What is Biotin?


Biotin (Vitamin H) is a substance that the body needs to ensure the proper functioning of all internal systems. It is found in plant and animal organisms. This substance is an integral component of many dietary supplements..

What is biotin for?

Biotin – what is it? This is a water-soluble vitamin H, the action of which is aimed at metabolic processes. What is biotin for? It controls the metabolism of fats in the skin, has a positive effect on the hair, is combined with folic acid and B vitamins. The formula of the substance contains sulfur, which makes it an indispensable source of health and beauty of the skin, nails.

Where is biotin contained?

Regular use of biotin in foods helps maintain beneficial intestinal microflora. What is biotin? This is a vitamin that is found in many foods of both plant and animal origin. Fruits and vegetables contain this substance in its free form, and fish, meat and milk represent it in conjunction with proteins. What is biotin in? Products of animal origin include the heart, liver, kidneys, meat, milk and its derivatives, fish, egg yolks. Among the common sources of plant origin can be identified:

  • Tomatoes
  • nuts
  • soy;
  • cauliflower;
  • legumes;
  • mushrooms;
  • bow;
  • yeast;
  • bananas
  • apples
  • oranges
  • melon.

Different varieties of nuts on a plate

Vitamins with Biotin

Today, vitamin Biotin is freely sold in pharmacies – it is represented by capsules, tablets, ampoules. It can also be bought in the online store. There are a large number of analogues related to various price categories. Due to its benefits, this substance is in high demand. Take a closer look at popular drugs with biotin:

  • Vitamins BlagOmin. This supplement is presented in capsules of 90 pieces per jar. According to the instructions, BlagOmin should be taken one capsule daily with meals. Indications for use – brittle hair and nails, metabolic problems. The average duration of a course for adults is 3-4 weeks. The drug is inexpensive – the price varies from 140 to 350 rubles.
  • Solgar Biotin. Solgar Biotin is a vitamin supplement in capsule form. The company produces high-end drugs. The product does not contain artificial substances that can cause harm to the body. Supplements are freely sold by pharmacies. Experts recommend a hair supplement – it helps to improve their condition and accelerate growth.
  • Biotin Swanson 5000 mg. The product is presented in capsules in a jar of 100 pieces. The cost of the product in the pharmacy can not be called small, because the manufacturer is the American company Swanson. The drug is recommended for women to take hair. The recommended dosage is one tablet per day. The price depends on the number of capsules and the manufacturer..


Biotin – instructions for use

To avoid overdose or the development of side effects, you need to take supplements strictly following the instructions for use of biotin. Among the contraindications is the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The required daily dose is calculated individually for each person. The average daily rate corresponds to the following indicators:

  • for children – 5-10 mcg;
  • for adults – 20-30 mcg.

Vitamin H in a Bottle

Biotin Price

The supplement can be bought without a prescription or ordered on the website of the online store by selecting the drug in the electronic catalog. The price of biotin depends on several factors at once. A significant role is played by the manufacturer, additional active substances in the preparation, the number of capsules and the level of vitamin concentration.

Biotin Reviews

After childbirth, hair began to fall out. A friend advised me to buy coenzyme R. Later I found out that this is vitamin H. Since I did not breast-feed, I was able to test the properties of this substance on myself. The result was very pleased – the loss really stopped, and the general condition of the hair became much better.

Maria, 31 years old

I took vitamin H as a part of Medobiotin tablets. For starters, digestion has improved. Constant pains and problems with stools have passed. Hair became lush, thick and shiny. At first I decided that such an impressive effect is related to metabolism, and then I found out that vitamin H affects the health of hair follicles.

Anna, 35 years old

The child had oily seborrheic dermatitis. The doctor advised taking the ratiopharm supplement, the main active ingredient of which is vitamin H. The treatment results were not long in coming. We comprehensively approached the solution to the problem, but only after the start of taking the capsules there was a marked progress.