How to get rid of shyness and self-doubt

A lot of teenagers therecommunication difficulties due to shyness, insecurity, distrust and caution. And so you want to be sure to behave naturally in front of other people ...

What is a shy person? So, if you:

speak in a low voice,
avoid the noisy companies, preferring solitude,
do not try to keep the conversation going and just do not know how to say "no"
blush and hesitate, you find it difficult to look into the eyes of another,
fantasize and dream constantly busy or self-examination, then you can think of as a person shy.


Gain self-confidence - the best way to

Shy "clamped" to the people, even knowingthe correct answer says excitedly, tongue-tied, or silent, moving awkwardly, pale, red and tense. In his mind constantly question, "What will others think of me?".

This prevents a person live. Shy people often can not realize itself in the life: no friends, but is able to have them, he always chooses the way of life, as it were below their capabilities. And it's just - choosing a partner for marriage, profession, entertainment. Shy constantly misses his chance in everything, considering not only less attractive than the other, but less capable.

How to get rid of excessive shyness! This exercise you should be doing every night.

Exercise is carried out in silence and solitude. Relax. Begin to view all the events lived day and tell yourself about each completed, even small things that you've done: "This is my well turned out." Experiencing a feeling of even a small, but victory over routine and circumstances. This is not about god knows what big business. And about everyday, normal - learned lessons, bought products, had an important conversation, removed the room.

Even in failure highlight something positive. The condition is one - no criticism themselves under any pretext. The only thing you can do - is to be said about the obvious mistake, "Maybe I'm wrong here"

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