Radio-frequency liposuction: a worthy response to obsolete surgery

Despite all the attempts of mouth-watering “dummies” to dictate a new fashionable canon of the female body, harmony still occupies a leading position in the list of requirements for women from society, men, and sometimes employers. Moreover, the fashion for thinness has gained unprecedented proportions..

Hunger, fitness or …?

They made a real income tool out of excess weight: plastic surgeons offer form-correction surgeries, cosmetologists offer hardware and injection procedures, nutritionists and trainers offer nutrition lessons and seminars, as well as individual training programs.

But which of us would not want to find perfect contours without effort and severe restrictions? Sometimes this desire is not at all in banal laziness..

Women stubbornly engage in physical activity and follow half-starved diets, eventually not receiving anything but total weight loss. But the notorious “problem areas”, like a double chin, an apron of the abdomen or breeches of the breeches, hold on tightly to their “rightful” place.

Liposuction, or lipolysis, is a revolutionary response to all the basic female difficulties with a figure.

Liposuction: stages of progress

Classical surgical liposuction is relatively inexpensive, and in fact, with great need or desire, any woman can save money on it. And many of us, without hesitation, would do it if not for one serious “but”.

Despite its effectiveness, surgical liposuction entails many side effects and complications. How much is said about this in popular talk shows! How many “victims” can be observed even among the “celebrities”!

Indeed, surgical intervention involves an extremely aggressive effect on the tissue. For example, if you decide to get rid of the fat layer in the abdomen, small incisions are made on it, through which a full-fledged large cannula is inserted into the subcutaneous fat.

The surgeon drives over the entire abdomen, systematically removing fat that is absorbed through the communicator into a special container. From his manual work depends on how “smooth” the effect will be. And not every doctor can cope with this. But the bumpy surface of the body part obtained after invasive liposuction is far from its most deplorable defect..

It happens that the wounds simply “do not want” to heal, forming large pockets with purulent exudate in their place. This state of affairs simply cannot be healthy, therefore very often it causes extremely serious consequences, like sepsis and other serious diseases.

Traditional methods of correcting external imperfections and modeling the figure are actively giving way to cosmetological – minimally invasive and gentle. Modern scientific and practical developments in the field of aesthetic medicine are aimed at the comfort and safety of each patient.

Minimally invasive methods almost completely replaced standard, operational ones. And today every respected surgeon is trying to apply them to his clients, if there is such an opportunity.

They are offered as a full-fledged alternative to surgical interventions, and often they become even more effective than obsolete analogues.

Popular plastic surgeons claim that the future of the aesthetic segment of medicine is definitely in cosmetology.

Advantages of the procedure

Radiofrequency liposuction Body Tite (Body Tite) – a new progressive procedure that combines the ease of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and the result of a complete plastic surgery.

With its help, it is possible to achieve the elimination of excess adipose tissue in any, even the most inaccessible areas of the human body.

The first example is a double chin. The formation of an unattractive second chin does not always affect exclusively obese people. It can even occur in asthenics, due to tissue deformation with incorrect posture. And no matter how thinner, no matter how you starve yourself, no matter how hard you work in the gym – he will not go anywhere.

A similar situation applies to the abdomen, especially in women giving birth. It would seem that it was so simple to “lose” the excess before pregnancy … But now everything is losing weight, except for the hated apron. This procedure can adequately answer all these problems..

Removing fat with it is absolutely painless, in addition, the apparatus with which it is carried out is designed to provide visible skin lifting. Thus, turning to the method, you provide yourself not only with such a long-awaited local weight loss, but also a tightening of the skin in the place of a sharp removal of the fat layer.

The indisputable advantages of radiofrequency lipolysis include:

Short and easy rehabilitation period;

Minimal invasiveness – there is practically no blood loss, and hematomas, edema and cicatricial changes do not form on the body after the procedure;

Possibility of processing “delicate zones” – chin and neck, face, inner thighs;

Comfort in carrying out;

A small number of contraindications;

Noticeable lifting of the skin after removal of fat from it;

Almost complete painlessness;

Speed ​​of carrying out;

Possibility to start everyday work already 1-2 days after liposuction, small restrictions on physical activity and maintaining a familiar lifestyle;

No need to stay in the hospital under medical supervision.

How is the procedure?

 The liposuction apparatus is extremely simple: it includes the basic equipment that generates energy, as well as a sensor with two electrodes, between which radio wave pulses actively circulate.

Settings are set by the doctor individually. It selects the desired mode and sets options using the control unit. If necessary, the nozzle itself changes. For example, with radiofrequency liposuction of the chin or cheeks, a small sensor is used that is designed to directly treat the face and neck.

The radiofrequency abdominal liposuction procedure uses the standard Body Tight communicator, which is suitable for treating any part of the body. The thinnest nozzle is used rather for rejuvenation and facelift. With its help, you can process its oval, cheekbones, and even the eyelids.

The whole procedure does not take you more than 1-1.5 hours of time. The total time depends only on which specific area the operating surgeon will work with..

The implementation of the technique involves the following steps:

  • The patient is conveniently placed on the couch in a position appropriate for the treatment of a particular area;
  • A special gel is applied to the body, which improves the process of communication of the skin and soft tissues with the sensor;
  • If necessary, the surgeon provides the so-called “protective pillow” by injection of a local anesthetic;

A sensor is brought to the body, and the doctor begins to lead them on the skin in the appropriate directions;

The internal electrode, in contact with lipid cells, effectively heats them, coagulates local capillaries and removes decay products;

The “melted” fatty substance is removed from the patient’s body through natural metabolism;

An external sensor simultaneously provides an active skin tightening;

After the procedure, the client should stay in the clinic for 1.5-2 hours until the anesthesia has completely disappeared, in order to exclude possible “side effects”;

Then allowed to go home and return to everyday affairs;

The doctor makes recommendations regarding the rehabilitation period individually.

If you decide on the procedure of radiofrequency liposuction, do not forget to consult with your doctor about contraindications to it. Do not compromise your safety in pursuit of the ideal!