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The Portuguese capital is known not onlythanks to the hilly terrain and beautiful views, music festivals and vibrant nightlife. Lisbon is a gourmet's paradise. Excellent quality of products, new ideas combined with traditions, a propensity to experiment with leading chefs, a wide selection of local wines - all at surprisingly affordable prices - attract connoisseurs of delicious food from all over the world. We tell where to satisfy the hunger in the Portuguese capital.

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Portugal: The Magnificent Lisbon

Gastronomic Lisbon: where to try the author's menu and where to go for lunch and dinner

"High" Portuguese cuisine can be enjoyed in the restaurant Belcanto (Largo de São Carlos), which opened its doors in 1958. Since 2012, it is headed by the chef Jose Aviles, who won the first Michelin star in 2013, and the second in 2015. Aviles is also the owner of a chain of restaurants in the capital and in the north - in Porto. He so skillfully creates variations with fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, which is almost impossible to guess all the elements of dishes and sauces. From the menu, you should try the mullet in a liver sauce and fruit ice cream. It is better to order a table in a few weeks (or even better - 1-2 months) forward. Prices for the menu -150 euros or 90-120 euros à la carte.

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Restaurant -Belcanto: Portugal-Lisbon

Restaurant Feitoria (Doca do Bom Sucesso, Altis Belem Hotel) opened in 2009 in the Belem region nearthe Tagus River. The favorite of local gourmets, the chef Joao Rodriguez prefers seasonal products from the region, as well as traditional Portuguese cuisine, diluting it with exotic spices from the Far East and Asia. For a greater impression, his assistants finish cooking many dishes on guests' tables. Indeed, a trip to Feitoria is similar to an entertaining show where numerous surprises await guests between the main dishes, for example, snacks that reproduce the culinary map of Portugal, or a dessert that hangs from the snow-covered banzai bushes, and when the meringue falls into the mouth, then from the nostrils of visitors , like fairy-tale dragons, smoke starts to go. The restaurant has a menu for vegetarians called Terra - Earth. The chef and his kitchen have already been repeatedly awarded with numerous prizes, including the Michelin star. Two years ago, the International Academy of Gastronomy (IAG) honored João Rodriguez with the title of Chef d'Avenir. For a full-fledged culinary adventure, we recommend trying a special menu of six dishes, which is changed depending on the season. The price for the menu is 90-140 euros, à la carte - 75-90 euros.

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Restaurant-Feitoria: Portugal-Lisbon

Another famous chef in Lisbon is Alexander Silva, who in 2015 opened his own restaurant Loco (R. Navegantes 53). In the foyer of the visitor "meets" an olive tree -symbol of nature and organic processes. Open kitchen has the size of a hall for visitors. Dishes are called "moments" here, and they are part of two menus of 14 and 18 items. Many of the "moments" are not always served on plates. Sometimes a waiter can approach a guest with a sentence: "Open your mouth and close your eyes." And then he holds out a spoon and puts a "surprise" in the mouth. But the biggest surprise is that you never know what menu is waiting for you tomorrow. This year, Silva has two new ideas. He invited famous chefs to prepare dinner in "four hands", and also opened a special room (Loco I + D) in a restaurant where they study the products and their qualities. The price for a menu without drinks - from 80 euros, from 70 euros à la carte.

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Restaurant-Loco: Portugal-Lisbon

Enrique Sa Pessoa manages Michelin restaurant cuisine Alma (R. Anchieta 15), which opened in 2009 and is located in the buildingan old bookstore "Bertrand". The floor and walls, only slightly polished, retained the old structures. Only a few mirrors, tapestries and works of contemporary artists adorn this room of the XVIII century. Chairs and tables made of walnut wood are created in a modern and functional style. Two halls have six tables, each of them - a review of the kitchen and shelves with a collection of wines. Sa Pessoa prepares from the heart ("alma" in Portuguese) and does not like "shortcuts". For him there is only a good and bad kitchen. The first determines the quality of the product, perfect technique and exquisite taste. Its restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. It offers two types of menus, among dishes - gazpacho from basil, foie gras with frothy sauce, fruits and vegetables and truly divine fruit and chocolate desserts. The price for the menu is 80-100 euros, 75-90 euros à la carte.

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Where in Lisbon is tasty to eat lunch

Among the fine restaurants, perhaps, only Alma offers lunches. However, a wonderful alternative could be a dinner in the already ready to receive a Michelin star restaurant Varanda Hotels Four Seasons Ritz (Serves also dinners). The atmosphere here is unusually pleasant, a bit nostalgic. After all, the building was built even under the dictator Salazar. In winter you can stay in solemn halls with heavy crystal chandeliers, works of art and furniture in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style. In summer, the opportunity to dine on the terrace overlooking the park of Edward VII is added to this pleasure. Named menus from the French chef Pascal Maynard skillfully combine dishes from fish and seafood, meat and vegetables, there is a rich selection of wines. For sweeties, this restaurant is a paradise. His desserts (especially chocolate and praline) are considered the best in the city. The price for the menu is 100-150 euros.

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Portugal - Lisbon restaurant Varanda

For meat dishes and red wine it is better to go to a restaurant RIB Beef & Wine Lisboa (Praça do Comércio, 31A), which is one of the best places in the cityfor fans of wine and steaks from certified DOP-meat (protected designation of origin). We recommend to try the firm steaks Tomahawk Ribeye, Chateaubriand and RIB Eye. Snacks such as tomato soup, several kinds of freshly prepared sauces, fine red wines from the region and dessert (especially lemon sorbet) are served to the steak. The price of lunch without drinks - from 20 euros, dinner - from 35 euros.

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Portugal - Lisbon: RIB Beef & Wine Lisboa

Where to eat in Lisbon

On the cult market Time Out Mercado da Ribeira (Av. 24 de Julho, 49) with its cozy stands, numeroussmall cafes and bars can be found a good alternative to restaurants, if you want a quick snack. There are also stands of the best chefs of Lisbon: Alexandra Silva, Enrique Sa Pessoa, Vitora Claro and others, as well as famous stores like Conserveira Nacional or Garrafeira. In Arcádia they still make one of the most famous and traditional chocolates of Portugal, and Santini is not only the best brand of ice cream in the country, but also one of the best in the world.

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Market Time Out Mercado da Ribeira


Portugal: food

Over a cup of coffee it will be pleasant to sit in a coffee house open since 1905 A Brasileira in R. Garrett Street, 120. The best chocolate croissants are made in a coffee house Cafe Benard, immediately, in the neighborhood, in the street R. Garrett, 104.

Bars and Clubs

Lisbon is on seven hills, andtherefore, it is a city of beautiful views, whether it is tiled roofs and labyrinths of small streets or the Tagus River and bridges connecting the bay with the Atlantic. We invite you to join them with pleasant pastime in one of the restaurants, bars or clubs with a panoramic terrace.

Terraço Bar Limão (Avenida Duque de Loulé, 81-83)

This bar is located on the 10th floor of a 18th-century building,which has now opened a boutique hotel H10 Duque de Loulé. From the terrace you can see the roofs of the houses and the river. Cocktails here cost from 8-12 euros, snacks - 7-10 euros.

Silk Club (R. da Misericórdia, 14)

This club is considered one of the most exclusive inLisbon. It offers a beautiful view of the castle of St. George and the bay, but to enjoy these views, you should reserve a table only on the terrace, and in order to get into the club in general, it is not enough to reserve a table, you must also elegantly dress to observe the evening dress code. Here is a Japanese restaurant, and you can also order steaks. Prices for drinks are: champagne - from 80-150 euros per bottle, a bottle of wine will cost 30-40 euros, cocktails from 10-12 euros.

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Silk Club

Park Bar (Calçada do Combro, 58)

The bar is located on the roof of the parking lot in BairroAlto, and its not just there to find. But the discontent with the long search is completely compensated by a cozy terrace with comfortable chairs, a panorama of the city and the opportunity to admire the sunset, as well as surprisingly modest prices. The aperitif costs from 4-5 euros, the wine decanter - 15 euros, cocktail - 8-10 euros.

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