How to resolve the conflict with her best friend

Anyone who claims that female friendship does notIt is, just does not know how the miracle is a best friend. With it you can share your innermost secrets and tricks, ask for advice, go for shopping, chat over a cup of tea or anything else. Yes Do wonderful things a little more you can make, along with his girlfriend. But even these friends sometimes there are misunderstandings in relationships. If you break your head, how to make up with his girlfriend, the material - especially for you. You thought that your warm friendship, nothing will destroy. You might even make friends from childhood or adolescence, you may know it as itself, but absurd grievances resulted in a quarrel. Of course, this is a strong emotional shock, feelings of remorse and do not give to live in peace. However, it is easy to understand the reasons that caused your quarrel.


Why do conflicts arise: Causes

No matter under what circumstances, the conflict occurred, and that it became the basis for an argument, can be roughly classified its causes.

The first reason: emotions

If you or your girlfriend's mood wasunimportant, you can tell a story in the heat of each other a lot of unnecessary and hurtful words. That excessive emotionality often causes quarrels best friends. At first glance, cause for quarrel was not, but either you or she just could not keep their emotions under control at the moment. Unfortunately, sometimes a friend is not only a "vest to tears", but also "pillow whipping." A loved one becomes an object to which splashes out negative emotions.

The second reason: different views

Sometimes we think we know a person "from" and"before". Your friendship lasts for many years, you know, even the most insignificant habit girlfriend. But it turns out that there are things that are opposite views on. This can be an unpleasant surprise, and also lead to quarrels and disputes. The discrepancy between the views - not less common cause of quarrel than emotions. Even if you - soul mates, support and understand each other, you may have different political views, different priorities in the education of children, different hobbies. On this basis, and there is a quarrel. For example, you decide to learn French braiding braids, and your friend is sure that for you it is completely useless exercise, since you fashionable short haircut. Oddly enough, even for such "trifles" quarreling adults and were held by women.

Reason Three: love relationships

If the conflict involved the man - or yourlover, or your girlfriend, then this conflict - the most difficult to solve. Reconcile with girlfriend can be very difficult in this situation, because flirting with someone else's lover - a serious reason for the final rupture of relations. Whatever the reason for the quarrel, restore friendly relations can almost always.


How to reconcile with girlfriend

The most correct decision on your part - the firsta step towards reconciliation, regardless of who was responsible for the quarrel. If your friend road, talk to her frankly, can be on the phone, but it's better in person. Do not use for reconciliation internet chat or chat via SMS. The conflict occurred by your fault? Have the courage to admit it. Apologize to her friend. If you had a falling out due to excessive emotionality one of you or both of you, it is better to wait a few days. If your fault - sorry. When the quarrel was caused by friends, ask what caused this reaction from her, maybe there is a problem, and you the strength to help solve them. But serious problems, perhaps not. Just a bad day, and most likely, a friend is going through no less than you. Quarrel on the basis of various views and interests? But that's the beauty of the relationship that each person - is different. With this phrase, start the reconciliation with his girlfriend. Despite the difference of interests, you have experienced so many pleasant moments, many times to support each other in difficult situations, that you simply have no reason to quarrel. Different views - it is a trifle. Because friendship means a lot to you, and each of you has a right to their opinion. Take this as one more step in your relationship and try to find a moment in this life something positive. Because of this quarrel, you now know about each other more. And to the conflict theme try not to come back.


If the cause of your quarrel with your girlfriend becameor her lover, before all, try to understand the situation, as if it was difficult to do. He was flirting or flirting? Did you or a friend is just a thought. Sometimes you have to solve a very complicated issue, making the choice between love and friendship. A couple of "caught in the act"? Do girlfriend know about your relationship with this man? If so, it looks like a betrayal. Or from a friend or from a lover. One more thing: remember that people tend to change. Both you and your friend can just become different over time. Sometimes, in this case, to continue the relationship simply makes no sense. If a long time is impossible to reconcile with girlfriend, consider whether you need these relationships or time to look for new friends. But the conflict - it is always a challenge. The test for your friendship to the test. If this article you have made the right conclusions and decide for themselves how to make up with a friend, we are sincerely happy for you!


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