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How to clean white sneakers?

White sneakers - are considered the mostPopular among both men and women. They are worn almost at any time of the year, but the fact is that white color itself is very problematic, therefore it is most often exposed to external influences and loses its original appearance. Today in the article will be considered the ways by which you can return the sneakers their white color.

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How to clean white sneakers

Clean the white sneakers from dirt and stains

1. Immediately after you bought your shoes, be sure to buy a special cream or spray, which will protect the white color from dust and dirt. Before you go outside - it is necessary to apply this tool to clean shoes (it is recommended to wipe them with a damp cloth before going out for 30 minutes).

2. To get rid of stains on white sneakers, you need to use the following means: any toothpaste (preferably with whitening effect) in a small amount is applied to the soiled place and carefully rubbed with a brush. After that, a rag is damped in warm water and with neat movements the remnants of the paste are removed from the shoes. An analogue of the paste can be ordinary baking soda, diluted with a small amount of water.

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How to clean white sneakers

3. Use the third recipe when the previous one did not give a positive result. Take a lemon, squeeze 2 tablespoons of juice and add as much water. Next dip into this lemon juice wadded disk and thoroughly wipe the soiled place, after which let the shoes dry for several hours.

4. It is recommended to wash the shoelaces. The fact is that even if the sneakers you cleaned well, then the shoelaces usually also have the property of getting dirty, so that the shoes are full, as new it is necessary to pull them out and wash them. It will take you a couple of minutes, but after that the shoes will indeed be like new. For washing, you can use plain powder or soap with bleach.
How to return sneakers primordial whiteness

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How to clean white sneakers

Washing machine

If you have no desire, no time to mess withDirty shoes, you can wash it in a washing machine, especially if it is equipped with such a program. Undress the shoes, take out the insole and place it in the drum. Add a small amount of detergent and select the program you want. If your home appliances do not have a function for washing sports shoes, choose a "quick wash", which provides for water to be heated to 30-40 ° C. It is better not to squeeze the product and not risk your favorite pair of sneakers. After the end of the washing cycle, it is recommended to hang the shoes behind the tabs in a well-ventilated place. This is very important, because a lack of air can lead to damage to the product


How to clean white, not heavily soiledsneakers? Dry dirt is usually simply cleaned with a dry brush, and after wiping the surface with a damp cloth. The sole can be washed with soap, and black stripes can be easily eliminated by using a conventional eraser. If these measures did not lead to the proper result, you can turn to other means

How else can I clean white sneakers?

In a small amount of detergent addA spoonful of vinegar, lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide. Such a thick slurry to put on shoes, rub with a brush and rinse well with water. However, this method must be used with caution on shoes with a mesh top;

Return the white color shoes will help oxygen bleach. If you have it in the form of a powder, it must be diluted to a liquid consistency and applied to the shoes.

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How to clean white sneakers

If you do not know how you can wash the white solesOn sneakers, then this method will help you. In order not to resort to such thorough cleaning methods in the future, special protective equipment must be used.

How to properly care for white sneakers?

Immediately before or after the evening, inDepending on how the manufacturer recommends, apply a protective wax or spray to the surface. It will repel dirt and prevent its penetration inside. All you need to do when you return home is simply to wipe your shoes with a damp cloth or sponge.

Good luck!

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