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Trends manicure 2017

Not so long ago such concepts as nail trends orin nail design trends almost did not exist. Now it's a whole industry and on the nails experienced craftsmen are able to perform real works of art. Here are the latest fashion manicure trends autumn / winter 2017.

The trend №1: Oval Nails

Fashion is constantly changing and what was fashionabletrend yesterday, today, it is no longer relevant. In place of a short square-shaped nails come more elegant oval. Not prohibited and experiment with shades of varnishes. On the oval shaped nails look beautiful dark colors: burgundy, blueberry, dark blue, shimmering black, and others.

Manicure trend in 2017: short oval nails

The trend №2: Lines and patterns on nails

In place of a complex pattern on the nails comeline. You do not have the entire nail varnish, enough to draw on it a few clear lines can be in the form of Roman numerals or geometric shapes. The fashion simple angular forms, executed in classic shades.

Manicure trend in 2017: lines on nails

The trend №3: Artistic splash and abstract drawings

Try to experiment with abstractdrawings on the nails, and feel like a real artist, because a new fashion trend manicure - a chaotic varnish drop on the nails. Do manicures effortlessly. Nakraste nails basic tone, and then connect the imagination and apply a pattern of bright droplets literally randomly the spray them on the nails. And trendy manicure goals. Simple and at the same time very stylish. If you want a more complex pattern, armed with brushes, like a true artist.

The trend manicure 2017: artistic splashes

The trend manicure 2017: artistic splashes

The trend №4: All shades of blue

Chief shade coming winter course blue. This trendy classic color will always be relevant. And if you think that blue is boring, then you are wrong. Popular is the whole palette of shades: a shimmering blue, bright blue, rich dark ultramarine, blue-gray with a metallic sheen, matte Persian blue and others.

The trend manicure 2017: blue manicure

The trend manicure 2017: blue manicure

The trend №5: Frosted haze

By the way, about a matte varnish. He remains popular, and maintains its position in the coming season. With a matte coating can come up with interesting solutions nail design. Very original looks combination of matt and glossy pattern applied transparent varnish, with some additional decoration is not required. All succinctly and with taste. Drawing on the nails, remember the number one trend - a simplified graphic design nails.

The trend manicure 2017: matt with a transparent nail polish pattern

The trend №6: French manicure on a new

French manicure - this is the good old classics,which sometimes requires a little retouching. Line nail do wavy or triangular, are looking for new forms complement their "sculpted" lines. The color palette can also vary. For example, make a bright primary color, and detail to perform a classic white.

The trend manicure 2017: French manicure on a new

The trend №7: Noble shades of precious stones

Wear sapphires and rubies are now fashionable and nails. Add overflows and the play of light, you can use the small shimmering sequins. To create the emerald coating, use black and green colors, and the very texture of the stone can be drawn with a needle, a thin brush, or try to make water manicure. Decorate a manicure can be gold foil or ornaments for design of metal nails.

The trend manicure 2017: gems

The trend №8: Dramatic Black

Another fashion trend - jet blackmanicure, which can be decorated with hand-painted. If you do not like the black, then it can be replaced by other dark shades such as plum or rich burgundy. Make bohemian black manicure can use the inclusions of gold sequins.

The trend manicure 2017: Dramatic black manicure

The trend №9: Neutral beige

Lovers of natural beauty are not forgotten. The trend of short nails natural rounded shape covered with a natural tone paint. This can be beige, light pink or light brown in color. Complement a manicure do not need anything, it is better to leave the monochrome. Delicate and very simple natural manicure again came into vogue.

The trend manicure 2017: beige manicure

The trend №10: Another trendy color

This fall and winter relevant gray manicure. Dark, matt or metallic. This is to your taste. The main thing that it was combined and make-up, which must be made in blue-green tones.

The trend manicure 2017: gray manicure

The trend №11: Minimalism

Pile of different kinds of patterns on nailsis no longer popular. In vogue minimalist drawings. Circles, modest bars and a pair of stylish bars would be sufficient. Moreover, the tone of the nail must be neutral, it is desirable beige.

Simple lines and design, square motives on the nails - another trend manicure for lovers of minimalism.

The trend manicure 2017: Minimalism

The trend №12: Favorite red

Well, where do without him this fall. Favorite color of girls, the color of love and passion. Red nail polish is coming back again. The universal color that suits almost any outfit. You can choose colors to your own taste: darker or lighter, paler or richer.

The trend in 2017 manicure red manicure

The trend №13: Wavy manicure

Nail polish trend of design in 2017. Draw patterns in the form of waves and curls. Color gel polish is not so important, the main drawing itself. A wave can be on the tips of the nails, as an imitation of a French manicure or a nail in the middle, visually dividing it in half. And even several corrugated strips can also decorate your nails. Thus it is better to use contrasting shades of lacquer to make a line on the nails more visible.

The trend manicure 2017: wavy manicure

The trend №14: Winter White

Not only black and white but are nailspopular this winter. Clean, white as snow shades can be safely used in a manicure. If we talk about the combination of colors, the white monochrome can slightly vary the light cream tones.

Manicure trend in 2017: white manicure

Major trends in 2017 are quite simple manicure. In the monochrome mode, minimalism, laconic geometric shapes and naturalness. But whatever the fashion trends, important to choose something that is not at odds with their own style and not change themselves. Fashion manicure trends come and go, if you do not like the current trends, we can always come up with your own.

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