Fashion for the full spring-summer 2017: trends in clothing plus size


“Chips” like magnificent sleeves and flying fabrics do not just look very original – they are also practical. The fashion for the full is designed to hide extra pounds or visually lengthen the legs, because any imperfections can be completely smoothed out using a correctly selected basic wardrobe. Let’s figure out what things you will need in the upcoming spring-summer season of 2017.

Spring coat plus size

If we talk about fashion for the full, then the trend is still the same oversize, as well as minimalist cocoon coats and trapeze coats with a lowered shoulder line and shortened sleeves. A free cut oversize not only gives freedom to movement, but also hides what needs to be covered.

Coats for full spring-summer 2017

If your type of figure allows you to focus on the waist, be sure to take this opportunity. It is best to choose a fitted coat with a belt and a small volume on the hips. Such a trick visually makes the waist thinner, and the silhouette more correct.

Coats for full spring-summer 2017

“Right” blouses and jackets for full

Baggy hoodies are not the best option for a young woman, albeit with a full figure. Even if you think that lush shoulders allow you to wear the first blouse that comes across, you should always look stylish. Especially when it comes to office fashion – there are blouses and shirts most in demand.

Blouses for full spring-summer 2017

It is worth noting that strict blouses in the men’s style in the spring-summer 2017 season are practically not in demand. Fashion, both for thin women and for full girls, returns to femininity again, so in the spring be ready to put on silk, organza, light cotton, always light colors and, as an option, with a floral print. And to make the silhouette look more fragile, choose styles with an emphasis on the sleeves and the waistline.

Blouses for full spring-summer 2017

Jackets and cardigans of classic styles that should be worn with a blouse do their job well. The classic cut is good for hiding extra pounds in the waist and visually makes the body proportions more elegant.

Jackets for full spring-summer 2017

Fashionable trousers for fat

Last year, only the lazy did not wear fashionable culottes, in the spring-summer 2017 season they are still in fashion. Such a cut allows the little ones to find the desired roundness, and on the contrary, helps full girls to hide imperfect legs. Both classic black and white and color culottes were found literally at every show. Chloe, Delpozo, Carolina Herrera, Emilio de la Morena, Issey Miyake – and this is not a complete list of those who included fashionable culottes in their collections.

Pants for full spring-summer 2017

Despite the variety of styles of strict skirts, the basis of the basic wardrobe of a business woman is still a classic cut pants. The main advantage of such trousers is that they are suitable for both those who want to not focus on their legs, as well as those who just want to visually appear a little taller, and therefore slimmer.

Pants for full spring-summer 2017

 While some designers tried to make straight trousers as relevant as possible to the trends of the season, others decided not to focus on certain trends, delighting the classic style follower with high-waisted trousers and perfectly adjusted arrows.

Fashionable dresses for full

The trends of this season will force you to completely update your wardrobe: familiar to girls with a full figure, sheath dresses and models with draperies are a thing of the past. Try wearing a trendy dress with slits that are trendy this season. Despite the presence of deep cuts, the soft lines of the cut skillfully hide the fullness and mask any figure flaws.

Dresses for full spring-summer 2017

The correct cut of the dress will help to divert attention from the shortcomings and highlight the advantages. For example, to hide full arms, dresses with fashionable puff sleeves or hypertrophic rectangular sleeves that are fashionable this season will help. The free sleeve hides the fullness of the arms well, and the voluminous skirt and slightly accentuated waist distract attention from other imperfections in the figure..

Dresses for full spring-summer 2017

To feel confident, choose a trapezoid silhouette fashionable in the spring-summer season of 2017. Dresses without obvious accents on the waist will help to hide extra pounds on the stomach and sides, without weighing the bottom of the figure.

Dresses for full spring-summer 2017

I would also like to highlight long a-line dresses. This decision will allow the girls to finally feel the advantages of this style to the fullest – complexes for too full hips and legs can be left in the past. Muted colors, a small pattern that distracts attention to oneself, the lack of a bright accent on the waist – all these small tricks in total will allow you to look visually taller and thinner.

Dresses for full spring-summer 2017

Fashionable skirts for full

As in the case of dresses, the key style of skirts is the trapeze, as well as its variations “sun” and “half-sun”. This cut will give the required space for full hips and will not turn the figure into an obscure oval. Designers turned to this cut because of its versatility. After all, despite some frivolity, the skirt-sun is combined even with jackets and blouses in a simple style.

Skirts for full spring-summer 2017

If you need more rigorous images for the office, then better than a pencil skirt you can imagine. In the fashion as perfectly straight fit, and models with a smell.

Skirts for full spring-summer 2017

Despite the fact that most designers are advised to abandon the black color in the spring-summer wardrobe, there is nothing wrong with it. Dark clothes not only perfectly mask any imperfections of the figure, but also emphasizes the impeccable taste of the hostess.

As you can see, to compile a basic fashion wardrobe you do not need to have special knowledge or skills. Taste, feminine flair and a well-written review will help you understand how fashion will develop for those who are full in the spring-summer season of 2017.

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