High pulse under normal pressure – what to do and how to lower the causes and treatment of tachycardia


It is required to respond to alarming symptoms of the body in a timely manner, to prevent the disease from progressing. A common phenomenon, when the pulse quickens, blood pressure rises. However, these symptoms do not always prevail in a pair, the clinical picture is known when there is an increased heartbeat under normal pressure.

High heart rate at normal pressure – causes

Do not panic if your heart rate rises, but your blood pressure remains at normal levels. This may be a consequence of emotional and physical stress, the result of insomnia and severe emotional shock. There is such an alarming symptom during pregnancy. In such clinical pictures, the phenomenon is temporary, and after eliminating the provoking factor, it independently disappears from the patient’s life for an indefinite period. However, pathological causes of increased heart rate may occur under normal pressure..

Among them are the following provoking factors indicating an internal imbalance:

  • vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • abnormalities of the cardiovascular system;
  • iron deficiency anemia;
  • endocrine dysfunction;
  • body poisoning;
  • infectious pathologies with heart complication;
  • overweight, obesity;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • thromboembolism;
  • long-term medication of certain pharmacological groups;
  • pneumonia, bronchial asthma, acute bronchitis.

What is the danger of high pulse at normal pressure

A specific symptom keeps a person in suspense, and not in vain. If timely treatment is not available, the health problem only worsens. More often these are pathologies of the heart, thyroid gland, respiratory system and blood-forming organs, which are prone to a chronic course, relapses. A rapid pulse at normal pressure in a person can cause arrhythmic shock, pulmonary edema, cardiac asthma, and frequent fainting. In addition, the patient is worried about heart pain, discomfort from darkening in the eyes and dizziness against the background of impaired circulation.

How to lower heart rate under normal pressure

Before drinking the medicine, it is important to consult with your doctor, determine the causes of high heart rate. Only after eliminating the main provoking factor can the number of heart beats per minute be reduced. So the first advice of a specialist is to timely treat the underlying ailment, while eliminating stress from your daily life. In the future, in order to reduce high pulse at normal pressure, it is necessary to take official medications in combination with alternative medicine methods.

Medications for tachycardia at normal pressure

Drug therapy is considered the basis, and for individual patients (women and men) it becomes a constant salvation during an attack of another attack. The doctor selects effective medications for tachycardia under normal pressure individually, taking into account the present myocardial diseases, a tendency to allergic reactions, and the patient’s age category. Here’s what to do with a high heart rate on the advice of doctors:

  1. Refuse toxic habits, stabilize weight, cure obesity, thereby reducing the high load on the myocardium. Patients at risk have to adhere to such preventive measures for life, otherwise you can only make your own health worse.
  2. Prevention measures stipulate frequent outings in the fresh air to enrich the blood with oxygen, normalize systemic circulation, prevent stroke and other heart abnormalities.
  3. In a crisis situation with a high pulse, take sedatives from the pharmacological group of beta-blockers. These are Metoprolol, Atenolol, Anaprilin, Bisoprolol. Pills reduce blood pressure, so the doctor takes this factor into account when determining a drug to reduce heart rate.
  4. Another medication that can reduce heart attacks is calcium channel blockers. These are Verapamil, Isoptin, Finoptin, produced in the form of tablets for oral administration.
  5. You should also take sedative cardiac drugs, for example, Valocordin, Cardomed, Zelenin drops, Tricardin for oral administration. This means that the work of the heart will soon normalize..

Folk remedies for tachycardia

To bring down the increased frequency of heartbeats, you can use the classic broth of wild rose. Although this medication has a diuretic effect, it normalizes myocardial function in the shortest possible time and regulates the impaired pulse. The composition is hypoallergenic, however, it is previously shown to do an allergy test. Other folk remedies for tachycardia are known, which have no less therapeutic effect. It:

  1. Make an aqueous decoction of hawthorn or perform an alcohol infusion of dried berries for oral administration. The course of therapy – 2 weeks.
  2. Make a healing drink out of hop cones if you add this natural ingredient to tea. Take daily throughout the month.
  3. Melissa and peppermint are natural ingredients that are poured in equal amounts into a container (1 tbsp.), Brewed in boiling water, infused, cooled and filtered. At a low concentration, the drink has a powerful therapeutic, prophylactic effect..
  4. If a high pulse with normal pressure – what to do, the doctor will tell you. For example, in the absence of high sensitivity, add 2 tsp of honey to tea in tea. The pulse will come stabilized.
  5. Combine the dried herbs of calendula and motherwort in equal proportions, brew boiling water in 0.5 l, and insist under the lid. Drink a third glass at a time before meals.