How to get rid of shyness and self-doubt

A large number of adolescents have difficulty communicating due to timidity, self-doubt, caution and incredulity. And I want to be sure, to behave naturally in the presence of other people …

Who is a shy person? So if you:

 speak in a low voice,
Avoid noisy companies, preferring loneliness,
do not try to maintain a conversation and do not know how to say no in time,
blush and embarrassed, it’s hard for you to look into the eyes of another,
constantly fantasize and dream or are engaged in introspection, you can be thought of as a shy person.


Gaining self-confidence is the best way.

A shy person “pinches” people, even knowing the correct answer, he speaks excitedly, tongue-tied or is silent, moves awkwardly, turns pale, turns red and strains. He always has one question in his head: “What will others think of me?” .

This prevents a person from living. A shy person often cannot realize himself in life: he has no friends, although he is able to have them, he always chooses a lifestyle that is, as it were, below his abilities. And this applies to everything – the choice of a partner for marriage, profession, entertainment. The shy constantly misses his chance literally in everything, considering himself not only less attractive than others, but also less capable.

How to get rid of excessive shyness! You must do this exercise every night..

The exercise is carried out in silence and solitude. Relax. Start looking at all the events of the day and tell yourself about each completed, albeit minor, thing that you did: “I did it well.” Relive the feeling, albeit of a small, but victory over routine and circumstances. This is not about God knows what major matters. And about everyday, ordinary ones – I learned lessons, bought food, had an important conversation, cleaned the room.

Even in failure, highlight something positive. There is only one condition – no criticism of oneself under any pretext. The only thing that can be done is to say about an obvious mistake: “Perhaps I was mistaken here”