Where to go in Scotland.

Walking along the picturesque mountain hills and desertedThe beaches of the Scottish coast are filled with peace and tranquility. In restaurants, you will be offered delicious game dishes and fresh local seafood, in particular, the famous local smoked haddock from Arbroath. Add to this a rich nightlife, excellent golf courses, modern shopping centers, vibrant festivals, and you will be convinced that Scotland is not only bagpipes and whiskey.

What to see in Scotland


Interesting places in Scotland

As in any metropolitan city, in EdinburghThere are all the main museums and galleries. Here you can visit the National Gallery of Scotland, the Edinburgh Museum, the Scottish Whiskey Museum. Must see the Edinburgh Castle, which is located in the old town. Today, the National Military Museum of Scotland is opened in the castle.



Try to come to Scotland in August,To visit the Edinburgh Parade of Military Orchestras. For three weeks, a grand musical and theatrical performance continues, in which military bands, drummers and bagpipers from around the world take part.



If you visited Scotland, but did not go toLake Loch Ness, your friends are unlikely to believe that you were in this country. Hence, it is necessary to go to the village of Dramnadrauchit, where the legendary lake is located. Whether you will see a Loch Ness monster alive is not known, but here its a huge statue, they say, in full size, you can see here.

Lake Loch Ness


Not having got acquainted personally with the mysterious behemoth,It is worth to go to Shetland Islands to be moved by real live fur seals and walruses. Here is a natural park of these most interesting mammals.



On the islands you can see miniature Scottish ponies that live in natural natural conditions.



When you stare at lovely animals andWalk on the nature reserve, you can already go back to civilization. Be sure to visit Glasgow, Scotland's largest city. Glasgow is the cultural center of the country. There is a huge number of museums and galleries, the most interesting - the Gallery of Modern Art, the Scottish National Museum of Rural Life, the Scottish Football Museum. In June in Glasgow is a large-scale festival of the year West End. On the streets and squares of the city are street musicians and an endless stream of carnival processions.



Modern Scotland is a country of centuries-old culture andAncient traditions. Even if you go to a modern shopping center or nightclub, a national Scottish note will be your eternal companion. And it will be expressed that next to the newest electronics will be sold souvenir bagpipes, or a young man will come to a disco in the national kilts.

Have a nice trip!

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