening. It’s available, it doesn’t take much time, I don’t get sick for a year”.

Natalia, 36 years old:

“Every morning I bring joy to myself – I do a contrasting dousing. For several moments of massage with jets of water and for a whole day a good mood is ensured.”.

Ksenia, 30 years old:

“With varicose veins, they were advised to do water procedures with alternating hot and cold water. For a short time, the convexity of the veins in the legs decreased significantly”.

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