Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018


Quite surprisingly, velvet, velvet, leather and knitwear have recently replaced denim. Most of the fashion brands in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season presented trousers, while only a few designers included jeans.

But this does not mean at all that the era of denim is over: women’s jeans still exist in fashion collections, and their choice is quite good. Let’s look at the main trends in more detail..

High Waist Jeans

Fashion for ultra-low fit is a thing of the past, now jeans should sit at the waist or even higher. Unlike recently popular boyfriend jeans. High-waisted models emphasize female forms.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Mom-jeans and banana jeans that have come into fashion back in the season before last in the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season are still relevant. Their distinguishing feature is a high waist and a free cut from the hip. To modern girls, such a cut may seem somewhat old-fashioned and too modest, but it is these jeans that can add a few centimeters to your legs, as well as hide excess volumes. However, they do not deprive the figure of grace.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Cropped jeans

Cropped jeans, ankle-length and even taller, have been the main trend over the past few seasons. And it doesn’t matter if it’s flares, boyfriends, pipes or culottes – the shortened length looks good on any style. The problem can only be in growth, but with high-heeled shoes it is easily solved.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Wide models and flared jeans

Skinny skinny jeans have long faded into the background, they were replaced by wide jeans. But the cut should still be straight, so let’s baggy summer models like “boyfriends” lie in the closet for now.


Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

But flare jeans trendy last season have lost their popularity. Only a few flared models were presented on fashion catwalks. But here there are reservations: the right flare should start from the knee, and not from the hip and be as wide as possible, like a bell trouser. In addition, the modern fashion for flared jeans suggests that they should be high-waisted.


Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Straight jeans

Along with wide models and flared jeans, classic straight-cut jeans are in fashion. The length of such trousers can be any, but the fit is necessarily high. The advantage of such jeans is that they suit absolutely everyone, including girls with a full figure.


Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Lapel Jeans

Fashion shows fall-winter 2017-2018 gave the girls a powerful weapon – cuffs and lapels. With their help, you can vary the length of the trousers, turning the same model into an integral part of different ensembles depending on the chosen shoes, style and mood.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

The wide cuffs look better on straight-cut jeans, the narrow one – on narrowed styles, but rolled-up sloppy lapels are perfect for jeans “boyfriends“.


Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Combined Denim

Patches, inserts, patch pockets, excellent in color, in the autumn-winter season 2017-2018 have become an independent trend. But there are rules: the main color of the trousers and the shade of the patches should be as different as possible.


Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

The right way to combine denim is best shown by Diesel Black Gold, Julia Seemann, Dries Van Noten.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Ripped Jeans

The fashion for holes, puffs and torn edges will not work in any way – the hooligan style is too much to the liking of sedate office ladies. Moreover, ripped jeans do not have to be part of the grunge style. Real fashionistas wear them with high heel shoes in combination with expensive bags and fashion accessories.


Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Moreover, there are interesting models both with neat small holes and characteristic transverse bleached threads, and with deep cuts, from under which you can see underwear or tights in a large mesh.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Torn edges

Fashion for wear has led designers to yet another trend – jeans with torn edges. Moreover, wearing such jeans is better not with sneakers and boots, but with beautiful expensive shoes and preferably with a heel or platform.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Embroidered jeans with applique

Embroidery in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season is experiencing its second birth: it is on the coat, and on jumpers, and on bags. As for denim, it is simply created for a bright and catchy application. Any prints are in fashion – from traditional geometric patterns and floral motifs, to the most unexpected patterns like cartoon characters.


Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Embroidered jeans can be worn both in the “total look” format, and combining them with bright blouses and contrasting jumpers – plain or with a pattern.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Unusual texture

In addition to the usual denim in classic blue shades, unusual textures and jeans with a shiny coating are in fashion. Designers gave traditional denim a little wet shine, it turned out fresh and very modern.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Denim total look

An established fashion rule: “do not combine denim with denim”, it’s time to forget. With the filing of Adam Selman, Calvin Klein, Nicole Miller, Christian Dior and Stella McCartney, denim total look is back on the wave of popularity.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

This season you can not be afraid to exaggerate with the amount of denim in one look, including you can combine jeans of different colors.


Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Fashionable color jeans

As for color, classic jeans in blue shades are ahead of popularity even the most daring trends. Although there were black and gray shades on the catwalks and denim of more radical colors like brick, purple and indigo.

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Fashionable jeans fall-winter 2017-2018

Despite the fact that designers in the autumn-winter season 2017-2018 offer a little to move away from denim, a modern girl does not imagine her everyday wardrobe without fashionable jeans!

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