How easy it is to wake up in the morning and what you have to sacrifice

Of course, you’ll have to get used to and change the mode a little, but it’s worth it: the habit of going to bed no later than 23.00, several morning exercises and quitting smoking (for a very comprehensive approach) imperceptibly removed the extra 10 kilograms of weight from the author of this article for two months.

So how easy it is to wake up in the morning and what it will cost you?

Go to bed earlier

At least a little bit: start to “shift” the time for going to bed closer to 23.00 gradually, for 15-20 minutes. In just a week or two of such “frauds,” you will be surprised to wake up yourself from the fact that the body has slept.

What will have to sacrifice: nightly series, snacks and household chores that drag on after midnight. But when you come home from work, you will complete all the necessary tasks much faster, so there will be plenty of time “for yourself”.

Set the stage for a pleasant awakening

To easily wake up in the morning, from the evening, make simple preparations:

-put a glass of water near the bed;

-set an alarm with a pleasant melody (it should not begin with a wild drum rhythm!);

-prepare clothes (for especially volatile – several sets);

-make sure that you only have to warm up breakfast;

-fold your bag.

What will have to sacrifice: half an hour in the evening. These half an hour in the morning can be spent on a quiet awakening, reading magazines or funky makeup, for which there is always no time.

Do a mini charge

Waking up easily does not mean jumping out of bed right away. Turning off the alarm clock, lie down for a couple of minutes, recalling pleasant things and dear people (according to Feng Shui, it charges with positive energy, and for more mundane people it drives away thoughts about how bad everything is and you want to sleep).

What will have to sacrifice: lack of habitual tiredness, fatigue and irritation. Vigor and good mood will replace them..

Please yourself with pleasant colors and smells.

We perceive the world as feelings, so do not be too lazy to let morning freshness through the window, paste the bedroom and kitchen with wallpaper of a pleasant shade, place a bouquet of aromatic herbs or a special aroma crystal in the kitchen. Add zest or honey in morning tea, and a drop of topping in coffee, turn on your favorite music – treat yourself in the morning. Waking up with positive emotions is easier.!

What will have to sacrifice: here you need neither self-education, nor preparation. Just do what brings you joy.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated and impossible. It is easy to wake up in the morning – not at all a mythical rite, accessible only to the initiates. This is a way to make yourself more disciplined, more beautiful and healthier – isn’t it a perfect combination?