What does lichen look like in a person?


Skin areas affected by a virus or fungus are not only an aesthetic problem. The inflammatory or infectious nature of a common disease compromises health. For the successful treatment of pathology, it is necessary to correctly determine the type of ailment, and it is not always possible for a specialist to do this visually.

Common signs of depriving a person

With the external similarity of some species, depriving therapy may be different. In the group of skin diseases, certain types of illness are included on the basis of common symptoms, but the reasons for their appearance do not always coincide or have a different nature. What does lichen look like in a person? The following symptoms can indicate pathology:

  1. Skin pigmentation in various shades.
  2. Peeling on the affected area.
  3. Hair loss.
  4. Itchy skin.
  5. Deterioration of the general condition of the body.

The girl has itchy skin on her arm

How to recognize lichen in humans

A well-known sign of the disease is a pigmented area of ​​the skin. If it becomes lighter and, conversely, darker, then there is no doubt – this is how lichen looks in a person. For an accurate diagnosis, the nuance of the shade of the pigmented area is important, and itching, peeling, or a bubble with a clear liquid inside appear as additional symptoms. Pathology can be localized on any part of the body or head, and as the disease develops, the focus will grow and be accompanied by a worsening of the condition..


A kind of dangerous skin disease of a fungal nature. The disease can be transmitted from an animal or a person, and the reasons are a decrease in immunity, wounds, and poor hygiene. The ringworm of a person looks like a pink spot with clear borders, in the center of which are white scales. The focus begins to spread, the development of microsporia and trichophytosis leads to breakage of hair, and after a few months, a deep lesion of the skin leads to an abscess and the appearance of pus. When diagnosing ringworm, the following treatment methods are used:

  • isolation of the patient (hospital or home);
  • prohibition of contact with other people, animals;
  • drug treatment: taking antifungal drugs (tablets, ointments), for example, Ketoconazole, Lamisil, sulfuric.

? Ringworm in a girl on her cheek?

Tinea in adults

On visual inspection or in the photo, the rashes accompanying this type of skin disease will resemble chickenpox. The virus enters the nerve endings, reaches the nodes and can “hide” until it makes itself felt. How does lichen caused by varicella-zoster manifest? Prolonged colds, weakened immunity, chemotherapy, blood disease, hypothermia or severe stress – this is why an adult can have this ailment.

The manifestation of shingles begins with itching on the body (intercostal space) or limbs, then bubbles with transparent contents form, which burst after a few days, and a crust appears in their place. Additional symptoms are fever and nausea. Loss of vision is dangerous if herpes affects the eyes, violating the internal structure. Therapy is carried out at home based on the following drugs:

  • antiviral (“Acyclovir”, “Valavir”);
  • anti-inflammatory (“Paracetamol”, “Ibuprofen”);
  • immunostimulatory (“Zostevir”);
  • antihistamines (Loratadin, Fenkarol);
  • alcohol antiseptics (brilliant green, Fukortsin).

Pityriasis versicolor on human skin

The defeat of the upper layer of the skin causes a special kind of yeast. What does pityriasis versicolor look like in humans? Multi-colored spots of a round shape on the chest, back or neck, which after tan become white. The cause of the disease can be contact with a sick person, endocrine diseases, weakened immunity, a change in skin balance, while there is no temperature or signs of intoxication. The treatment is carried out using antifungal drugs (Ketoconazole, Lamisil, salicylic ointment).

Pityriasis versicolor on a man’s back

Flat red

Impaired immune processes in the body can trigger the appearance of this ailment. What does lichen look like on the skin, which most often affects women? A colored rash of irregular shape of a reddish hue, itchy formations protruding above the surface, form nodules that can develop to erosion and ulcers. Flat red lichen affects the mucous membranes and the nail plate, and after disappearance in the affected area hyperpigmentation remains, the nail roll is destroyed or grooves form. The course of treatment may include the use of drugs such as:

  • light therapy or PUVA therapy, as with vitiligo, psoriasis, mycosis, atopic dermatitis;
  • ointments with glucocorticoids (Advantan, Celestoderm);
  • antihistamines (Suprastin, Fenistil);
  • B vitamins.

Pink skin lichen in humans

The main symptom of depriving Giber is one large spot on the skin (maternal plaque) and a smaller scattering of pink spots. Over the course of a week, “daughter” rashes with peeling begin to hit the abdomen, back, shoulders, hips, legs, arms along the Langer line (across the body). When merging, the spots begin to peel off, and after 3 weeks disappear, and the accompanying symptoms – fever, aches, weakness, joint pain.

The cause of the pathology is considered a tendency to allergies and the herpes virus. What does lichen look like on the skin after an illness? In place of the spot, pale areas of the skin remain. To confirm the diagnosis, a dermatologist can prescribe a dermatoscopy or biopsy, and the course of therapy includes the following measures, since there are no special drugs against pink lichen:

  • if the affected areas begin to itch strongly, then it is necessary to take “Erius”, “Zodak”, “Tsetrin”;
  • observe a hypoallergenic diet;
  • Wear clothing made from natural fabrics only;
  • do not take a bath;
  • at the stage of rash of small pink spots, ointments with glucocorticoids are allowed.

Pink skin lichen

How does lichen in people begin

Symptoms of a skin disease in each person – an adult or a child – are manifested individually. Damage to the skin is considered a characteristic sign, but this can occur gradually or immediately cover large areas. How to identify lichen? It is worthwhile to beware if it is a rash of pale pink or red color, any flaky spots of regular or irregular shape, bubbles with fluid and the localization of the rash. Rarely, the disease is accompanied by fever, nausea.

What does lichen look like in children at the initial stage?

The parasitic pathogen depriving can affect any part of the skin or scalp, and pathological foci manifest themselves so clearly that they do not cause difficulties in diagnosis. How does lichen appear in children? Often a child becomes infected with contact with a sick animal. Pigmentation, itching, peeling, a pink tint that separates the affected area from the healthy are signs of depriving children.

The first signs of lichen in adults

Thinking about how lichen looks in a person at an older age, it must be borne in mind that the disease can occur openly or have a hidden form. The main symptoms are that the virus broke through the body’s protective membrane – pigmentation and itching, and then pink, light or dark red spots begin to appear on the skin affected by the pathogen, less often – bubbles with a clear liquid, and localization – the trunk or scalp.