The most amazing place on Earth

The most unusual place on Earth - what it is, andwhich is the mainland. This wave of Arizona in the United States, and the desert with lagoons in Brazil, and a dead valley in Namibia, and an underwater waterfall on the island of Mauritius. If this question could be the exact answer, because there are places capture the imagination if not thousands, then hundreds. On some of them, read our article.

Top of the most amazing places on Earth

Pink Lake in Senegal

At 20 kilometers from the westernmost point ofAfrican continent, Senegal is perhaps the most unusual body of water on Earth. It is called Pink Lake, it is relatively small (only 3 square kilometers), but the water is colored in amazing color that season changes from purple to scarlet. The best time to admire this unusual natural place - in the winter dry season.


Giant's Causeway in Ireland

The most unusual places in the world are complemented byeducation, existing since the time of the Jurassic period. This Giant's Causeway in Ireland, the site foreshore, which looks as if was created by human hands. Basalt boulders form a unique pattern of flat rectangular pillars, the tallest of which rises to 13 meters high. It is believed that they were a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred 50 million years ago.


Lake Natron in northern Tanzania

On the border of Kenya and Tanzania, there areanother notable body of water - Lake Natron. This place is interesting not only for its color, but also an unusual phenomenon - the water surface from time to time drags a crust of salt, which has a bright red hue. The reason - isolation of microorganisms inhabiting soda. In addition, this body of water is considered one of the hottest - in shallow water in the hot season the water heated to 50 degrees.


Skaftafell in Iceland

In the south of Iceland located Skaftafell -National Park, known for extremely unusual variety of landscapes. The terrain is sunny enough so that even a real birch thickets that is extremely rare in such northern latitudes.
But the most interesting in Skaftafell - a beautiful tunnels, consisting of pure ice lenses. They were formed for centuries, so it almost does not contain air bubbles.

Great Blue Hole in Belize

Less than a hundred kilometers from Belize, country inCaribbean, interesting underwater cave was discovered and investigated on a small coral atoll in 1970 years - the Great Blue Hole. Although actually a cave and she is not, but it is very much like that definition - at the bottom of the crater (120 meters deep) grow stalactites. Especially impressive hole, when viewed from a height of flying aircraft.


Rainbow landscape Danks in China

One of the most unusual on earth landscapes cansee in China Zhang, his name Danks. Thousands of years ago, there was a thriving city, where the Great Silk Road. But even then, Zhang is not interested in its huge market where you could buy all committed, and as a place with unusual iridescent landscapes. This colorful landscape was formed due to a huge cluster of heterogeneous precipitation centuries of soil erosion and red sandstone. Layering on top of each other, they form a unique landscape, reminiscent of colored waves of the sea.


Cave Han Son Dung in Vietnam

The largest cave in the world, namely that ofSleep is Dung in Vietnam, was opened recently - only in 2009. It visited a group of cavers researchers who were impressed by what they saw unusual place. It was found that near the entrance of the cave extends and reaches a height of almost 200 meters. Theoretically, it is possible to arrange even ballooning - the size quite allow.


Ischigualasto in Argentina

In the midst of the Argentine pampas stretched naturalIschigualasto Park - the rocky wasteland, surprisingly reminiscent of unusual Martian landscape. Plants are rare, but the main attraction of this place - it's boulders, in a variety of scattered across the plain. All this was formed over millions of years under the influence of strong winds.


Uyuni - Bolivia's Salar

Highland Bolivia - South American Tibet -in itself is an amazing natural phenomenon. But within its territory there is a pond Uyuni - more precisely, its remnants, which can be called the most unusual places on earth. Uyuni, the largest salt marsh planet. After drying, the bottom of the lake it is left covered with a layer of salt up to 8 meters thick. When starting the wet season, the surface is clouded thin layer of water and becomes the world's largest mirror.


Roraima in Venezuela

Table Mountain (ie with perfectly flatsurface) Roraima rises above the sea of ​​more than 2.5 kilometers. One of the most unusual places in the world are located in Venezuela and those like her elevations do not exist anywhere else. Over Roraima constantly hanging large cloud. Sometimes it falls to the ground, and then over the snow-white clouds dominates one vertex, is strikingly similar to the stem of the ship, dissecting white sea. Too bad to see this beauty with land impossible.


All of these most interesting and unusual places in the world are very popular with tourists interested in the rare natural phenomena.

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