How not to go crazy after childbirth: Tips for young mothers

Here you are at home. Your baby close in her crib. This is undoubtedly a great happiness, but it is often overshadowed by domestic problems. Childbirth is always associated with a change in the usual home lifestyle. The young mother is now more problems and responsibilities. How not to go crazy with this cycle works? How to stay calm and mother? It is difficult, but possible.

Postpartum depression: how to fight it

The psychological state of the young mother oftenIt is causing concern among relatives. In the morning, just do not want to raise his head from the pillow, there is an aversion to everything around. On the personal care and in general no question. What happened to this strong woman who just seething vitality?

delivery process never goes in vain forthe female body. Behind him is always the strongest hormonal changes the body. It is not surprising that there is a young mother postpartum depression. Oddly enough, this is perfectly normal.

No need to start to go crazy because of the little things. Let go of all fears. You certainly can handle, otherwise it can not. Do not try to consider myself a bad mother. This has a negative impact on your perception of the coming changes.

Life after giving birth: new goals

Now your whole life is subject only to thetiny creatures that you call the little boy or daughter. All day only scheduled toddler. Sleep, rest, feeding, cleaning, cooking - only when the baby will ask or allow. Yes, before it was different. Now, new circumstances, new conditions of life. And be sure to adapt to them.

Clearly define for themselves the goal of his new life. You want to be perfect? Ideal people do not happen. The ideal mother is not the one that manages everything. ALL catch is simply impossible! It is important to learn to respect yourself for what you are.

Take as a given the new circumstances, cease to feel them hostage.


Postpartum depression: how to relax

The most important rule - learn to relax. Getting up in the morning, do not submit the entire list at once, do not start frantically grasp at everything at once and go crazy. All fixable, enforceable and requires your composure and not panic and raskisaniya. Keep yourself in their hands. Once you understand this rule, everything will start to get easier and faster.

Now sleep periods. Many young mothers trying to make as many household chores as possible while the baby sleeps. It is fundamentally wrong, especially on a day dream. All just the opposite. Teach yourself to sleep an hour or two in the afternoon, when the baby sleeps. After all, mom and lack of sleep not only becomes evil - it is generally dangerous to society.


No need to get hung up on laundry, cleaning and cooking. Make the most necessary, everything else later.

While distracted by baby toys can be removedin the room. You do not have to clean the whole apartment today. Also during this period, you can have time to hang out the laundry, which is machine washed during your co-sleeping. Or, remove and decompose already dried. Incidentally, it is desirable to stroke in the evening, when the child settle down to sleep at night. Just do not try to peregladit all "in one go". If the child is not allergic, the same diaper can be stroked with one hand. Highlight on ironing half an hour, no more.

Do not complicate your life with endless methanethe apartment. Make sure you have all the things in the place where you use them. baby clothes should be where you would normally change clothes. Or at least it is composed on adjacent shelves of the cabinet.

The same can be said regarding the hygiene and accessories for swimming and everything else too.

How to overcome postpartum depression: a hobby

Be sure to take the time to their hobbies. You would think that this is difficult? Not at all.

He is fond of knitting or photo? Then you have a great opportunity to combine them with walks. While admiring the baby twigs and leaves, you can manage to find a couple of beautiful scenery or tie a few rows of new blouse. The same is true for the drawing. Would you like to sew? Select the child a few shreds and he for some time will not you busy.

What would you like? What can? Almost any hobby can be combined with daily chores and worries.


How to overcome depression: help other people

For myself, it should not be forgotten in any case! Dissolved in caring for the family, it is sometimes necessary to remember that such cosmetics, nail polish and hair dye.

Do you think your household of servants in needgreasy robe and unkempt mop on your head? Not at all. They want to see a flourishing, happy mother. And yet - beautiful. So love yourself and do not forget about basic care, since the right of any of the women.

To select the time, "the" it is desirable to involve the Pope. Agree that evening walks with the child will be his duty. Just do not try to spend free time on the washing-cooking.

Now you understand how not to go crazy in the decree? To do this, you need to maximize ease everyday challenges. Fortunately, in our lives for a long time included washing machine, blenders, microwaves, kengurushki and slings. Active use of all available grandparents, and do not forget about dad. Suppose also helps.


The older the child, the less worries hisMomma. And not because he is independent. Just over time, every young mother gets used to carry out our simple guidelines and make their lives easier and happier.

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