Fairy Finland

Nature Finland attracts adherents in the countryecotourism, fishing, water and winter sports. Finland has 187,888 lakes and 5,100 rapids. The air in this country is incredibly fresh, the rocky islands along the Gulf of Finland is remarkable picturesque and ponds framed by thick forests - exceptionally clean. By the way, in Finland, Europe's largest number of protected areas - 8.2%. Reserves with different levels of protection cover an area almost three million hectares, accounting for 13% of the area of ​​all Finnish forests.

Finland real dreamland of Santa Claus. Christmas and New Year - a holiday special. For impressions of the first visit preserved for a lifetime, be sure to visit the following attractions.

Fabulous place in Finland

House of Santa Claus and Santa Park

These places are located near the town of Rovaniemi. Santa's house is a large wooden structure with a lot of lighting, sociable cheerful gnomes. Himself as the chief magician childhood did not get to see because it is hidden in a hut on the edge of the forest, but you can visit his office and a post office.

many attractions can be visited in the Santa Park,skating rink, as well as enjoy a theatrical show. You can not worry, it will be cold, because the indoor park. For adults, you can ride a sled dogs in winter, as well as relax on one of the ski resorts in Finland, to visit a large number of sites, monuments and museums, which are also located in Rovaniemi. Even if you do not have children, this tour will be no less fascinating and exciting.


Snow castle

While in Finland in the winter ofYou can also visit attractions Snow Castle, which was erected in the first snow of the city of Kemi. Here you can ride a roller coaster, play in the snow, enjoy all the splendor of the snow, drink hot chocolate, sitting on a hill of ice, or keep warm in a cozy, but the usual cafe.


As for the Church attractionsFinland, it is possible to visit the church in the rock in winter - Helsinki, where there is a huge body Orthodox Church Museum - Kuopio, Espoo Church, Uspensky Cathedral - Helsinki.

Waterfall Imatra

The breathtaking attraction Finlandwinter - Waterfall Imatra. However, it can be seen only on holidays. Therefore, by visiting him on New Year's Eve under the chiming clock and fireworks explosions, one can observe a stunner out of the water spray from the waterfall. Previously, he was equal to the Niagara Falls, but now dammed. But along its shores stretches one of the oldest nature reserves - Kruununpuysto.


Arctic Zoo and Country toy

If you are traveling in winter with Finlandchildren, then be sure to visit the Arctic zoo Ranua. Here you can see over 60 species of animals in their natural habitat, enjoy, like polar bears catching fish, and many other wild animals. Not far from the reserve there is a castle, "Moore-Moore" elves, hosts the elegant collection of antique dolls, which will tell one of the elves that live in zamke.Samoe best time to visit the estate of toys - Christmas holidays, because then arrive on a reindeer sleigh protagonist execution childhood dreams - Santa Claus and his gnomes and arrange representation.


Finding unique and izvedyvatamazing attractions of Finland is interesting and fun even in winter. Holidays are always unique and unique! Returning again and again, it is possible to discover the new. Winter Finland will give you a fairy tale!

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