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Cambodia is the most ambiguous country in the world.South-East Asia. It closely intertwined the majestic Vedic temples of antiquity and the bloody regime of modernity. Cambodia is the Kingdom, lost in the deaf jungle, in which the king still rules. A country where, if possible, you need to go to see all of its incredible and exciting sights.

What to See in Cambodia

Travel to Cambodia

Where to go in Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, the capital of the Kingdom,The magnificent palace of this country is the Royal one. It was built as far back as 1866 and to this day is the seat of the king. In the royal palace you can get with an excursion. At the same time, an obligatory condition is full covering of clothes with shoulders and knees. Next to the palace is the Silver Pagoda, the second landmark of the capital.

Silver Pagoda

Travel to Cambodia

"The calling card" of Cambodia is the TempleComplex Angkor Wat - the former ancient capital of the Kingdom. The city-temple is spread over twenty square kilometers and amazes with its majestic and unusual architecture. It is the image of Angkor Wat that is on the flag of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat

Travel to Cambodia

If in some other country tourists and bypassesSide museums, enjoying only the ancient architectural wonders, the National Museum of Cambodia will be of interest to absolutely everyone. Firstly, the museum itself is not inferior in beauty to the royal palace itself. Secondly, it contains the world's largest collection of centuries-old Khmer art.


Travel to Cambodia

In Phnom Penh is the main Buddhist templeCountry - Wat Ounalom (Temple of the eyebrow). It was built in the distant 1443 for the storage of the hair and eyebrows of the Buddha, which are kept there until now. This temple consists of forty-four separate buildings, in each of which the walls are painted with scenes from the life of the Buddha. In the temple today operates the Buddhist School of Buddhism known throughout the Buddhist world.

Buddhist temple

Travel to Cambodia

You can write a whole book about the Vedic temples of Cambodia. The tourist does not have enough time to go round them all and admire the incredible ancient buildings with bas-reliefs and figures of ancient deities.

The Saints

Travel to Cambodia

But one must try to get into one temple of the river Kbal. This temple is located under water. You can see the figures of Hindu gods only after the end of the monsoon season.

Temple under water

Travel to Cambodia

After visiting all the palaces and churches, be sure toPlan a march to the market, which is also a significant landmark of the country. The Central Market market is a whole city in which, with the ability to bargain, you can buy pretty cheaply everything you want. Starting from electronics and finishing with vegetables and fruits. For shopping, it is better to spend the whole day, because in Phnom Penh there is a second market under the unofficial name "Trading paradise on earth", and the real name is "Russian market". It is because of the love of Russian tourists that it has acquired its name "Russian".


Travel to Cambodia

If you have time and you have enoughEnjoyed Cambodian wonders and pleasant shopping, go to one of the villages of Cambodia, to finally be surprised by the local colorful "life on the water."

Village on the water

Travel to Cambodia

Neighboring with Vietnam, Laos and Thailand,A small country of Cambodia has retained its individual characteristics both in architecture, attitude towards sacred objects, and in the character of ordinary Cambodians. These people are very kind, incredibly respect the guests of their country and do everything to ensure that the tourist has only the most pleasant impressions of Cambodia.

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