Jennifer Lawrence’s Delicious Idea: Tuxedo

The appearance of Jennifer Lawrence on the night talk show Jimmy Kimmel as part of a promotional tour of a new fantastic melodrama with her participation “Passengers”. The actress chose a gorgeous – and the most daring – image among all those that we have seen lately. And he in no way gave up bare tastelessness, but very much the other way around.

Best outfits female tuxedo suit

Jennifer put on a black tuxedo (always and in any case a very safe start) from Dolce & Gabbana, whose jacket was unbuttoned to fully demonstrate the strapless nude corset covered with crystals. She reduced everything else in her image to complete minimalism, adding only black shiny stilettos to the costume, completely dispensing with any jewelry.

Laurence put her hair in her hair a la two thousandth: wavy strands, pulled back – all so as not to distract attention from the magnificent iridescent corset.

Jennifer lawrence black tuxedo

The term “sexy clothes” is likely to forever remain with a treacherously bad aftertaste, thanks to celebrities like Kardashian and so on. But thanks to Jennifer, there was a hope to rectify the situation.!