How to treat pink lichen in humans


What picture appears in my thoughts at the word “lichen”? Most people think that this is an unpleasant disease with irritating skin itching, and also contagious. Find out if this is so, whether this ailment threatens with any consequences. Specify how the treatment of pink lichen in a person is carried out and what is the peculiarity of treatment procedures for children and pregnant women. In different life situations, information on the practice of using medications, traditional medicine and a special diet for this disease can be useful.

How to treat gibber pink lichen

To date, doctors have not determined exactly the causative agent of this disease, among the possible causes are:

  • weakened immunity due to acute respiratory viral infections or other infectious diseases;
  • defeat by a herpes virus of the 6th or 7th type;
  • hypothermia – an increase in cases of pink lichen is characteristic of the autumn-winter period;
  • allergic nature of occurrence.

Paradoxical as it sounds, official medicine, when asked how to get rid of pink lichen, says that in 80% of cases this disease goes away on its own, even without treatment, for 2 months. It is only required to eliminate skin irritating factors. The use of drugs is necessary only in difficult cases, but you need to contact a specialist if you identify signs of pink lichen. The doctor will clarify the diagnosis and indicate what adequate measures to take to cure, taking into account the characteristics of the body, history, age.

Zhiber pink lichen is a common diagnosis for pregnant women. According to doctors, its manifestation is associated with hormonal changes in the female body during gestation. Are rashes dangerous for the health of the expectant mother and baby? Medical data indicate that pink lichen during pregnancy is a cosmetic defect that does not significantly affect the health of the baby and the further development of the baby. But the woman still needs to consult a dermatologist so that an accurate diagnosis of the disease is carried out, and if necessary, treatment is prescribed.

The child has

Pink lichen in children under 10 years of age is rare. Its appearance is associated with a weakening of the child’s immunity, for example, after an illness or vaccination. The disease begins with the manifestation on the skin of the first lesion – a round pink or reddish spot with a diameter of 2-5 cm. This spot is called a “mother plaque” by the diagnosticians. Not to notice its appearance is virtually impossible. After 2 days, a rash appears on the body, smaller in size than the primary lesion. The spots itch, itch, spread throughout the body, give the child psychological discomfort.

Although the disease does not carry a great danger, the fight against the disease must be started immediately. Treatment of pink lichen in children mainly consists in raising immunity. To do this, doctors prescribe Ascorutin – tablets containing vitamins C and P, which are powerful antioxidants, or other vitamin therapy. To remove the itch, use the antihistamine gel Finistil. Spots of pink lichen 3 times a day are smeared with iodine, movements from the edges of the spot to the center. This procedure also helps to relieve itching, dry out a rash..

In adults

Pink deprivation is affected by adults aged 20 to 45-50 years, this disease does not occur in older people. The disease develops in the same way – as in children: a maternal plaque appears on the upper body, the rash spreads to the chest. The rash is often localized on the fold lines of the body – on the neck, in the groin. You can not do without treatment for pink lichen with severe itching, which accompanies rashes in 25% of adults. Then you need to go to a dermatologist: he will check the absence of similar diseases (eczema, psoriasis) and prescribe oral or external antihistamines.

Medicines for pink lichen

The exact cause of the disease has not been established, because methods of treating pink lichen in humans are aimed at relieving or alleviating the symptoms. In some complex cases, improvements in the patient’s condition are noted during treatment with a streptococcal vaccine and antiviral drugs. To remove unpleasant, irritating symptoms and to heal spots on the skin that look very ugly, pills, ointments and home remedies will help.


The action of ointment from pink lichen in a person to relieve itching, drying spots so that they quickly acquire a natural shade, does not cause psychological discomfort, is directed. To this end, dermatologists often recommend the use of Lassard paste – a salicylic-zinc mixture, an antimicrobial drying agent. A good preparation for local therapy is the “Tsindol” talker. Its composition contains zinc oxide, glycerin, starch, talc – substances that disinfect and dry irritated skin. A doctor should choose an ointment or cream from pink lichen.


If pink lichen is pronounced, spread over a large surface of the skin, the patient is prescribed antiviral, antihistamines and vitamin therapy. For example, Acyclovir tablets stimulate the immune system. To relieve itching, dermatologists prescribe Claritin, Suprastin. Doctors often recommend taking calcium supplements, B vitamins, and antioxidants – vitamins A, C, E, whose effect has a beneficial effect on the immunity and health of the skin.

Folk remedies

How to treat pink lichen at home? To eliminate the feeling of dryness, tightness of the skin, it is lubricated with hypoallergenic moisturizers or lotions. Short sunbaths contribute to the speediest healing – no more than 10-15 minutes. The very first tool is to follow simple rules. Necessary:

  • wash in the shower: in order not to irritate the skin, you must not use very hot water, soap and rub the damaged areas with a hard sponge;
  • use cotton underwear;
  • do not wear synthetic or woolen clothing directly on the body.

How to quickly cure pink lichen at home using the methods recommended by traditional medicine? Many people who have had this disease respond well to the use of such drugs:

  1. To relieve itching, moisten the places of irritation on the skin with apple cider vinegar (as necessary, 5-7 times a day).
  2. Rub wheat flour into the affected areas from the edge of the spot to the center, repeat 3-5 times a day – so the skin is more likely to dry out and get a normal color.
  3. Apply warm compresses from decoctions of herbs of a string, chamomile or calendula to the spots of pink lichen.

It relieves itching well and promotes skin regeneration, oily paper products of burning paper. To use such a tool, you need to cut a piece of white cardboard (about half the sheet of a notebook), twist it into a tube, put on a plate and set it on fire. In this case, as close as possible over the fire, you need to keep another plate. When the paper burns out, blow off the residual ashes, grease the spots of pink lichen with the remaining brown oily substance from the edges to the center. It must be remembered that this product is dirty and poorly washed, therefore it is better to apply it on skin areas covered with clothing.

Diet for pink lichen

With his wrong attitude in the disease, a person is able to aggravate his condition and run into problems. If pink lichen does not last long, then you need complex measures. Without proper nutrition, this issue cannot be resolved. Sour-milk products, cereals, light soups, fruits and vegetables should be consumed. It is necessary to significantly limit, and in severe forms of pink lichen, completely exclude from the diet for 3-4 weeks such products:

  • alcohol;
  • citrus;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee and black tea;
  • spicy, sour, salty, smoked food;
  • allergen products.


Recovery from pink lichen occurs in 1.5-2 months. In isolated cases, when the patient’s immunity is significantly weakened, the disease can annoy for six months. During the disease, you need to be observed by a dermatologist and consult with a specialist for any new symptoms. Otherwise, an infection develops through the damaged skin. Less commonly, the disease becomes eczema..

After the affected areas are tightened with new skin, there are no traces of lichen. There are times when these areas may be slightly discolored, paler than the rest of the skin. It soon passes, the skin tone evens out. After itself, pink lichen leaves no complications. As a rule, a person who has undergone pink lichen is ill for the second time in rare cases.

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