Laser Wart Removal


The appearance of ugly neoplasms on the body will make few people happy. In addition to the fact that they have an unaesthetic appearance, this problem brings a lot of trouble to a person. The appearance of growths on the face is especially undesirable. Modern cosmetologists offer many ways to remove neoplasms, including laser treatment.

What is laser removal

Everyone who has encountered this problem is worried about how to remove warts. They can appear even in children, while it is very difficult to remove condylomas or tongues. Modern medicine offers several options:

  • surgical excision of the neoplasm;
  • burning with liquid nitrogen;
  • elimination by electric current;
  • laser wart removal.

Laser Wart Removal

The latter option is the most popular, because it is absolutely painless, always gives a result and is less dangerous. The essence of the method is the destruction of the tissues that make up the neoplasm and the phased removal of its layers with a laser. The session involves local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel anything. The procedure is carried out in several ways, using different types of rays. How much removal costs depends on the size of the growth and the rates of a particular clinic.

The treatment method is chosen depending on the type of neoplasm. The following types of lasers are distinguished:

  1. On dyes. The effect of such rays is that they are absorbed by the blood that nourishes the growth. As a result, the vessels overlap, and condylomas die. After this, dead tissue is removed in layers. If the nodule is small, then it can be removed in one session, several procedures are required to eliminate large warts.
  2. Nd: YAG lasers. Using these rays, the tissue is destroyed by the photomechanical method, absorbing the monochromatic coherent light of the device. The radiation energy goes into heat, which destructively affects the nodule.
  3. Carbon dioxide lasers. This option is the generation of a light beam of a high degree of concentration, which burns the infected tissue. This method is considered the most effective, because one session is enough to remove genital warts of any size.

If we compare this method of combating papillomas with others, then almost every patient would prefer to get rid of warts with a laser. The fact is that the method has a lot of significant advantages, for example:

  1. You can remove the wart with a laser in a few minutes..
  2. After the session there are no traces or scars on the skin.
  3. Do not infect a patient with a laser beam.
  4. The tissue around the infected area is not damaged, because the beam has a directional effect.
  5. The procedure has very few contraindications.
  6. The risk of developing new warts is minimized..

Laser wart removal process

Who is indicated for laser removal of tumors

It is known that the formation of warts in a child or adult is a consequence of a viral disease of papilloma. The disease manifests itself in different ways, therefore, neoplasms are divided into types:

  1. Ordinary growths – keratinized tissue nodules that reach a size of up to 1 cm, have a high density. As a rule, such condylomas are formed on the hands (outer side). Sometimes neoplasms of this species go away without treatment a couple of years after the appearance. The same group includes neoplasms on the feet, which appear from the rubbing of the feet with shoes and bring great discomfort to the patient..
  2. Flat. This species is called youthful, because often such growths can be found in a child. Neoplasms rise about 2 mm above the skin, are characterized by smoothness and shine. Flat papillomas appear on the face, feet, hands. The cause is wounds and cuts on the skin that do not heal for a long time..
  3. Spiky growths – the so-called pinkish neoplasms on the skin, which can connect to each other, forming nodules on the leg. This type of genital warts often occurs on the genitals in the presence of microcracks. May be transmitted sexually. Sometimes this is a signal that the development of cervical cancer in a woman has begun.
  4. Keratomas (senile). They are formed from hair follicles, characteristic of people of advanced age, are sometimes transmitted genetically, do not affect mucous surfaces. You can find such neoplasms on the chest, neck, face or back, up to 7 cm in size.

How to remove warts

In addition to the price of such removal of growths, many are interested in how laser warts will be removed. The session lasts about 5 minutes, includes the following steps:

  1. Anesthesia with a special ointment.
  2. Burnout by laser beam.
  3. Treatment of a wound with an alcohol-free antiseptic.

Laser care after wart removal

Special care for the wound after the session is not required. A slight dimple formed at the site of the growth should level out after a few weeks. If you burn a neoplasm on the leg, then after the session you should not heavily load the foot. In addition, doctors recommend a course of treatment to destroy the papilloma virus, which is the cause of the development of growths.

Wart removal

When laser burning of warts is contraindicated

Before you remove the wart with a laser beam, it is worth learning about side effects. For example, the following patient conditions are contraindicated:

  • hypertension;
  • Influenza or SARS;
  • high body temperature;
  • acute cold sores;
  • pregnancy.

Price for laser wart removal

This procedure is carried out in many clinics, and it is inexpensive. The cost depends on the specific region, clinic and type of equipment. The size of the condyloma or tongue is also important. Taking into account all factors, the price of removal of neoplasms by a laser is different. To get rid of an ugly growth, you just need to choose a clinic and find 15 minutes of time.

Alice, 29 years old: The child has grown warts right on the heel. The girl could walk with difficulty due to the pain of growths. A dermatologist recommended laser removal of the tongue. The method is safe and painless. The child was afraid, cried, but still had a session. A week after the removal of the holes from the growths were tightened, and there were no more neoplasms.

Timur, 42 years old: Our son at the age of 13 formed several flat growths between the fingers at once. We came to the clinic of laser medicine, and there a whole catalog of services to get rid of such tumors with the help of different rays. They removed it with a carbon dioxide laser, the doctor said that this is the most effective and fastest way. The price of the procedure is acceptable. After one session, everything disappeared.