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Emerald island or island of natural treasures -This is also called Ireland. Rarely, what kind of tourist is ready to go to this distant country, believing that if it does not have beach rest and European entertainment, then why waste money on a long trip. But if someone has visited this amazing country, he falls in love with her once and for all and tries to come back here again and again. Because for one trip it is impossible to visit all the amazing places in Ireland.

What to see in Ireland


Where to go in Ireland

Dublin is the capital of a small state, inWhich harmoniously blended old and modern. In this city, a tourist will certainly fall when he comes to the country, so here he should visit the main attraction - Dublin Castle. It was built in the 13th century, but still functions as a government institution. It is necessary to go to the Viskokurnya Museum to taste the famous Irish whiskey. If the whiskey is not enough, then the next step - to the museum-brewery "Guinness". And, of course, visit the numerous national museums and ancient castles, which are very numerous in the vicinity of the city.


Do not stay in Dublin for a long time, because youYou need to have time to see the places for which you have traveled a long way. In the south-west of the island are two hundred-meter-high rocks Moher, which slope down into the Atlantic Ocean, and the length of this majestic natural structure is 8 km!

Cliffs of mohair


Moving away from the rocks, along the south-west coastYou can reach another miracle of Ireland - the Barren Plateau. On it there is a natural garden of stones, the shapes and size of which surprise even sophisticated scientists-minerologists.

Plateau new


Be sure to visit the Lakes of Killarney. There are very few such magnificent species on earth, because these lakes have been preserved in their pristine beauty since the Ice Age, when they were formed. Here is also the national park Killarney, where you can admire the natural waterfalls.



In the valley of the river Boyne are the oldest religiousBuildings - three huge tombs, surrounded by thirty-seven burial mounds. According to scientists, the age of ancient buildings is about 5 thousand years, which is even more than the age of the Egyptian pyramids.


Incredible natural wonders have already blinded you andWould you like to stay forever in this wonderful country? It is unlikely that you will succeed, but you can feel the spirit of Ireland very closely - for this you need to make a trip to the Aran Islands. These islands - the only place in Ireland, where the locals still speak Irish (the bulk of the country's population - in English). Life on the islands flows quiet and measured. People, like many centuries ago, live in modest houses, raise sheep, cows, donkeys and horses. On the islands you will see in all its glory the Atlantic Ocean, which will leave a salty taste on your lips.

Aran Islands


Cool and restrained, but incredibleIrish Ireland will be remembered for a long time. And the next time you come here to continue the fascinating journey - in this country there are many more places that you want to see.

Have a nice trip!

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