10 popular role-playing games for adults

Board games for adults - it is not onlythe ability to maintain a steady fire of the senses, but also to make the regular variety in the gray days. This can be anything, not even bothering myself uniformity of the image.

Many believe that the role-playing games - it's overkill. Only here the experts are inclined to the opposite view, arguing that in this way can be firmly tied to a partner, looking at each other in love look each time in a new way, and you personally - on a regular basis to realize their dreams in life.

Why role-play help us

Here, remember who you wanted to be? A doctor, a flight attendant, actress, socialite, or even someone else. But that's the reality of working in a typical office environment with a busy schedule and evil counterparts, the seller or the manager to boring clients. There's nothing to be done about it - that's life. But you can realize their dreams with the help of role-playing games. Firstly, it will certainly variety in your love life, and you personally will help to remove the negative after a hard day, to love yourself any, show imagination and creativity. Second, meeting regularly with you a new, experiencing the thrill is unlikely partner will want to look for someone else. Why strain if it has diversity and so abound?

Where to start preparing for the role-playing games

It all starts with the script, the image for him anddetails. Often enough for lovers conventional dressing in beautiful alluring costumes, which can either make yourself (for example, in the doctor's game will require only a short white robe over his naked body, any instrument or medication) or buy in a specialty store. Now you need to come up with a small script. You can do this together or alone, with a partner simply specifying the main directions of the plot. Choose a quiet, comfortable place for a meeting, for role-playing games do not tolerate haste, nervousness and anxiety.

Scripts role-playing games for adults

Now let's talk about the most interesting - what roles in a variety of games scenarios, men prefer and why.

Playing doctor

One of violent male fantasies - sex withnurse. The script is developed as follows. The role of the partner - a man is what he wants to sit in a chair or lying in bed (if the patient is very ill) and do whatever he tells seductive nurse, which will be you. Your role - fully examine the patient. Do not be shy, dare to say: "Undress, sprinted pants, bend over ..." says with confidence, it's very exciting. Examining relating to inadvertently feeding, and if it gets hot, unbutton robe, continuing inspection. Inspect all the erogenous zones. After such a passion in bed is provided.


Sex with a stranger

When sex is a favorite day-to-day goes byone scenario, try at least one night / day to play in the stranger. The essence of this role-playing game is that you should not only change the appearance - to make a new hairstyle, dress is not as usual, but also behave differently. Then you separately go to a cafe or club, find each other and start to get acquainted. You can introduce new names. Then, the game moves smoothly in your apartment. Do not rush immediately to run into bed, pull this moment. Talk to a stranger on the topics for which you have not dared to speak. Take a shower together and then run into the bed. Although you are unlikely to hold on this time before bed. Undressing, passionate Kiss and help each other to remove clothing.


Game of boss and secretary

Stupid jokes about relationships and their secretariesChiefs often realistic. What man can resist the young slave, who is ready to perform anything for a good prize. But not every boss has a chance. There are decent girls who for no reward will not agree to that. But fantasy in my head on this subject have every man at the appropriate positions. So role-playing games on the theme "The boss and secretary" - one of the most exciting. The boss may come to mind everything. For example, to make him a massage, because he was so tired. Or he wants you right on your desktop. Be ready, he will give you the most unusual orders, and you just have to follow them for the promised increase or bonus.


Call plumbing

The essence of this role-playing game is that yourhusband left for work, and you - a housewife, was left alone at home. You drip tap and now you're waiting for the employee. When it comes, you open the door and see a strong brutal man. Did you miss the passionate relationship (because my husband works hard and is very tired and in bed, everything happens in a hurry), you start to flirt with him actively. Spend in the kitchen and, leaning casually in a short robe, to show him what the problem is. Are invited to check, whether the washing machine stand you both.


For the scenario role-playing game "Call plumbing" required of him working clothes and suitable tools, but from you - beautiful semi-transparent negligee or short robe.

Playing in the hotel guest and maid

To fully experience the atmosphere, betterstay at the hotel. The script of this role-playing game can be organized at home. But feelings are not the same. To realize the image of the maid enough seductive black lingerie, white apron, barely covering her panties and a brush for cleaning the dust. You do not have sexually vacuuming and washing floors, enough to knock "in the room", bring drinks and ask if housekeeping and linen change is needed. Then the hotel guest at the door hangs a sign "Do Not Disturb", and you gave him right outside the door.


Strict teacher and high school student

Virtually every high school student dreaming ofa young teacher in a narrow skirt and tight blouse with a plunging neckline. Now your man is an adult, but it does not mean that he refuses to stay in the role of incompetent high school student, who teaches "real lesson" strict, but very young and sexy teacher. How is the scenario of a role-playing game? Bend down to his notebook, so that he could look into the section of your blouses. Ask if he has homework. The answer - is understandable. During that threatened to deuce or let it do all that you tell him. Perhaps he and biology issues and you decided to make a practical lesson. Contact him by name, and he let you call only by name and patronymic.


Role-playing "Lady and the servant"

The scenario is very similar to a game of secretary and bossor a maid and a guest of the hotel. Only if you're on previous occasions at the request fulfilled all its requirements, in the game "Mistress and servant" have to do it your partner, stay its "mistress." As additional attributes you need chains, fur cuffs, collars, gags, whips ... All of this you can buy in a specialized store.


Wife and lover, or vice versa

Role-playing game, which strengthens family relationshipsand in some way to prevent infidelity. The script is banal - it is at work or on a business trip, your lover comes home. In this game it is important to always maintain the intrigue, though her husband is about to return home and catches you. Alternatively, you can arrange a game in a new neighbor and neighbor. She allegedly had forgotten the keys and knocked him to meet. Then everything is clear.


Playing the rapist and the victim

This option is for the most extreme. Scenarios of this game somewhat. For example, you walk down a dark deserted street and suddenly a rapist attacks you. It takes the power of you on the street. Or did you get a random fellow traveler maniac driver who took you to the woods to rape. Easy dose of adrenaline from the fact that you have someone see, would greatly increase the interest and desire. In any case, the game of "Rapist and the Victim" should take place outside the walls of your apartment, otherwise the whole atmosphere will be lost. Just make sure no one is nearby.


The game of darts or a bottle

Here, no one will have to transform into theor other image or to buy special outfits. The essence of the game of darts or a bottle of the same - on what position will show an arrow or a bottle neck in this position lovers still love the game. Twist the bottle or throw darts partners in turn. Dartz picture can be purchased in a specialty store, and for the game of the bottle can be on sheets of paper to write posture and arrange them in a circle. Most importantly, remember that the role-playing game for the adult loving couple - this is not forcing one of the partners, it should be by mutual request. And even if the first time you will currently appear ridiculous and clumsy, then you can eventually open such a party, which had not previously suspected. We promise, we will not be bored!


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