Giorgio Armani Night Light new collection

Giorgio Armani remains true to his ideas of luxury and comfort – he passionately loves to play in contrasts, combining bold tones in one image. Giorgio Armani cosmetics are very easy to use – this allows each woman to independently choose the effect and intensity of makeup, easily set accents and change the image depending on clothes or mood.

Christmas makeup collection Giorgio Armani Night Light Makeup Collection Christmas Holiday 2016-2017

Giorgio Armani presents its festive Christmas makeup collection 2016-2017, called Night Light. The stellar product of the collection was the stunningly beautiful Night Lights Holiday Palette for the face and eyes, inspired by the chiaroscuro technique in painting and photography, with its contrasts and glow in the dark. In addition to this palette, the collection will include 3 new shades of Ecstasy Lacquer lipstick.

Giorgio Armani Night Lights Holiday Palette

Giorgio Armani Night Lights Holiday Palette face and eye palette limited edition. The palette consists of two tiers. The upper tier includes 10 shades of eyeshadow with a luminous shimmering and matte texture. In shimmering shadows, more mother of pearl is used for the most pronounced metallic, luminous effect..


Velvet-matte shades perfectly harmonize with them, adding softness, depth and drama to the look. The lower tier includes the universal shade of Luminous Silk Powder, which matts and brightens the skin, as well as two shades of the cream base Maestro Fusion Make-up, one darker, the other lighter, with which you can make facial contours.

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Polish in 3 new shades.

203 – shimmering brown
507 – dusty rose
509 – reddish pink

Christmas makeup collection Giorgio Armani Night Light Makeup Collection Christmas Holiday 2016โ€”2017 will go on sale internationally in November.

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