Contemporary style interior


A modern interior for a comfortable life – this very definition accurately conveys the meaning of contemporary style. It appeared in the 60s of the twentieth century on the basis of the Scandinavian style with the goal of producing furniture and household items that would be distinguished by convenience, accessibility and functionality. Furniture designers of those times were guided by the idea of ​​creating high-quality items with high technical indicators, but with a touch of elegance.
In addition, the use of expressive decor and unusual details made it possible to make housing more comfortable even in the style of minimalism or high-tech.

Key Features of Contemporary Style

Clarity and conciseness of the layout, as well as ease of design;
Integrity and comfort, obvious functionality and accessibility of furniture. Anyone can create an interior of contemporary music in their home, just showing good taste in an effort to embody the atmosphere of comfort;


Functional zoning of the room, combined with the ease of layout in it elements of the environment;
Smooth surfaces with clear shapes, proportional lines. They are the necessary background for decorative elements of the interior;
Accessories in the interior are few, but often ethnic and classical forms;
The presence of built-in and modular storage furniture with many compartments, drawers and shelving.


How to make contemporary style in the interior

In order to decorate the home in the same style, artificial materials are most often used, such as: glass, laminate, metal, artificial stone, plastic. Of course, no one has canceled the use of natural materials, provided they are reliable, well processed and environmentally friendly..


Speaking of wall decoration, often, they are either simply painted or pasted with unobtrusive wallpaper. In the construction of ceilings, plasterboard is often used, lighting is built into it, and the floors are covered with tiles or laminate, which have proven themselves well in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the hallway from the living room. In a word, there are no materials in the interior of the contemporary that you would not be able to purchase in an ordinary building hypermarket or in the building materials market.

Color spectrum
The use of any particular shades in this style is not important, it depends only on your personal preferences, but you still need to mention the characteristic features of the color scheme of the interior:


When choosing furniture, give preference to monochrome, as it were, background colors, such as: dark blue, brown, swamp, graphite, wood, etc. They will look especially advantageous if you select light colors for the design of the walls.
In the main environment, use neutral shades on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling. A beautiful contrast for beige, white, gray, sand and ivory will be the use of brighter and more vibrant colors of furniture elements and decor.
Accessories of vibrant saturated colors, arranged in the form of accents, will bring your home the necessary mood and energy boost. Choose bright bedspreads, vases, picturesque paintings, catchy carpets. Style goes well with interior design Pop Art.


How to zone a room in a contemporary style

Contemporari is an excellent style for modern studio apartments, where the living room is combined with the kitchen, and the bedroom is with an office. Separation takes place very carefully and only visually, using design methods of zoning.
Use screens and curtains, transparent and openwork partitions, furniture designs, multi-level floors and ceilings, as well as materials for their design. For example, in the living room, lay the floor with a parquet board, and in the kitchen – with tiles.


All these techniques help to maximize the use of the area of ​​the apartment, very often small in size, in order to place in it everything you need for life, work and creativity.

What furniture to choose for a contemporary style

In contemporary interior, it is customary to use furniture made of inexpensive wood or MDF, as well as plastic, glass and metal. In addition, the products do not differ in special design and variety, but they are always reliable, durable and environmentally friendly. Due to streamlined forms, such furniture is always relevant and it is very easy to supplement or replace it without harming the interior. In addition, you can purchase it at the nearest furniture store at a very reasonable price..
In such a modern interior, all kinds of modular, easily transforming objects, designed for small-sized city apartments, have proven themselves perfectly. Folding sofas and armchairs should be chosen instead of massive beds, and the table-table, if necessary, should turn into a large dining room, for receiving guests.


Separately, mention should be made of furniture for storing all those things without which you can not imagine your existence. Therefore, closed cabinets, racks and built-in structures will be useful in the contemporary interior of contemporary music..


Contemporary style is present to one degree or another in many modern dwellings, and perhaps your interior corresponds to the main characteristics of that style that is convenient and practical in daily use..

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