Grunge clothing style

Grunge originally emerged as a musical direction, its main representatives – groups Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in chains, Soundgarden preached a special style of worldview and behavior – daring and reckless.

 Grunge – street style

The founder of the grunge style in clothes, without a doubt, can be called the main ideologist of marginal chic Kurt Cobain – his checkered flannel shirts and ripped jeans, stretched sweaters and worn sneakers became the most iconic grunge wardrobe items. Cobain’s talent and charisma brought him worldwide fame, the army of fans of his music copied his style, making him the trend of street fashion. Freedom of expression, freedom from conventions – this is how you can describe the style of grunge in clothes.

Grunge – fashionable clothing style

Today, the grunge style in clothes has ceased to be a hallmark of a certain subculture – rather, it is chosen by those who want to make themselves known and stand out from the crowd, who are tired of glamor. It is more correct to call this direction neo-grunge: the carelessness and worn clothes are no longer real, but artfully created by designers, fabrics are expensive and of high quality. The characteristic features of grunge style can be considered:



Layering. T-shirt, shirt, sweater and voluminous scarf worn simultaneously.
Universality. The wardrobe in the grunge style has no gender differences – both girls and young people wear the same baggy things that hide the figure.


The iconic wardrobe grunge items are of course a check flannel shirt. It can be worn unfastened, worn over a t-shirt with a print, fastened tightly or simply tied around the waist. Solid oversize oversized sweaters, ripped jeans, rivet leather jacket and sneakers – canonical model – black and white Converse Chuck Taylor.


Grunge hair and makeup

Grunge hairstyles are, first of all, straight loose hair without visible traces of styling, as well as a careless bun or “ponytail”. Designers create the illusion of scruffy hair of models dismantling grunge-style clothes with dry shampoos and matte powder. Makeup in grunge style is its complete absence, or careless black smokey eyes, as well as dark (purple, wine, burgundy or even black) lipstick as the only emphasis on the face.


Grunge style: basic wardrobe

Combining basic grunge-style garments with matching accessories, you can create many sets:

Grunge classic – unisex look. T-shirt with print, leather jacket, ripped jeans plus a plaid shirt, tied at the waist. Coarse boots or sneakers, a leather backpack and a voluminous knitted hat can complement the look..


An image with jeans micro-shorts – their edges should seem hastily trimmed. Complement them with a black T-shirt, voluminous unbuttoned flannel shirt, black knee-high golfs and high-top boots. A black beanie and rivet mitts will complete your look..

Femininity in grunge style – a dress in a small flower of soft colors, an oversize sweater plus black tights with arrows and rough boots.