How to choose a good terry bathrobe

A terry bathrobe is an indispensable thing for those who value comfort and are accustomed to the comfort of home. But in order for a bathrobe to live up to your expectations, you need to carefully approach his choice. How to figure out a quality product or not? This is our talk today..

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How to choose a good terry bathrobe

How to choose a bathrobe: tips

Mahra has excellent moisture-absorbing and warming properties, which is why it has long been used for the manufacture of bathrobes. However, this fabric has different composition and characteristics, and today we will tell you how not to get lost in a wide variety of bathrobes and choose the perfect option for yourself.

Fabric structure

So, when choosing a terry dressing gown, first of all, you should pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Terry itself is cotton, but often various impurities are added to it to improve properties: bamboo, modal, synthetic fibers, etc. Thus, terry robes can be divided into classic (made from one hundred percent cotton) and mixed (with the addition of other fibers).


It is up to you to decide which option to choose: both of them possess the properties necessary for a bathrobe (hygroscopicity, breathability, thermal protection), however, someone loves cotton without additives, and someone, on the contrary, does not like its some harshness. Therefore, manufacturers “ennoble” cotton with other fibers.


Bamboo It has excellent bactericidal properties, it passes air well and absorbs water. Dressing gowns with the addition of bamboo are silky to the touch and very pleasant to the body.

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How to choose a good terry bathrobe

Modal – This is a natural fiber obtained from eucalyptus wood. It is added to the terry, firstly, because it absorbs twice as much moisture as cotton. Secondly, thanks to the modal, the terry dressing gown retains its appearance longer – it does not stretch, does not lose color even after repeated washing. Finally, products with such an admixture are very soft and weightless. However, modal is expensive material, so bathrobes with its addition can not be called a budget option.

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How to choose a good terry bathrobe

Synthetic fibers (for example, acrylic or polyester) give mahr softness – such dressing gowns are much more pleasant to the touch than 100% cotton. In addition, the product becomes much lighter, does not wrinkle and retains its appearance for longer..

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How to choose a good terry bathrobe


One of the important parameters that you should pay attention to when buying a terry dressing gown is the density of the fabric. It is measured in grams per square meter and varies from 300 to 800 units. The higher the density of the terry, the more moisture the fabric can absorb and the warmer the material. The best indicator for a bathrobe is 400 – 600 g / m2.


Another terry parameter you need to know about is the nature of the loops. They can be straight and twisted..
1. In the first case, the terry dressing gown will be very light and soft, but will lose shape faster.
2. The fabric with twisted loops, on the contrary, is more durable, but after washing it becomes harsh.

Pile height

Finally, the properties of terry (its hygroscopicity and appearance) are affected by the height of the pile. The best option is 5 mm, the pile absorbs moisture less shorter, and makes the product less wear-resistant longer – after washing, the loops can stretch, which makes the appearance of the dressing gown deteriorate.

Terry bathrobe color: dyeing

After studying the quality of the fabric, we proceed to assess its color. A good bathrobe has a uniform color. Compare the front side with the wrong side – if they differ even by a tone, this means that the fabric is most likely poorly colored and when washed, such a product fades.


Terry bathrobes are believed to retain their brightness best in warm yellow-orange colors, while blue robes lose their saturated color faster..


In general, it is worth choosing products in pastel shades – they look like new for a long time and also contribute to creating a relaxed atmosphere, and after all, water procedures are the long-awaited relaxation.

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How to choose a good terry bathrobe


Mostly terry bathrobes are kimonos of a direct silhouette with a smell on the belt. They differ in length, the presence of pockets and a hood, as well as in the shape of the collar. Sometimes dressing gowns are decorated with discreet decor – embroidery, lace, braid. But in any case, a bathrobe is a rather concise thing, and most often it remains only to decide whether you need a hood and whether you like, for example, this lace.

Good luck!