Your baby in two months: stages of development


The second month in a child’s life is a new, exciting stage, filled with emotions, events and news. At this point, any baby gets used to his house and begins to feel free in it. The development of your newborn baby in two months is experiencing a special leap: it is already difficult to call him a newborn, since the body has fully adapted to the extrauterine lifestyle and entered the most active phase of its growth.

Two month old baby development

From a physical point of view, a two-month-old baby begins to develop extremely actively. Most often, by this time he gains at least 800 grams of weight and grows by at least a few centimeters. All average indicators increase, be it head coverage, height, weight or chest volume.

Hearing and vision are improving, but so far they have not reached the ideal (the child does not hear all the sounds and cannot focus his eyes on fast-moving objects).


Do not be scared if a child develops more slowly than his peers. There are average indicators of growth and weight, but they are not absolute at all. It makes sense to be wary only with a sharp jump in weight or another indicator. This can be a signal of some kind of pathology, which experts will talk more about..

Abilities and reflexes of a two-month-old baby

By the second month of life, any baby begins to develop and learn new skills and acquires special reflexes. Most often, the basis are motor functions that open the baby’s door to a hitherto unknown world. Talking about what a child can do is difficult, since all the skills are relatively relative. According to statistics, most of the two-month-old children can:

prevent involuntary muscle contractions;

lie calmly, relaxed;

raise the breast for a few seconds, while remaining on the stomach;

keep your head on weight for a while (about when the child begins to hold his head);

hold simple toys with your palm;

grab yourself for parts of the body;

listen to human voices.


The newborn can already bend, wave its hands, at times clenches its fingers and shows a significant interest in objects that can be grabbed and felt. That is why he wrinkles sheets, grabs the hand of adults and stubbornly tries to pluck toys hanging over the bed.

The only way to communicate with the outside world for a two-month-old child is crying, but other sounds gradually begin to appear in his “speech”. The kid is more willing to start to laugh and laugh.

What to teach a two-month-old baby

Mom and two month old baby. First of all, it is recommended to teach the child the correct pronunciation of certain sounds. It is best to parody the baby himself, but at the same time focusing on articulation. Watching the movement of the parent’s lips, the newborn after a while involuntarily begins to imitate them and improves his own skills. For this, all kinds of tales and poems may come up, in which the indicated sounds appear.

Children are happy when their parents switch from meanwhile incomprehensible words to sounds. Any child will be happy if his mother begins to meow or bark, thereby calming him.

Daily routine for a two month old baby

The daily routine is important for the development of any baby. In the first months of life, parents must create a schedule according to which both sleep or games, and nutrition will occur at a certain time. It is necessary to adapt to the child and remember that he has his own biorhythms that deserve respect from adults.

In the phase of night sleep, the most active growth and development of the young organism occurs. It is best to develop a tradition that would prepare the baby for a long and healthy sleep. That is why experts advise bathing a child right before bedtime. Children love water treatments that easily relieve any stress. Bathing two-month-old children should be no more than five minutes in compliance with standards regarding temperature and composition of water.

Parents should be aware and remember that a newborn child needs constant supervision. You can’t leave him alone in the room.

By the second month of the baby’s life, an ophthalmologist, pediatrician, neurologist and orthopedist should examine. These doctors are required to evaluate the general condition of the body, give the necessary advice on care and identify the presence of pathologies.


It is important to keep an eye on the umbilical wound. Most often, by two months, the resulting crust disappears, but there are exceptions. In any case, the wound should be treated on time..

Care and care for a two-month-old baby

It is important for the child to feel the care and love that he best accepts through games. Children at this age are not yet able to focus their eyes on moving objects, so it makes sense to hang a variety of toys over the crib, different from each other in color and size. Touching them with their hands, the newborn will receive a lot of impressions and new emotions.

Any parent should take into account the curiosity of the child, as the child gradually shows interest in things and events in his life. As a general activity with the child, you can ring a bell nearby the child, changing location and invariably asking: “Where is ringing?”. Thanks to such tactics, the child will turn his head and monitor your movements.

The child should feel completely safe. In order for it to develop harmoniously, give it your selfless love, surround it with attention and help you gain new impressions of the world around you!