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Which country is better not for recreation, but for life? This question interests many people, who are attracted by the prospect of temporarily live in a new environment, a change of scenery, to gain invaluable experience in dealing with other cultures. What are the most attractive country for life on our planet.


One of the best for the life of the countries named Finland. Despite the harsh climate and the cold sea, it is very attractive to live here for a few years.

The population mostly speaks English(Good level of education), high safety of life (3rd place in the ranking of all countries), economic development (2 nd place in the overall ranking). Yes, and a Finnish land meets welcome.



Also, the top five covers Australia, the mysterious green continent. This country - one of the most dynamic, life is concentrated in the five major coastal cities.

Particularly commended were educated,financial well-being, safety, and such a special point of the investigation as a "personal space" - free areas are really enough. In addition, Australia is one of the best tourist sectors among all countries.


New Zealand

Another State of the southern hemisphere - New Zealand. It stands out not only for its stunning wildlife and mild climate.

The country is ranked first in the ranking ofeffectiveness of the education system, one of the leaders in safety and economy. So if you choose the country where it will be possible to raise children in peace and prosperity, then pay attention to New Zealand.



Also in the ranking of "best country to live" experts unanimously placed Denmark. It is a country with a rich culture, friendly people, extreme cold is almost does not happen.

Especially the Danes moved in governance - the effectiveness of the authorities in the kingdom is so high that this category Denmark ranks second among all countries.



Norway - not simply one of the best countries forlife, but also the sole leader of the rating. In it at the proper level everything - health, economic conditions, education system, the safety of citizens and visitors. There is also a minimum of various legal restrictions, and, consequently, individual freedom and entrepreneurship are maximized.


The only negative - this harsh climate of the country. Cold, rainy, with a long polar night (especially in the north of Norway), can discourage many who want to move here.

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