What is a panic attack

A panic attack is defined as a panic attack,for which there is no reason, and which occurs suddenly. Such an attack is accompanied by all the attributes of this physiological state of fear and panic.
Anxiety or fear - a familiar feeling foreach person. These feelings give the signal to the body that was a trouble, so you need to quickly mobilize and overcome the problem. During this period, actively produced stress hormones, every effort aimed at finding out of this situation. It is okay if there are prerequisites for fear, but there are times when there is no cause for alarm and the person feels extremely uncomfortable. You will learn about what a panic attack, the cause of women and men which can be very different.


Panic attack - the causes

Sometimes, at first there was the phenomenon andOnly then comes the feeling of intense fear. This feature of a panic attack when the person realizes that his condition had deteriorated for no apparent reason, and this is even greater panic.
Cardiopalmus; increased sweating;pale skin; hearing loss or distortion; difficulty breathing or shortness of breath; blurred vision, feeling of vagueness before his eyes; numbness in hands and feet, and so on.
In order to begin to worry about theirHealth enough pairs attacks. Man begins to suspect heart problems, but after the positive results of research and analysis falls among all professionals to the neurologist. Then the final diagnosis "panic attacks" and treatment is started can be set.


Causes of Panic Attacks

On the question of why there are panicattack, there is still no clear answer, although the doctor and learned to diagnose them. They are caused by a combination of psychological and physiological mechanisms. They are not necessarily a sign of mental illness, and sometimes a manifestation of latent diseases of internal organs.

Panic attacks and alcohol

Often panic attack - a reaction to the abuse of alcohol or use of drugs, as well as a symptom of withdrawal syndrome.

Panic attacks and stress

Healthy people who are constantly ina state of nervous tension or stress, suppress their desires and needs, fear for the future, subject to such a reaction of the body as panic attacks.
The causes of women and men do not differ, but there are twice as common in women.
Other causes of panic attacks
Among others are the following reasonspanic attacks. Hereditary predisposition - especially if you suffer from panic attacks close relatives; frequent emotional and mental overload, which cause depletion of the body's resources; excessive sensitivity and suspiciousness; thyroid disease and other internal organs; Problems with the autonomic nervous system; chronic fatigue syndrome; psychological trauma received in childhood, as well as many diseases that a person had been ill with a child (including hypoxia at birth); suppression of feelings - anger, joy or other feelings.


Types of panic attack

Depending on the appearance of the prerequisites is isolatedspecies such thing as panic attacks. The causes of women and men are similar, so the classification is carried out without reference to the sex of man.
Spontaneous panic attacks have a featureoccurs for no apparent reason. They are the reason for a comprehensive medical examination, because they can indicate serious diseases. Panic attacks that occur as a result of human contact in stressful conditions. As a rule, the patient may indicate the circumstances that cause it fear and panic.
Related situational panic attacks arethe result of specific actions and effects on the body of a stimulus. For example, the drugs cause hormonal malfunction, which in turn implies the occurrence of panic attacks. If any symptoms that are unusual for you and guard you need to contact a specialist. If you know that you are introduced to the shock and panic the specific circumstances and conditions, then you need to consult a therapist. The sooner you start treatment, the more productive it will be. If you do not listen to yourself and help the body to solve the existing issue, you can make the situation worse.

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