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Have you ever thought about what can cause you to feel unwell? There are many reasons: fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, etc. But one of the main ones is the slagging of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Let’s figure out how to perform it correctly.

Slagging is the accumulation of harmful substances in the human body (toxins and toxins), which poison it and have a negative effect on the functioning of the whole organism as a whole. Slag deposits form on all organs and blood vessels. This process is aggravated by the use of alcohol, sweets, malnutrition. It is possible to carry out different types of body cleansing from toxins and toxins both in special salons and at home.

Body cleansing at home

To get rid of harmful substances that negatively affect health, it is not necessary to go to a medical institution or go to a sanatorium. Deep cleansing of toxins harmful to the body and toxins poisoning it is easy to carry out at home.

The “home” cleaning methods include the removal of harmful substances from the body:

  • using an enema
  • natural juices and kefir
  • herbs
  • watermelon (perfectly cleanses the kidneys)

These methods will help you get rid of parasites that have settled in the internal organs, thereby improving overall well-being, body functions and giving the skin freshness. They will also be the prevention of chronic and oncological diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse the body, both people of mature age, and young people. Since by the age of 25, a person has accumulated a large amount of toxins and toxins in the body, and his systems cannot fully cope with their elimination.

When cleaning the internal organs, a certain sequence should be followed, which will achieve the expected result. Begin necessarily with the intestines. After cleaning it, continue the cleaning process in the following sequence:

  1. liver
  2. stomach
  3. the kidneys
  4. vessels
  5. joints

Improper nutrition leads to the formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels, they narrow and stop passing blood. Cleansing blood vessels of cholesterol is carried out to prevent hypertension, memory impairment and the development of atherosclerosis. Eating garlic and lemons, as well as lemon juice will be an excellent way to get rid of cholesterol plaques, improve blood circulation in the vessels. In addition, these products contain many vitamins necessary for the prevention of various diseases.

Herbs for cleansing the body

To treat many diseases and to prevent their occurrence, some people use the so-called “grandmother’s recipes”, i.e. treated with herbs. The removal of toxins and toxins is no exception. Herbs can remove harmful substances in a natural way. Just figure out which ones are suitable for this process..

To cleanse the body at home, they use mixtures of herbs and herbs separately. Effective decoctions of horsetail, a mixture of herbs – St. John’s wort, tricolor violets, motherwort and horsetail.

An unusually simple and productive folk remedy is the triad, which was developed by V.A. Ivanchenko, MD. Such a mixture of herbs destroys almost 100 species of parasites, as well as worm eggs and their larvae. It consists of:

  • tansy inflorescences (4 parts by weight);
  • leaves and fruits of wormwood (1 weight part);
  • clove seeds used as a spice in cooking (2 parts by weight).

All components must be crushed and mixed in the specified quantity. Ready mixes are also sold. Take such funds, usually one teaspoon without top, washed down with water.

Monitor bowel cleansing

All internal organs suffer from the accumulation of harmful substances and parasites in them. But special attention should be paid to the intestines. If it is contaminated, then it is necessary to begin with it the complete cleansing of an organism clogged with harmful toxins and toxins, and then proceed to cleanse other organs. The simplest way to cleanse the intestines is an enema. But it should not be abused, so as not to cause dysbiosis.

It is worth paying attention to monitor bowel cleansing, which is also called hydrocolonotherapy. This is a bowel lavage using a special device AIOC. It is a physiotherapeutic procedure and is used in clinics, resorts and dispensaries. The design of the apparatus is arranged so that, together with the supply of washing fluid, intestinal contents are removed under strict monitor control. What the apparatus looks like, you see in the photo.

This procedure has contraindications. For instance:

  • acute diseases accompanied by high fever;
  • acute circulatory failure;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • exacerbation of hemorrhoids;
  • mental illness.

Oats liver cleansing

The liver, like the intestines, is clogged with various parasites, toxins and other harmful substances. Improper nutrition, alcohol consumption, stress – all this negatively affects the liver. Oats have a set of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the full functioning of the body. The way to cleanse the liver with oats is soft, gentle and effective..

The healing properties of oats have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. It envelops the liver, protecting it from the negative effects. There are many recipes for making oatmeal infusion, during which you should exclude fried and fatty dishes from the diet.

An accessible and easy method for liver cleansing is the use of rosehip infusion. Such a decoction should be insisted night and drink a sutra (0.5 cups). The process will be accompanied by relaxation, therefore it is better to be at home during the cleansing.

Rice Cleansing

Rice is the main product of oriental cuisine, because the inhabitants of the East are slim and healthy. It is endowed with a huge amount of useful substances, including proteins, carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, iron. Rice removes toxins and helps to lose weight. It also removes excess fluid and salts, allowing you to relieve swelling.

A variety of rice diet options allows you to achieve the desired result. There are both gentle and multi-day species that can be used at home. Choose a rice diet for gentle cleansing or for weight loss, depending on your goals.

Bowel cleansing with salt water

A way to cleanse the intestines with salt water is otherwise called shank prakshalana. It is effective and easy to perform, and is taken from yoga. Once in the body when drinking, salt water passes through the digestive organs, entering the stomach through special exercises, and then enters the intestines and beyond.

The duration of the procedure depends on the slagging of the intestine. Water should come out as clean as it comes in. This method is safe and has no contraindications..

How to visually do this, see in this master class:

Bran bowel cleansing

A natural way to mechanically cleanse the intestines is to eat foods that are high in fiber, such as bran. Under the influence of moisture, they swell and become like a “washcloth”, cleansing the intestinal wall of parasites, toxins and the remains of rotting food. Fiber along with harmful substances is excreted from the body naturally, without disturbing the microflora. Do this cleaning every six months..

Watermelon Kidney Cleansing

In the summer, when the watermelon season comes, it is recommended to clean the kidneys. They are also subject to the accumulation of harmful substances and parasites. A watermelon diet will cleanse your kidneys perfectly. During the week you should eat watermelon, eating it with brown bread. Watermelon is used instead of main food and water. All other products cannot be eaten at this time..

The kidneys are especially active at three in the morning. In the process of cleansing throughout the week at this time, you should collect a hot bath and, immersed in it, eat a whole watermelon. This method is effective for the release of sand from the kidneys and the prevention of stone formation..

In addition, the kidneys are cleaned with flaxseed. This method gives an excellent result and favorably affects the well-being. It will be an excellent prevention of cystitis and hypoazotemia – lowering residual nitrogen in the blood.

Cleaning with kefir and natural juices

To remove toxins from the body in a natural way, cleansing with freshly squeezed juices and kefir is used. Such cleansing lasts 4 days.

  • 1st day. On this day, you need to refrain from eating and put an enema at 2.5-3 liters. Replace the food with kefir. It must be consumed throughout the day, one glass every hour. In total, more than 2 liters of kefir should be drunk.
  • 2nd day. As on the first day, put an enema. Drink only freshly squeezed juices – carrot, apple, orange, lemon. It is also recommended to mix juices. Drink 1 glass of juice every 2 hours. Just need to drink 5 glasses of juice.
  • 3rd day. Breakfast is a glass of two kinds of juice. On this day, vegetable salads, vegetable soups and stewed vegetables are no longer banned. Only consume them without adding oil.
  • 4th day. You need to eat the same as on the third day, only with the addition of oil.

Such a purification should be carried out every month. It is useful and effective, energizes and improves the process of digesting food..

Enema to cleanse the intestines

Since waste in its largest amount accumulates in the large intestine, the simplest way to cleanse the body is an enema. So that the procedure does not bring harm, but benefit, you should first warm up the body. To do this – visit the bathhouse, sauna or take a bath. Slag will soften and it will be easier for them to exit. It should warm the body for three to four days. If you are well prepared for the procedure, it will be easy and painless..

But do not get involved in this method of cleaning. Enema is an external intervention that can disrupt the natural intestinal microflora and cause prolonged dysbiosis.

Liver cleansing preparations

Common drugs for cleansing the liver are choleretic drugs and the so-called hepatoprotectors. The latter accelerate the process of liver detoxification and improve metabolic functions. Bile is rapidly excreted from the body. Cholagogue only increases the production of bile, but does not cleanse the liver.

Hepatoprotectors have such a function as cell protection, carefully remove toxins and waste, without damaging the liver. Such preparations for cleansing from toxins and liver recovery are made from natural raw materials – milk thistle, soy, artichoke, etc. Many have hepatoprotective and choleretic action at the same time. Among them – Gepabene, Darsil, Galstena.

Diet to cleanse the body

There are various diets that are effective in cleansing the body of slagging. All diets are based on eating certain foods or excluding some from your daily diet. These diets include, and the above, rice and kefir-juice diets.

  • Typically, the diet is designed for ten days. The rules for the use of products are scheduled by day. But there are those that are designed for a course of purification within a month. The diet is selected individually by a dietitian.
  • A cleaning method such as fasting is also not new. It helps to expel harmful substances from the body without interference. It is necessary to starve 1-2 days a week or go these days to fruits and kefir. During this period, the body will free itself from toxins and parasites..

To cleanse your body of harmful substances, it is advisable to visit a bathhouse, sauna or SPA salon. Steaming will relax the intestines, and it will be easier to slag and toxins out of the body. All methods of cleansing the body can both help and harm it. Therefore, before cleaning, consult your doctor. After all, health is a priceless treasure that requires special care..

We examined the basic methods of cleansing the body from toxins and toxins. If you tried to cleanse the body in some way or know people who practice it, share this information in the comments.

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