What curtains to hang on arched windows

Arched windows look particularly elegant and sophisticated. Often they are not decorated with textiles at all, especially if a beautiful panorama opens from the window, and the window itself, the window sill and the battery have a neat and well-groomed appearance. But in most cases, in our own home, we still seek solitude from prying eyes.

Arched windows in the interior: how to decorate windows

That is why the theme of the design of windows of arched shapes made in a separate article. Today we will look at several ways to hang curtains and discuss all their features..

 1. Hang the curtains below the arched curve

One of the popular practices has become just such a way of hanging. You can simply design a window with straight straight curtains, which is now the most popular. At the same time, all that is needed is to mount the cornice below the level of the arched bend. And you only emphasize the magnificence and unusual shape of your window. In addition, increase the illumination of the room, because everyone knows a fact – any, even the most transparent and weightless fabric, still conceals a certain amount of natural sunlight coming from outside.

What curtains to hang on arched windows

An example of a curtain below the arched bend in the living room interior:

how to decorate a window

 2. Visually extend the window

If it happens that you are not too happy with the height of your ceilings, you can visually influence the situation using a certain method of hanging. You need to position the cornice so that it is above the window. And the greater the distance from the extreme highest point of the window to a baguette or ceiling, the higher you can raise the cornice – the effect of this will only intensify.

You can use an even segment of the same fabric, or you can sew several flaps, forming longitudinal and transverse stripes of different colors. It will also be interesting to look at the use of various accessories – rings, loops and other things. It is better to arrange them along the lines of the window frame to emphasize the architectural features of the entire room and the window itself.

What curtains to hang on arched windows

An example of the curtains above the arched bend in the interior of the living room:

how to decorate a window

 3. Use mobile curtains

Often arched-shaped openings are quite large. Their height and width do not allow you to quickly and accurately, and most importantly – without effort, to close and open the curtains. Which in everyday life, of course, is not entirely convenient. Therefore, in rooms where you hypothetically in the future will often use curtains, it is worth considering also that they could be closed much more mobile.

In sunny rooms: in the bedrooms, on the open verandas and balconies, you can design a window with one of the types of falling curtains. It can be rolled, Roman, Austrian, English curtains. The mechanism can also be manual (mechanical) and automated (electric drive). Such a cornice can be adjusted and controlled using a remote control or tablet, even a smartphone.

When using a manual mechanism, the shape of the cornice can either repeat the bending of the window or be even. With the intervention of electricians, it is better to use smooth cornices – they are more reliable and cost much less than custom-made ones with a certain radius.

What curtains to hang on arched windows

An example of using roller blinds in a living room with arched windows:

how to decorate a window

 4. Pay attention to the grip for the curtains

Smooth curtains on a direct ledge can be visually very transformed using grabs on the wall. Fasten a catch on each side of the window, you can even several if you plan to experiment with forms of drapery. After that, the curtain needs to be laid beautifully, often leaving aside and evaluating the result of its work. This work is painstaking, and, as you know, such a way of registration does not involve closing curtains almost never.

In case you really like the hooks, and in any case you have to close the window at night, choose the fabric as light as possible – dense samples tend to “remember” the folds, and when you dissolve them, they will be crumpled. You will have to use either a steamer, or even an iron, removing the curtains from the cornice for this.

What curtains to hang on arched windows

An example of using hooks on curtains that drape an arched window:

how to decorate a window

The modern world is increasingly striving for simplicity and grace. That is why window design methods are so unassuming. Focus on the window itself, daylight and the selection of beautiful fabric and cornice. And if everything is so beautiful, then it makes no sense to twist complex figures from the same textile – the room will already look harmonious and elegant.