Industrial Design: Loft Bedroom


If you want to make at the same time creative, modern, simple and at the same time cozy interior, then the loft-style bedroom will be the perfect choice. It combines rough finishes, industrial design elements, the uniqueness of each individual project, the sophistication of vintage decor and the comfort of a relaxation area.

The interior of the bedroom in the loft style is surprising, I want to consider it and I want to fall asleep and wake up in it. But such a stylistic direction is not suitable for everyone. If you are young, purposeful and energetic person, then this style is just for you!


The main features of the loft style

The design of the bedroom in the loft style is similar to the premises of a converted warehouse, manufactory or attic. High ceilings, large windows, a minimum of decor and emphasized negligence in the decoration only enhance the resemblance to the production workshop in the factory.
To create a bedroom in the loft style in the apartment, it is enough to reliably stylize the space of the room, pay special attention to wall and ceiling.


Here are some basic rules to follow when designing a bedroom in a loft style:
Choose concise and versatile furniture;
Discard the familiar decor;
Rare accessories should be non-standard and work on the general style of space;
It is preferable to use natural shades of cold colors;
Refuse partitions and walls, make the room as spacious as possible;
Play on contrasts, combine different textures of finishing materials;
Laconic design – the basis of the interior in the loft style.


designer opinion: At first, such an interior may seem cold and uninhabited. You need to get used to it and feel its peculiar warmth..

What colors to use in the loft style

The main color most often used is white, gray, light beige, brick or wood. A small bedroom in the loft style is decorated in cold tones; it is permissible to use warm brown or blue color over a large area.
Mirrors and metal elements emphasize the cold gamut of the room.


Design and interior of a loft style bedroom

The walls and ceiling can be left in their original form, if this allows you to make the condition of your apartment. However, more often concrete, brickwork and ceilings have to imitate.
The interior in the loft style involves a brick wall or, at least, textured plaster. Decorative materials make it easy to solve this problem. It is better to use bricks for finishing one or two walls at the head of the bed, the rest can be painted with water-based paint, coated with plaster or wood panels.


Ceilings can be painted with light paint, and can be sewn up with a wooden board. All floors, beams, structural details must not be hidden, but emphasized. It will make your interior truly industrial..
Paul: The wood flooring, inherited from the previous owners, can be updated with a clear varnish. If you’re not so lucky, use parquet or laminate as a new flooring..
Loft-style bedroom furniture may be unusual, but its design should be simple and the color neutral. Industrial metal bed or orthopedic mattress on a laconic wooden base – you choose.
Furniture items should be few, try to maintain maximum free space. To store things, you can use the dressing room or one large closet to the ceiling and an old chest of drawers.


What decor and textiles to choose for a loft style

The decor is modern technology (for example, a huge plasma on the wall floor) and various items of urban design. Graffiti, abstract painting, collectible posters, a world map and black and white shots will fit perfectly into the interior of the bedroom in the loft style. To make the space more comfortable and warm, you can add a touch of glamor to the industrial design..


Crystal, chandelier, velvet pillows or fresh flowers will help soften the rough interior..
A small bedroom in the loft style obliges to limit the use of any textiles. Discard the curtains if the view from the window allows you to do this. Plain linens and a canopy above the bed – that’s all you need to decorate your room.

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