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Many people have heard of or even night clubsvisited clubs in Pattaya. Everyone knows that the city is famous for its vibrant life. As soon as the sun comes over the horizon, the city takes its inhabitants and visitors in the world of entertainment. Walking Street is located in the southern part of Pattaya city - the center of entertainment. From 7 pm until sunrise outside cover transport traffic, pedestrian opening doors to the world, which is focused an incredible amount of various pubs, bars, discotheques and other entertainment facilities. What are the best nightclubs located on Walking Street.

The best night clubs in Pattaya

Club Insomnia

Perhaps a night club in the city of Pattaya - Insomniaone of the best institutions. It is located at the end of Walking Street Street. This two-storey club, divided into two parts, where the first floor - I-bar, while the second - the dance floor. In the I-Bar plays rap, R & B, dance dancer around sofas. Where you can smoke hookah, pool tables, then you can go to a dance club Insomnia.
Admission is free, but visitors need to constantlybuy drinks. Therefore, if you drink do not want, it is best to leave a glass half empty, but will have to watch him, in order not dragged waiters. Works from 23:00 to 08:00, here love to relax lovers techno and trance. In Club Insomnia do not let the Thais, it is men who rest here and increasingly young Europeans, secretly, African-Americans, a little Russian.


Walking Street Pub

On Walking Street has a night club with the same namename. Location, though small compared to other institutions of Pattaya, but interesting in terms of both the interior and music, service, price. The Walking Street is no dance floor, everything is dancing near the tables. Generally Thai young people prefer to dance near the tables, so virtually every Thai club has a scene where to sit, but there is no dance floor. The establishment is divided into several areas with sofas, there is a bar located in the center, as well as table games such as snooker. Entrance to the club is usually free, but if a visitor does not like the guards - may be asked to pay the entrance ticket cost 250 baht. From the music playing techno and pop. It opens at 20:00, closed around 3:00. Usually there is a rest Europeans and secretly, a little Russian.


MIXX Nightlife Disco

That night institution Pattaya as MIXXNightlife Disco popular among Arabs, Indians, Turks and Russian. The club is located at the end of Walking Street on the third floor of the Bali Hai Plaza shopping center. Inside the institution, two dance floors, one with electronic music, the other with R & B. Due to the contingent of the impression that you are on the Egyptian or Turkish disco. The big plus is that the MIXX Nightlife Discotoboy waiters do not exasperate your order. It works from 23:00 to 04:00.


Lucifer DiskoTK

Nightclub - Lucifer DiskoTK - one of the mosthot points of the city, located in the middle of Walking Street. Enough expensive institution and to be in the club, you must go through the bar Lucifer. The people there are many, there are bars, tables, a dance floor, a stage for performances where singers perform on weekends blacks, sometimes contests. From music plays an American hip hop, R & B, gangsta rap. Admission is free, but will have a drink in the regular mode, otherwise you may get rid of the club. Since the entrance to the club is free, wanting a lot, and the revenue needs. It works from 23:00 to 04:00, mainly in Lucifer resting Thai and international youth, little Russian.


Also in Pattaya Walking Street in the worksmany other nightclubs. The famous Marine Disco is better not to go for security purposes - many lediboev, you can make a mistake. Among the Thai youth are especially popular Differ and Hollywood. Nightlife with numerous clubs in Pattaya boils until dawn.

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