Choosing a sofa for the living room

The comfort of the living room directly depends on the hospitality of the owners, but comfortable and beautiful upholstered furniture also plays a significant role in its creation. Choosing the right sofa seems like a simple task, but if you can determine the right size pretty quickly, then the rest of the nuances are often confused..

 Sofa in the living room: How to choose a sofa, useful tips

During a visit to a furniture salon, a dilemma arises in our minds: how to choose the right sofa model from the variety of shapes, colors and textures presented. In addition, you should correctly prioritize when it comes to the main purpose of the subject in the living room. You need to decide whether the sofa will be an accent element or its features will softly fit into the design of the room.

When purchasing a sofa you like, we recommend objectively assessing the ratio of its price and quality, because a too affordable thing cannot be truly valuable, and furniture “for years” is significantly higher than what you originally expected. In addition, it will be better if you consider the following tips in advance.

The sofa is the heart of the living room, but if it is excessively large, it may well cause many inconveniences.

Therefore, it will be absolutely logical to notice that the sofa should be proportionate to the dimensions of the room in which it is placed. The spacious room is large furniture, and in a small living room you need to install neat small-sized pieces of furniture. The style of the living room affects the choice of the sofa to the same extent as the size of the room. A successful sofa harmoniously coexists with the other pieces of furniture presented in the living room.

How to choose a sofa for the living room

A double or triple sofa is a popular choice for a small living room. In most cases, it can accommodate more than 3 guests, which makes it even more attractive.

Classic sofa

Classics are truly immortal and pertinent everywhere – this is a rule, and it is always true whether clothes, architectural or furniture elements are meant.


The sofa in the classical sense can be laconic, with strict lines, or with a twist, exposing the armrests – cushions or quilted upholstery. A characteristic feature of the shape of such an object is the low, almost at the same level as the armrests, back of the sofa.

If the living room is made with a bias in the classics, then the color of the upholstery is selected neutral: light gray, beige, ivory, cream, coffee with milk. The pattern is most often absent or manifests itself in blurry, unclear motifs, and more active sofa cushions draw attention..

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The material for the frame of a classic sofa should be wood, it can also protrude in some places, for example, in the form of carved legs or the base of the armrest. Upholstery can be jacquard, velor, leather or microfiber..

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Interior for the living room: two identical sofas in the living room

An interesting solution is to choose a sofa for the living room, or rather, two sofas, like two drops similar to each other. This option, of course, requires a sufficient room area, but if you pick up small double items, you can do without the usual chairs.

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Twin sofas must be located on the principle of “one opposite the other” or perpendicularly, while their shape can be semicircular, rectangular, curved.

The color of the upholstery, as in the case of classic sofas, should be discreet, since the intricate silhouette of the furniture more than compensates for it. It is recommended to choose decorative pillows that are as contrasting as possible in texture and tone. For example, against the background of the sand color of the upholstery, turquoise, cobalt, burgundy textiles look advantageous.

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As a pattern on the upholstery of the sofa, a “stitch” can be flaunted with soft buttons, this will create a pleasant relief for the sake of your tactile sensations. In texture, the material of the upholstery fabric for double sofas can be silky, like cotton with impregnation, or velvety, like plush, chenille or velor.

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Choosing a designer sofa in the living room

Letting out a burst of imagination presents itself with the case if you choose a stylish, unique designer sofa to decorate the living room. By the way, his intricate model may not be tied to the style of the room at all. The sofa here is rather an art object and a matter of pride than an obligatory furniture element.

The shape of designer sofas can be completely unexpected and create a characteristic image of a given room. A small triple sofa may look like an alien substance, but, nevertheless, quite elegant and ergonomic (easy to use). Such a piece of furniture has long been the famous sofa of Togo, the design of which, back in 1973, was invented by Michel Ducar.

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Among the most popular sofas, the appearance of which was born of the imaginative designers and furniture designers, we can distinguish the winged armchairs and sofas of Thomas Chippendale, which came to us from the XIX century.

The constant model, today, is very popular among connoisseurs of delicate subject design. In the catalogs of salons of large furniture manufacturers, you can choose the original instance of the Chippendale sofa with a high winged back and a beautiful design of legs. No need to talk about the possibility of acquiring a sofa with a very unusual texture and upholstery color.


The interior of the living room and the bright color of the sofa

Despite its modest size, a compact sofa, designed for 2-3 people, may well seem more significant and spectacular if its upholstery is saturated in color. So, catchy berry, azure and other tones will attract the eye and invigorate households in inclement weather..


It is important to remember that bright sofas with more than three seats are not suitable for small living rooms, as they carry a visual load.

When deciding to buy a catchy sofa, it is better to take into account that the rest of the room environment should be neutral, otherwise the competition of planes and objects cannot be avoided.


Lucky owners of pets need to choose a sofa in such a way that its upholstery will be tested day and night by strength due to claws and teeth.

Durable and wear-resistant upholstery material in your case, can be chenille, flock, microfiber.

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The most convenient, from the point of view of cleaning, is the raised design of the sofa with legs. We all know the consequences of untimely walking of animals, so it is necessary to provide free access to the area under the sofa so that you can easily and quickly refresh the floor.

But only animals, but we ourselves are able to spoil the appearance of the sofa with the help of hard to remove stains from spilled liquids, for example. Here you need to take care of a reliable moisture and dirt-repellent coating with special impregnation.

Textured sofa design in the living room

There are models of sofas whose form is simple, without frills, but the attention is attracted by the unusual, soft texture of the upholstery or delicate ornament. These objects in the space of a living room are perceived as a work of art and, as a rule, have a rather high price, since aesthetics and quality go hand in hand in them.


An elegant small sofa for 2-3 people can be part of the furniture group in the center of the living room or can be located separately from it in a secluded corner and near the window. Suitable for romantic dinners for two, leisurely conversations or reading books.

Materials for the manufacture of decorative sofas are natural wood for the frame, and high-quality velvet, silk, cotton for upholstery.

If the main furniture (large sofa, armchairs, chairs) is neutral without a pattern, then for a double textured sofa you can safely choose a catchy floral pattern or ornament. Beautiful, and most importantly, geometric, pastoral and dense floral patterns look appropriate.