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Dress code Cocktail: basic rules for women

First, we'll figure out what events meandress code Coctail Attire. These are short events up to 4 hours: various presentations, exhibitions, film premieres, red carpet shows, corporate banquets, dinner parties or family celebrations with the invitation of a large number of people. All these activities can be divided into 3 types.

Types of cocktail events

Depending on the occasion, activities withdress code Cocktail can be divided into 3 types: business, classic and secular. The minimum set of things for visiting such evenings includes: cocktail dress, high-heeled shoes, handbag (better clutch) and in some cases - jewelry accessories.

Dress code Coctail for business receptions

For a business meeting with partners appointed inrestaurant, for women the best choice will be a cocktail dress with open arms, just below or to the middle of the knee. The dress code in this case does not allow open back and deep cleavage, as well as high incisions. The outfit should be moderately strict and succinct, but not extravagant. Also undesirable is a lot of decor.

Dress Code Cocktail: basic rules for women-1

Dress code Cocktail: basic rules for women

If you are a fan of dark colors in clothes - thisthe case when the black cocktail dress looks the most successful. Expensive jewelry for a business event is not needed. But an engagement ring, modest earrings and watches will be appropriate. Choose shoes with a closed toe and heel, and always on high heels, for example, classic boats on a hairpin.

Dress code Coctail for social events

For an evening social event, visittheater and exhibitions the length of the cocktail dress can be up to the middle of the knee and even much higher (moderately short). But even such liberty must be compensated by a strict top - no open back and deep decollete. Any decor, style and color of the outfit is allowed. To the dress you can pick up long thin gloves and boa.

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Dress code Cocktail: basic rules for women

Jewelry is preferred, but expensive jewelry is also allowed. Shoes again - on high heels.

Classic Coctail Dress Code

For any celebration beginning before eighthours of the evening, at the invitation of which the dress code of the Cocktail is indicated, it is better to put on a dress of plus or minus 10 cm from the knee with open shoulders. The outfit can be in any color, both with a decor, and without.

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Dress code Cocktail: basic rules for women

As for shoes, in the summer, you canwear shoes with an open nose or heel and even sandals. The presence of a heel, even a low one, is mandatory. As accessories, you can choose both jewelry and quality jewelry. But it's better to refuse from too expensive accessories.

How to choose a cocktail dress

Despite the fact that the fashionable stylists say thatrules and seasonality - it's just a convention, believe me, you're unlikely to look appropriate in a translucent short dress and sandals. So only stars can dress to enter the red carpet. Also, if you do not want to condemn all eyes to yourself all evening, do not show up at a dinner party in open shoes and in a dress with a bright floral print, especially if it's autumn outside. And, on the contrary, in the summer time fur accessories and accessories are absolutely inappropriate.

Ideal for a warm season -cocktail dress in light muted or bright color. For the autumn-winter season, it is desirable to choose a darker color. By the way, this is just the case when a black or gray dress looks especially appropriate. As for the print and decor, then any patterns and details should correspond to seasonality and fashion trends.

Dress code Cocktail: basic rules for women-fashion6-

Dress code Cocktail: basic rules for women

Fashion dress for an event with a dress codeCocktail is a separate topic. It can be an elegant dress-case, A-silhouette, dress-suit and dress-combination (of course, without lace and translucent underwear). In any case, it should be appropriate for your type of figure. But too lush baby-doll and bundles, however, as well as the over-the-size styles will not be appropriate.

Dress code Cocktail: basic rules for women-fashion-8

Dress code Cocktail: basic rules for women

Too deep decollete, transparent inserts andprovocative cutouts - it all looks good if you're JLo and you're going to pose for photographers. Otherwise, be careful with too frank attire, so that later you do not have to cover the open areas of the body with a glass or hold a bulging mini skirt.

In addition to dresses at the event with a dress code Cocktail, suits will be appropriate, both with a skirt and trousers (especially on a business buffet table), as well as a skirt with a blouse or a beautiful top.

How to choose shoes and accessories

As a footwear, the Coctail dress code impliessolely shoes with heels, preferably high and at least 7 cm with a closed heel and toe. Pantyhose and stockings are mandatory! In rare cases, it is allowed to wear open shoes or sandals.

As for the choice of bag, then no massivebaulov and shapeless hobo. Secular event - this is not the place where you need a diary, a cosmetic bag and a dozen little things that you are used to always carry with you. Only a small handbag or a clutch that should be in harmony with the basic outfit. Nothing but a phone, a purse and lipstick should not lie in your purse.

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Dress code Cocktail: basic rules for women

Sometimes cocktail events involve the presence of a headdress, which will be indicated in the invitation. Otherwise, it is better to abandon such accessories.

How to behave at the event

How culturally do you know how to behave insecular environment, can be understood long before the event itself begins. Once you received the invitation, it must be confirmed. Any questions on the subject of the event, the number of expected guests can be asked by the organizers or personally inviting person. If the invitation contains a dress code for the Cocktail, then ask about what to come indecently. If the invitation does not say anything about the satellite, it's best to come alone.

The rules of etiquette mean punctuality. Arriving in advance is considered impolite. "In time" means that you should appear 5-10 minutes after the start or stay for no more than half an hour (if you really have a reason for this). And it is necessary to inform about the delay to the organizers.

How to say hello? Look at the situation on the ground. At acquaintance always say both a name and a surname.

As for the consumption of alcoholic beverages,it is better not to abandon them. If you do not drink, then make a few sips. Firstly, the offer of a glass of champagne is a gesture of courtesy and attention, and secondly, it is also an occasion for a new acquaintance and the beginning of the topic of a secular conversation. Keep the glass always by the foot. Knowing how to serve snacks and ordering drinks is a separate topic, so check it out in advance.

Leave only after you thankorganizers of the event personally. If there is no opportunity at the time of departure, then it is possible to transfer gratitude to the house on the card with the bouquet within 24 hours.

What does the dress code allow and forbid? Cocktail

  • Shoes are necessarily on a heel height of at least 7 cm, preferably thin, toe and heel closed. In the warmer months to visit informal evening parties it is permissible to wear sandals.
  • Obligatory thin tights or stockings of corporal or black color.
  • The length of the dress depends on the format of the event, but it can not be too short. At the event with the dress code Cocktail is also not appropriate length maxi.
  • Hands can be open, the decollete should not be too deep and frank and unacceptable for activities of a business nature.
  • No big bags. Only a clutch or a small decorative handbag.
  • The general rule: in autumn and winter, the outfit and shoes should be darker than in the spring-summer season.

The required dress code still causesmany mass negativity: those who disagree with the rules do not hesitate to come to the ballet in jeans, in a short top and sandals. Despite the fact that cocktail events require a less solemn appearance and do not imply such rigor, dressing for similar seyshon costs in accordance with the rules of the dress code. And do not forget, a beautiful dress is just one component of the image. Compliance with the remaining requirements has not been canceled.

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