Dzungarian hamsters: care and maintenance according to all the rules

Having gone to the pet store for a purchase and, having seen the dzungariks, I want to buy at least two. It’s not obligatory. By their nature, they perfectly tolerate loneliness. Not only that, they like to be alone, so they do well without company. It’s quite difficult to train two hamsters to live together. So, experts advise to organize personal space for each of them.

Cage for a Dzungarian hamster

Dzhungar hamsters are very mobile, so the cage for them should be quite spacious, with horizontally spaced rods. Climbing them, the animal will additionally move, so it will not get sick from inaction. The standard set for the maintenance of the dzhungarik and the care of his house includes: a house, a wheel, a drinking bowl, a feeding trough. Here, buy mineral or chalk stone for its teeth. By biting him, the hamster will grind them. This is another prerequisite for maintenance..


In addition, if the cage is large, you can buy all kinds of tunnels, ladders, swings, running wheels. As you can see, the Dzungarian hamsters do not present any special difficulties in the care and maintenance.

Cage cleaning

Hamsters are fairly tidy creatures and, when neatly maintained, have no unpleasant odor. To keep the cell clean, it must be covered with a filler. Sawdust, paper, napkins, even cat-like filler act as it. Vata is strictly contraindicated. By accidentally eating it, the hamster can damage the digestive tract and even die.

Cage for a hamster

If small pets themselves have organized a toilet and go exclusively to one corner. Once every two days, only the corner is cleaned, and the cell once every 14 days. But, in the absence of a toilet, you have to clean the entire cage. At the expense of whether it is possible to bathe Dzungarian hamsters, then this is not worth it. It is enough to place a container with dry sand in the cage, where the animal will clean itself.

Cell location

Protect your hamster as much as possible from all possible troubles, take care of proper care and life of your jungler. The cage should be located away from direct sunlight and drafts. There should be no heaters or central heating batteries near. It is superfluous to say that hamsters should be inaccessible to young children, as they can simply torture them.

You should not expect from the Dzungarian hamsters a lot of activity during the day. These are nocturnal animals that even in captivity have retained their habits. If they are kept near a bedroom or a children’s room, the noise produced by the hamster can interfere with people sleeping. If this situation is annoying, it’s better to place the cage somewhere in neutral territory.

When buying a Dzungarian hamster, organize the right care and maintenance, in return you will get a kind of generator of good mood. After all, watching the fuss and funny gestures of these cute creatures, it is impossible to remember the grievances or accumulated negativity.