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A person is sometimes taken aback by health problems – a bad tooth, tingling in the side, fog in the head. Some symptoms are not always clear, unambiguous, like red spots on the body. Judging by medical research, the condition of the skin is associated with the general state of health, which means that rashes, other changes in various shapes and localizations can occur with many internal ailments. The appearance of red spots on the body can be caused by both non-hazardous phenomena, and quite serious disorders requiring emergency care.

Symptoms and possible causes of red spots in adults

The appearance of red spots on the body is considered a very common problem among adults. The causes of this trouble can be varied: in the field of dermatology, there are more than five dozen diseases in which red spots are one of the symptoms. Such a skin problem can signal the presence of pathology if the formation begins to itch, peel, increase in size, quantity. If such manifestations often “visit you”, then you should contact a dermatologist in order to identify the causes, prescribe an adequate treatment.

Redness with itching and which does not itch

Many diseases arise in humans due to increased nervous excitability. Red spots on the body are no exception, and itching appears due to various disorders. Redness itself can be the cause of a weakened vascular tone. In order to minimize the appearance of red spots, to reduce the area of ​​their localization, it is necessary to take a contrast shower, play sports, conduct other procedures aimed at strengthening blood vessels and immunity. This violation is called vegetative, does not pose a health hazard..

If red spots are caused by an infectious infection, then along with itching, catarrhal phenomena, fever, intoxication syndrome appear. As a result of infection, inflammation is observed, which has a special location, erosion, spots with crusts, purulent or water contents may appear. Among the most common causes of red spots are: meningitis, scarlet fever, measles, chicken pox, typhoid fever. Red spots can cause fungal infections, among which the most common is infectious ringworm.

The next cause of red spots with itching on the body is photodermatosis. This is a disease that has another name for allergy to the sun. Ultraviolet radiation causes the appearance of redness, rash, swelling. With severe itching, anti-allergic agents should be taken that reduce redness and relieve irritation. In the warm season, you need to wear closed clothing, less often go out into direct sunlight, avoid tanning, use creams with SPF protection of at least 25.

Chronic disease Atopic dermatitis causes the described troubles. It manifests itself as red spots, itching, peeling, skin seals, which occur in most cases in the cold season, and disappear in the summer. Hormonal ointments, antiallergic drugs help to eliminate symptoms..

With psoriasis rashes on the body, red spots can be very massive, disturbing for a long time. In many cases, they appear on the knees, elbows, lower back, buttocks, and other extensor surfaces of the body. Skin manifestations can grow, merge with each other, disturb by strong peeling. Treatment should only be prescribed by a doctor..

Red spots that do not cause any additional sensations such as irritation, itching, do not pass on their own, are located on the skin of the chest, arms, legs, other parts of the body indicate problems with the liver, digestive, vegetovascular system. Poor work of internal organs makes itself felt in the form of redness of various sizes, shapes. In this case, do not guess about the reasons, self-medicate, and go to a specialist for a consultation.

Coverage area

If erythema suddenly went all over the body, then we are talking about an allergy, which is called urticaria. For treatment, it is necessary to identify the allergen, eliminate it, take antihistamines, otherwise the condition threatens with anaphylactic shock. Red spots can appear as a result of strong emotional, physical stress. If such changes in the skin peel off, then this may indicate psoriasis. In addition, the causes can be infectious diseases, scleroderma, when the vessels can not withstand stress, burst.

When red spots appear after taking a shower, baths on the neck, chest, this can signal hives, allergies to water, used gels, shampoos, soap, substances that disinfect tap water. In addition, such skin disorders appear as a result of vegetative-vascular dystonia, when vessels cannot normally respond to external changes (increased humidity, hot water, high ambient temperature).

With the localization of red spots on the neck in the absence of itching, this indicates a pityriasis versicolor, which is treated with acidified water dousing, hardening procedures, antifungal ointments. The next reason is atopic dermatitis, which is accompanied by itching of the lesion, due to violations of the gastrointestinal tract.

Red spots localized on the palms may indicate the presence of more than 8 dozen diseases. In most cases, this is scabies, allergies, palmar erythremia. An accurate diagnosis should only be done by a doctor. The appearance of redness on the chest indicates a violation of the hormonal background, diseases of the internal organs, allergies to foods or external irritants.

Red spotting of the hands indicates lichen, another infectious, viral disease. In addition, such changes in the skin of the limbs can be triggered by malnutrition with a predominance of fatty, floury, fried foods, smoked meats, sweets, stress, emotional excitability.

The location in the head area of ​​red spots indicates seborrheic dermatitis due to the multiplication of a special type of fungus, which is facilitated by hormonal changes. The causative agent of the disease becomes active in the cold season, with stress. Seborrhea is accompanied by peeling, the appearance of dense yellow scales, itching.

The concentration of red spots on the face is divided into three types: rosacea, which is accompanied by the appearance of dilated small vessels of a permanent or temporary nature; erythrosis, characterized by permanent or temporary redness of the nose, cheeks; rosacea, which is a combination of rosacea, erythrosis, inflammation in the form of papules, pustules.

Pink lichen – round rough skin rashes

In most cases, this ailment occurs in people 20-40 years old. The first symptoms are weakness, malaise, fever, swollen lymph nodes. After that, red spots appear, the localization of which is the shoulders, chest, back, sides, hips. In many cases, they disappear without a trace, but the disease is better left unattended, otherwise eczema, staphyloderma, streptoderma may join it. Treatment for pink lichen aims to minimize the risk of complications.

Allergy to alcohol

Red spots on the body that appear after drinking alcohol can indicate the onset of an allergy to alcohol. First, the face blushes, then the rest of the body. This disease is considered to be an increased individual sensitivity to a certain substance, upon repeated exposure of which the body begins to produce antibodies for the fight, in connection with which there is an inflammatory process with unpredictable consequences. The cause of the allergy may be ethyl alcohol, yeast, hops, synthetic dyes, preservatives, flavorings.

What to do if a child has red dots or spots

Red spots may suddenly appear on the child’s body. There are many diseases that result in such a nuisance. Symptom indicates that urgent action is needed. It is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication, especially if the condition is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, fever, so immediately consult a doctor for a diagnosis. Redness may be symptoms of the following diseases:

  • Measles – up to 4 days, the symptoms are similar to SARS, after which red spots appear on the face, then fall on the chest, stomach, legs.
  • Scarlet fever – characterized by a small bright spotted rash of small diameter that quickly spreads throughout the body, excluding the nasolabial triangle. Tongue, mucous membrane becomes bright crimson.
  • Rubella – a small pink rash on the chest, back, face, fever up to 38 degrees.
  • Chickenpox – red spots in a couple of days turn into papule vesicles filled with liquid, causing severe itching.
  • Roseola – the herpes virus is considered the causative agent of the disease. The incubation period is 5-15 days.
  • Ringworm – the appearance of red convex spots with peeling.
  • Sweating is a small red rash in places where clothing is attached to the skin. Often occurs in infants who wear diapers. The rash does not itch, does not bother the baby. Baths with infusions of calendula, chamomile, walnut leaves, the use of baby powder, the wearing of sweat-absorbing natural clothes help.
  • Allergies are the most common cause of red spots on the body. The disease can occur as a reaction to anything (new food, baby cosmetics, infant formula, diapers).
  • Red blister from a burn, mosquito bites.

When and to which doctor you need to urgently contact

In some cases, red spots are combined with other symptoms and signal diseases, serious conditions that require immediate intervention by a qualified doctor. Signs of a health hazard and a signal for contacting a dermatologist are the appearance of such phenomena:

  • Impairment of consciousness – confusion, drowsiness, fainting, etc..
  • Bluish, bluish coloring of lips, skin, nails.
  • Chest pain.
  • Severe impairment of attention.
  • Labored breathing.
  • Chest tightness.
  • Swelling of the lips, eyes, and throat.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Dyspnea, wheezing.
  • Severe nasal congestion.
  • Temperature increase.
  • Anaphylactic shock – a pronounced reaction to an allergen, shortness of breath, hypoxia, drop in blood pressure, collapse, loss of consciousness.

Photo and description of possible conditions

How and how to treat red spots

The skin of a person is considered an indicator of the general condition of the body. Before eliminating red spots, it is necessary to understand the cause of their occurrence. If the condition is worrying, you should consult a doctor. When red spots are associated with allergies, they begin to itch, it is necessary to eliminate the source, take histamine blockers that relieve unpleasant symptoms. With skin red rashes that are associated with stress, frustration, anxiety, fear, sedatives must be taken.

However, it is impossible to say for sure that red spots are a vegetovascular reaction of the body. Therefore, specialist advice is necessary in any case. With vascular diseases, pathologies of the internal organs, spots acquire different shades, with fungal itching, whitish plaque, ulcers, which requires treatment with special ointments, tablets, antibiotics, which the doctor will prescribe.

The doctor’s consultation

For red spots, consult a dermatologist for advice. Only a specialist will be able to identify the cause, based on the results of the tests performed by the patient. When the diagnosis is made, follow all the doctor’s instructions accurately, treat yourself diligently. If it was an infection of the epidermis, it is worth excluding the repeated possibility of infection, in case of autoimmune diseases consult a specialist to alleviate the condition. Never try to remove red spots yourself, do not rub, do not comb them, follow the rules of hygiene.

Treatment with folk remedies

Some folk remedies help relieve inflammation, remove swelling, redness:

  • Infusion of birch buds moisturizes the skin, relieves inflammation, red spots. To do this, pour a glass of boiling water in a spoonful of kidneys, insist a couple of hours, moisten a cloth and apply for 15 minutes.
  • Relieves inflammation, red spots, nettle, yarrow, celandine. Fresh herbs need to be poured with boiled hot water, insist, drain the liquid, and apply the pulp to the affected areas.
  • Fresh dill juice relieves itching with hives, burning, for which you need to apply a moistened clean towel for half an hour to the rashes.

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