How to cleanse the body of toxins


The human body gradually accumulates harmful substances. Food additives with carcinogens, nitrates, medications, smoking – all this can cause intoxication, sleep disturbance, the appearance of chronic fatigue syndrome, various kinds of diseases. How to remove toxins from the body to improve well-being and appearance? If the balance of the systems is not upset, then a healthy body can cope on its own, in other cases, or for the purpose of prevention, it is useful to resort to some methods of cleansing from toxins.

Symptoms of intoxication

When the liver, kidneys, intestines and skin work as a coordinated mechanism, the body independently copes with the elimination of toxins. But frequent headaches, apathy, skin reactions, bad breath, excessive sweating, increased nervousness are characteristic symptoms of intoxication. The body signals that he needs help, because he himself can not cope with the task of cleaning up toxins, which makes his health worse.

Methods for removing toxic substances from the body

Frequent colds, lethargy, emotional imbalance are a direct indication that it is time to resort to a useful procedure and restore health. How to remove toxins from the bodies of people who have not carried out cleansing procedures for years? The most pleasant and uncomplicated methods of eliminating toxins are regular visits to the bath or spa treatments, massage, and sports. There are also targeted methods, the choice of which is influenced by the state of the organism or preferences.

  • Radical methods of cleansing the body are gastric lavage and bowel cleansing from toxins using colonotherapy.
  • Moderate methods that help get rid of toxins include taking special phytocomplexes or fasting.
  • Detox drugs are sold in pharmacies and are useful due to their diuretic, laxative or absorbing effect. Pharmaceutical formulations based on herbs are relatively safe, but they cannot be taken for a long time so as not to remove substances useful for the body along with toxins..
  • Although the fasting method is considered the most effective, it is strongly recommended not to abuse it. The duration of cleansing the body of toxins in this way should not exceed one week, and the optimal scheme provides for a restriction to a minimum of food intake for three days every four months. After this, it is imperative to observe a sparing diet with the use of vegetables and fruits without heat treatment, and only after a few days return to the normal diet.

Following a diet, eating healthy foods and plenty of fluids, using folk remedies, meditation, yoga, contrast showers are all preventative measures that help cleanse the body. Acting comprehensively or separately, they help to safely remove toxins that accumulate for months and years..

After alcohol

The systematic use of strong drinks leads to the destruction of the liver. Oxidizing, harmful substances are so damaging to the body that a long and complex process of purification is required. How to quickly remove alcohol from the body when the dose has been exceeded? There are several simple ways to quickly remove toxins: artificial vomiting, a warm shower, a bath, and heavy drinking (water without gas, coffee, sweet tea). Reception of sorbents, for example, activated carbon, is absolutely not effective, since these drugs cannot absorb ethanol molecules..

After smoking

Passive smoking is no less dangerous for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the human body, so there is a need for a cleansing procedure. How to effectively remove toxins from the body? Nicotine helps well: oxygen therapy, a diet based on freshly squeezed vegetable juices, moderate physical activity, and traditional medicine. Wet cleaning, frequent airing at home, breathing exercises or walking in the park, visiting the bathhouse to activate breathing.

The goal of physical activity is aimed at restoring muscle tone, increasing blood circulation, enhancing metabolic processes. Gentle training with a gradual adaptation of the body – that’s what you should choose at the initial stage, but yoga, swimming, jogging, walking are suitable for this. In this case, you must definitely drink plenty of fluids to help the body quickly remove toxins. As a preventative measure, the above should be taken into account by those who solve the problem of how to cleanse the body of drugs.

After poisoning

The choice of one or another method of cleansing the body in case of ingestion of harmful substances will depend on the type, degree of concentration, duration of exposure to the body. In acute severe poisoning in a hospital, they will carry out a detoxification procedure with intravenous administration of drugs. If the situation is not so serious, then you can take enterosorbents at home (Smecta, Enterosgel, Polysorb). Activated carbon also helps to remove toxins from the body. Homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies do an excellent detoxification procedure.

What drugs remove toxins

Poisoning with toxins, even in small doses, negatively affects health. But how to cleanse the body of toxins? For this, special preparations have been developed, the intake of which helps to cleanse the body of harmful substances. Detoxification in acute forms of poisoning is carried out under the supervision of a doctor, and when symptoms of a chronic form of poisoning with toxins appear and after passing a general blood test, the following drugs may be useful:

  • Activated charcoal, which must be taken three times a day, be sure to eat. The duration of the course should not exceed three weeks, while taking other drugs to cleanse the body of toxins is excluded, but you must drink the vitamin complex in parallel.
  • “Enterosgel” is a drug that has useful properties to cleanse the liver and kidneys. Enterosorbent must be taken several hours before meals, and the course of treatment aimed at eliminating toxins does not exceed two weeks.
  • “Lymphomyozot” is a homeopathic remedy available in the form of drops, tablets and ampoules. Together with the removal of toxins, the drug improves lymphatic drainage and stimulates metabolic processes, which favorably affects the whole body.

Body cleansing foods

Not only fasting, but also nutrition helps to eliminate toxins, if you choose foods rich in potassium. Tomatoes, potatoes, parsley, bananas, apricots, dates help maintain the proper functioning of the body systems. The weekly menu should be designed so that it contains cereals that help cleanse the intestines, fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, greens, among which beets, sauerkraut, broccoli, green onions are especially useful..

Effective folk remedies and herbs

To remove accumulated toxins will help natural remedies based on herbs. Along with pharmacy drugs, collections compiled and prepared according to folk recipes are no less effective. If a diet is used to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, then herbal remedies will be easy to combine with selected products. Some products will be useful if cleansing the intestines from toxins and toxins is provided at home, since oat bran is superior in fiber content.

Several folk recipes will help to cleanse the body and help it remove harmful substances:

  • Broth with plantain seeds. To prepare the product, you need to take 15 g of seeds and half a liter of water. Put in a water bath, cook the broth for about a quarter of an hour. After this, cool, pour the strained product in half, taking before breakfast and lunch.
  • Herbal collection to eliminate toxins. To prepare the mixture, you need to take the dried burdock root (120 g), horse sorrel (80 g) and slippery elm (20 g). For a daily portion of the broth, you need 30 g of the finished collection and 1.5 liters of water, boil the product for a quarter of an hour. Drink a decoction of two tablespoons before each meal.
  • A decoction of young needles with wild rose. For half a liter of water, take 50 g of needles and 3 tablespoons of wild rose. The broth should be held in a water bath for a quarter of an hour, removed and wrapped well, standing all night. It is necessary to take a folk remedy before meals, dividing the prepared broth into three doses. To improve the taste, squeeze lemon juice.

A healthy lifestyle helps maintain good health. Exercise and proper nutrition serve as a source of energy, but from time to time the body needs help to cleanse itself of toxins. Some cleansing procedures can be carried out at home, especially if you had to take medicine, you want to get rid of fats. Abdominal discomfort, parasites, loss of appetite, dull skin – all these are reasons to cleanse the body.

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