Teeth whitening at home without harm. Best teeth whitening methods and reviews


Sometimes even the smallest detail can radically change fate. Having a snow-white smile, you feel confident. Lifestyle significantly affects the whiteness of tooth enamel. The former appearance of the teeth is returned using expensive medical procedures, but not everyone can afford them. Teeth whitening at home is a cheap alternative that does not require significant effort. The main thing is not to rush to extremes when using similar methods, otherwise you will have to significantly fork out for a dentist.

You should refrain from whitening tooth enamel at home:

  • Pregnant Additional intake of chemical elements can harm the child. In addition, during pregnancy, the strength of the teeth decreases, and whitening can be harmful.
  • Young people under 16 years old. Often this is simply not necessary. Up to 16 years, teeth are strengthened and grown, and excessive mechanical and chemical factors can affect the structure and mineral composition of enamel.
  • People with hypersensitivity or with damage to the enamel. Exposure to bleaching agent components will lead to even greater sensitivity or more serious illnesses..
  • Allergies. Carefully approach the treatment method, as some of the components that make up the products can cause an allergic reaction or significantly impair the health of your teeth.

Ways to effectively whiten your teeth at home

Teeth whitening methods at home do not give as high results as dental procedures, but they are ten times cheaper. Cleansing is due to a change in the color of the enamel and the removal of excess particles from its surface. The main rule for self-bleaching is do no harm. Before you start a course of treatment, you need to consult a dentist, because some of the methods can harm your enamel.

Lemon and Baking Soda

One of the easiest bleaching methods is done using soda and lemon, and to use it you will need:

  • Small piece of gauze.
  • 2-3 g soda (on the tip of a knife).
  • 3-4 drops of lemon juice.

Gauze must be folded several times to make a tampon. On it, apply the required amount of soda and squeeze lemon juice on top. Rub the mixture into your teeth in a circular motion. Instead of gauze, it is permissible to use a regular toothbrush. Please note that the ingredients in the complex have an aggressive whitening effect. Daily use of this method is not recommended, because the effect of cleansing from the yellowness of the teeth and the rate of destruction of enamel are directly proportional.

Activated carbon

Another effective and inexpensive method is based on the use of activated carbon. It is necessary to crush one tablet carefully and add a couple of drops of warm water to the powder. Then mix the ingredients until a homogeneous paste is obtained, and you need to brush your teeth with it. After use, rinse your mouth well with activated carbon residues. This method aggressively whitens enamel; therefore, its regular use is not recommended. Carefully ensure that no large pieces remain in the powder, because they can significantly damage tooth enamel and gums.

Hydrogen peroxide and soda

Hydrogen peroxide in combination with soda has a strong whitening effect. Use an arbitrary amount of ingredients to prepare this product. The main thing is that in the end a pasty mass is obtained. It must be applied to the tooth surface with a cotton swab without touching the gums. Leave the product on your teeth for about a minute, then rinse your mouth with warm water. It is recommended to brush your teeth with fluoride paste after the procedure..

Whitening paste

Such pastes are sold at the pharmacy. The procedure is no different from the usual cleaning of the oral cavity. Teeth whitening is achieved due to the content of abrasive particles in the product. Pastes of different manufacturers contain an unequal concentration of these elements, so in the end you may not get the effect that you expected. In any case, before buying this product, you should consult your dentist.

Special gel

The use of a special gel can give a stronger whitening effect. This method is considered the most expensive among those that are carried out at home on their own. There are two types of gels:

  • The first is applied using a special brush. The gel freezes on the tooth surface, and then gradually rinses off during the day. The course of treatment is three weeks..
  • The second type of gel is used with a special mouthguard. She fills with substance and dresses for the night.

Both funds are purchased at the pharmacy or directly from the dentist, the prices are considerable, but the effect is worth it. When choosing one or the second, it is recommended to be guided by the opinion of the attending doctor who will tell you the best choice in terms of the effect on your teeth.

Possible side effects after the procedure

Sometimes a teeth whitening procedure at home may not end as rosy as intended. You have a risk of grooves that make your teeth more fragile to mechanical stress. In addition, part of the mineral substances are removed during plaque whitening, which ultimately leads to demineralization. This makes the teeth brittle, leading to the development of caries. So after bleaching, you will need therapy using drugs containing fluoride and calcium.

Another problem that often occurs after the procedure is hypersensitivity. There is a sharp pain when the tooth comes into contact with something very cold, hot, sour, sweet, or when exposed to chemical irritants. Typically, this side effect disappears after a couple of days. Otherwise, you should use painkillers and start using special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. If you use whitening gel without first curing tooth decay, then you are more likely to develop acute pulpitis.

The above side effects are more likely to occur when teeth are whitened with hydrogen peroxide based products. Special gels also contain this substance, but its effect is softened due to the content of other components. Therefore, pharmacy products are considered less traumatic, but their use does not at all preclude the occurrence of side effects..


Julia, 28 years old:

“I tried to whiten my teeth with activated charcoal. The effect pleasantly surprised me. Yes, not as fast as in the clinic, but it saved a tidy sum. The teeth are two shades whiter. ”

Nadezhda, 23 years old:

“I bought soda and peroxide, made pasta, as it is written in the recipe. Used instead of regular toothpaste during brushing. The effect immediately became noticeable. The teeth became very white, but sensitive. After a week of use, spots on the teeth appeared. You need to go to the dentist ”

Valentine, 31 years old:

“I like coffee very much and I have a raid. I decided to whiten my teeth with one of the cheap folk methods, but I was reinsured and consulted with a dentist. He recommended using a special gel. It has a more gentle effect, and it costs less than a professional procedure. You wear a capa at night, and in the morning you have a Hollywood smile. Lovely! ”

Photos before and after teeth whitening

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