Why fish die in an aquarium: care tips

Like any other kind of decorative marine pets, the fish in the aquarium are very demanding on the quality of water, the presence of a cleaning filter, and proper nutrition. Let’s talk about this and some other common mistakes of breeders. More.

Proper Aquarium Fish Care

To prepare a habitat for fish is not only to buy an aquarium, to equip a drain / water collection system. It is extremely important to provide that its inhabitants have a long distance of free space for swimming – for each type of fish this indicator is special.

But the most common reason fish can die is the lack of a cleaning filter, as many novice breeders simply don’t realize the importance of this device. Considering that fish vital products contain such substances as ammonium and nitrite, which are extremely life-threatening elements, water treatment is an indispensable component for modeling a favorable captive environment.


Another common reason why fish die in an aquarium is because of feeding errors. It is important to comply with dosing – overeating for animals is much more dangerous than lack of food, and rotation of feed types. If for starters, at a time when the fish just take root in the aquarium and get used to a new environment for them, it is quite possible to limit yourself to dry food, then after a week you need to diversify the diet of pets with plant-based food, as well as live food. Otherwise, the fish may develop inflammation of the stomach, as a result, they may die. Timely diagnosis and treatment of the disease is almost impossible.

A separate topic is the care of animals of special, rare species. Some tropical fish that live in the wild under conditions of frequent changes in water temperature, and are also very sensitive to changes in lighting all year round (day and night), need artificial light sources and sophisticated temperature control devices in their aquariums. These problems become especially relevant in winter when daylight hours are reduced to 8 or less hours..

Of course, this list of reasons why fish can die in an aquarium is far from complete. If you want to protect your pets and give them a long life, before buying, be sure to consult a specialist, or you yourself will study the available information about the breed you liked.