What is fashionable this summer: high-heeled shoes or platform shoes?

Fashion shoes 2017 – two main trends, a thick heel or shoes with a platform. Women’s shoes with thick heels have long become fashionable and continue to dominate the collections of leading designers, and high-platform shoes are perfect for summer dresses.

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Fashionable Shoes – 2017

Fashion Shoes – 2017

Shoes with a high platform and high thick heel today are among the clear favorites of trendsetters on both sides of the ocean. This is not surprising, because platform shoes and thick heels add harmony to the legs, effectively correct any imperfections in the figure and emphasize its class. Many can easily wear such shoes: the thick heel, unlike the stiletto heels, is very stable, and the platform is completely weightless and therefore incredibly comfortable.

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Fashionable Shoes – 2017

High platform shoes

Among fashionable shoes 2017 and catchy platform shoes, often multi-colored or embossed. Such shoes will be especially popular in hot weather, because lightweight shorts with a catchy print or short waving sundresses are asked for them in company. This simple combination can be a good solution for a city walk on a warm day..

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Fashionable Shoes – 2017

Shoes on the 2017 platform stand out from the rest with their futuristic finishes. The bright design of the platform this season is often based on a print that continues the pattern of the fabric. Numerous photos of platform shoes from the catwalks demonstrate the most diverse situations and styles suggesting the choice of such shoes: they can also be worn for work with a fitted summer dress, and taken to a beach party, and worn under the evening toga, choosing the right shade.

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Fashion Shoes – 2017

Thick heel

The most fashionable shoes with thick heels today are bright and decorated with rhinestones, sequins and appliqués. Such options should be reserved for a special occasion: for example, wearing them with a small black dress or a cocktail version of bright red silk. Solid models are suitable for office trouser suits and dresses. How to wear thick heeled shoes on weekdays? A fitted white shirt, blazer and skinny pipe trousers will make a perfect company of a spectacular pair of thick heeled shoes.

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Fashion Shoes – 2017

Be fashionable beauty!

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