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Used in the framework of physiotherapy, this method of hardware drug administration helps to safely deliver the right tool directly to the pathological focus. Find out which medications you can transport to your body using this procedure..

What is electrophoresis

The topic of the beneficial effects of current on human health has been raised by the scientific community since ancient times. Medicinal electrophoresis, which is also called in medicine galvanophoresis, galvanization or iontophoresis, involves the conversion of various medications into tiny particles – ions, with the subsequent delivery of the latter to problem areas under the influence of electrical impulses. With the hardware introduction of drugs, most of them remain in the layers of the dermis. The remnants are transported with blood and lymph throughout the body..

Electrophoresis indications and contraindications

This procedure is effective against a number of diseases. Misunderstanding as to what electrophoresis is, what it is, occurs in many patients who are about to first undergo this procedure. The hardware administration of drugs is recommended for many diagnoses: from disorders of the musculoskeletal system to ophthalmic problems. For this reason, the question of why electrophoresis is needed cannot be fully disclosed. Meanwhile, there are some limitations to the hardware administration of drugs. Contraindications to electrophoresis are as follows:

  • pathology of blood vessels and heart;
  • oncological diseases;
  • fever;
  • inflammatory processes in the acute stage;
  • eczema and dermatitis;
  • allergy to medication administered during the procedure

Electrophoresis with aminophylline

The hardware introduction of ions of this medicine helps to achieve bronchodilatory, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Eufillin for electrophoresis is used in the form of a 2% solution, which, under the influence of current, penetrates the layers of the dermis of the patient. The subsidence of the drug in the subcutaneous fat contributes to its gradual, metered entry into the body.

It is worth saying that during the procedure there is an intensive saturation of the cartilage of the patient with the active components of the drug. Such pharmacology of aminophylline is used in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis of the collar zone and lumbar region, intervertebral hernia. In addition, its hardware introduction is used to improve cerebral and renal circulation, the treatment of bronchitis.

Electrophoresis with lidase

The specified enzyme substance is involved in the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, contributes to a more active movement of inter-articular fluid. Lidase for electrophoresis is selected in order to prevent and treat adhesions, inflammatory phenomena of different localization. The procedure promotes the resorption of postoperative scars, the restoration of the skin after burns..

The hardware introduction of lidase is effective against the negative effects of pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis. Treatment of otitis media and other inflammatory lesions of the ears can be carried out through the simultaneous use of endoural cataphoresis and external anaphoresis. In this case, only the cathode is impregnated with a lidase solution. The anode is located on the neck..

Caripazim electrophoresis

Galvanic current helps transport the active substance of the drug directly to the problem area. Caripazim electrophoresis is used to treat spinal and joint pathologies. The procedure is especially effective for intervertebral hernia. The tissues, due to which a painful protrusion in the spinal column forms, soften under the influence of current, which reduces the irritability of the nerve roots and, as a consequence, the severity of the pain syndrome.

Electrophoresis with Novocain

The hardware introduction of this anesthetic medication is carried out to obtain an analgesic effect. Electrophoresis with novocaine is indicated for neuropathic syndromes, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, and other articular pathologies. Especially effective is the use of physiotherapy in conjunction with therapeutic massage and other manual procedures.

Electrophoresis with Calcium

This nutrient is considered a universal substance for hardware administration. So, iontophoresis with calcium chloride is used to treat inflammation of the oral cavity, myositis, dysplasia of the hip joints. Separately, it is worth mentioning that doctors prescribe the introduction of this mineral by a hardware method for blood coagulation pathologies. Calcium is especially important for infants. With a lack of this element, the child’s bone tissue develops according to the wrong algorithm.

Electrophoresis with hydrocortisone

The hardware administration of drugs of the glucocorticosteroid group is used to stop allergic and autoimmune conditions. Electrophoresis with hydrocortisone is often used in neurological practice. It is worth noting that this procedure helps to get rid of eczema, dermatitis. Depending on the degree of damage to the skin, it is recommended to use a cream or emulsion based on hydrocortisone for hardware administration.

Electrophoresis with Magnesia

Under the influence of galvanic current, magnesium sulfate easily penetrates through the cell membrane. A sufficient amount of this nutrient in the body is the key to the health of the nervous, cardiovascular systems. This mineral is involved in many chemical reactions, the energy potential of the cell depends on it in many ways. Electrophoresis with magnesia fights inflammation, helps normalize heart rate and blood pressure. Meanwhile, magnesium sulfate is forbidden to use for stomach bleeding, pathologies of the kidneys and liver.

Electrophoresis with proserin

The instructions for this drug indicate that it has a high anticholinesterase activity. For this reason, many neurological pathologies are treated by electrophoresis with proserin, which are accompanied by a decrease in muscle tone and impaired conductivity of electrical impulses. It is important to note that bromine preparations widely used in physiotherapy have a similar pharmacological effect. Indications for the appointment of hardware administration of proserin are:

  • myasthenia gravis;
  • neuritis of different parts of the body;
  • atony of the bladder;
  • recovery from a stroke;
  • transferred viral neuroinfection.

Dimexide electrophoresis

The procedure helps to achieve an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect. With its help, they treat osteochondrosis, various articular pathologies, abscess infection in remission. Dimexide electrophoresis is especially useful for people who, for whatever reason, should not be given oral or injectable antibiotics. It is important to note that the procedure has practically no side effects..

Electrophoresis with lidocaine

The method involves local hardware anesthetic administration for pain relief. Comparing the effects obtained after the current transport of novocaine and this drug, we can say that electrophoresis with lidocaine is characterized by a less intense effect on tissue structures. An indication for such delivery of an anesthetic drug into the body is a pronounced pain syndrome of various etiologies.

Nicotinic acid electrophoresis

The hardware introduction of this water-soluble vitamin, or niacin, ensures the normal course of redox reactions. Electrophoresis with nicotinic acid can be carried out for different purposes. Niacin has been found to be highly beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. In addition, the hardware introduction of nicotinic acid ions helps to reduce the concentration of lipoproteins and triglycerides in the blood.

Dibazole electrophoresis

Myotropic antispasmodic is used to treat arterial hypertension, to facilitate the transmission of nerve impulses in the spinal cord. Dibazole electrophoresis is often used as a method of forming nonspecific body resistance to the effects of exogenous irritating factors. In addition, the creation in the dermis of the patient of a kind of dibazole depot provides the synthesis of its own interferon for a long time.

Electrophoresis in Pregnancy

During the period of gestation, the woman’s immunity falls, which can serve as a trigger for the development of many diseases. Most of the medicines during the embryonic development of the fetus are contraindicated, therefore, electrophoresis during pregnancy is a kind of way out of the situation for expectant mothers. In addition, the undoubted advantages of this procedure are:

  1. safety for the child;
  2. ensuring a high local concentration of drugs against the background of their minimum dosage.

Electrophoresis in Gynecology

Achieving a therapeutic effect during the treatment of diseases of the female genital area is associated with some difficulties associated with an accurate diagnosis and the characteristics of each individual clinical case. Widely used tools for electrophoresis in gynecology are solutions of iodine, magnesia and lidase. Good results in the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes with severe pain syndrome help achieve the introduction of potassium iodide in the lower abdomen of women.

Electrophoresis for children

Young patients in most cases undergo the Ratner method. The scientist suggested the hardware introduction of aminophylline and papaverine to infants with natal cerebrospinal lesions. Electrophoresis for older children is prescribed in the treatment of bronchitis, diathesis. The technique is often used for fractures of the limbs. Runny nose and other problems with nasal passages are treated with endonasal administration of solutions.

Electrophoresis in Dentistry

The main indication for the hardware administration of drugs in this field of medicine is the infection of the dental canals with periodontitis, pulpitis. The method of electrophoresis in dentistry involves the targeted transport of drugs, due to which there is a more active restoration of damaged dentinal tubules. Through this delivery of antibiotics, the pathogenic bacterial background is eliminated, which prevents the occurrence of secondary caries on a filled tooth.

Electrophoresis in cosmetology

Skin rejuvenation and healing with the help of current can be carried out in different ways. So, electrophoresis in cosmetology, or iontophoresis, is carried out by means of stationary and labile electrodes. The main condition for the effective elimination of problems with the skin is the observance of the polarity of the introduced substance. Separately, it should be said about phonophoresis. This procedure involves the introduction of vitamins and drugs into the deeper layers of the skin using ultrasound waves emitted by the device..

Home electrophoresis

The procedure can also be carried out independently by means of special devices. Home electrophoresis eliminates the need for a patient to visit a health facility. Devices for this purpose can be purchased in the pharmacy chain at affordable prices. It is recommended to carry out hardware drug administration at home only after the approval of the attending physician and familiarization with the instructions on how electrophoresis is done. In free sale, you can purchase the following devices:

  1. “Stream-1”
  2. Potok-BR
  3. Elfor
  4. AGN-32

Electrophoresis side effects

In the case of full compliance with all conditions for the correct hardware administration of medicines, any negative consequences, as a rule, do not arise. Medicinal electrophoresis, the side effects of which are due only to the individual intolerance of the drugs used during the session, even treat infants. As a result of this, iontophoresis is not necessary. Needless to say, in addition to the therapeutic effect, you will also feel the relaxation effect of the procedure.

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