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Rest in India is multifaceted and diverse -An occupation for the soul here will find and lovers lie on the beach, and avid surfers, admirers of excursion recreation, and even extreme - skiers and snowboarders. Combining all these types of recreation in one trip is unlikely to work, so you will return to hospitable India many times.

How to relax in India

Travel in India

How to relax in India

Those who prefer beach rest to all others,Must necessarily visit Goa or Kerala. Here are the best Indian beaches with white sand and azure water, luxury hotels with a full range of services, schools for surfers and diving. In the north, Goa has the best night clubs and great parties that attract young people here. In the south, the holiday is more solid and representative. Andaman Islands can not be better suited for scuba diving and exploring the underwater world.

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Travel in India

Arriving for the first time in India, many are sent toSightseeing tours along the golden triangle to see with their own eyes great architectural monuments. The capital of India, Delhi, is rich in museums and temples, of which many have heard, but have never been seen with their own eyes. The magnificent Taj Mahal can be seen by visiting Agra. One of the points of the main excursions will be a visit to Jaipur - a pink city, which was conceived as an ideal repetition of the universe.

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Travel in India


Strangely enough, but in India there is something to do andLovers of winter recreation, although most tourists this country is associated exclusively with the hot tropical climate. One of the most famous ski resorts in India - Auli - invites guests from December to mid-May. More than 10 km of ski slopes for beginners and confident skiers. Descending from the slopes, you can admire the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. By the way, this resort often hosts festivals and national championships, so you can become a spectator as well.

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Travel in India

For those who are interested in the history of religions,India is a real Mecca. Perhaps there are few countries that will compare with India in terms of the number of temples and monasteries. Many of them are open to tourists. Here you can expand your horizons, talk with monks, resolve your spiritual questions, receiving answers from wise old men. And just spend some time in solitude, alone with yourself.

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Travel in India

Another unusual direction of tourism in India -Wellness, and this is not a standard visit to health resorts and even more so hospitals. When it comes to India, it means the science of life - ayurveda - anyone who wants can join in its secrets and recharge itself. In Kerala, there are many hotels offering Ayurvedic medicine. You can even live in the real palace of Maharaja, converted into a hotel Heritage. Special decor and antiques will only underline the mysterious atmosphere.

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Travel in India

India offers tourists so different kinds ofIt is impossible to embrace them. In addition to natural beauty and stunning architecture, there are so many attractive, mysterious and mysterious places in India that once visited here, you will return here more than once.

Have a nice trip!

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