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Thermo-gel lacquer: Fashionable novelty!

Trends are constantly performing manicure equipmentchange, and specialists are constantly looking for something new in this area. Increasing the length of the nail with the help of artificial nails replaced extensions, nail gel nail succeeded, and now there is also thermo-gel nail polish!

What is thermo nail polish?

A feature of this varnish is that it changes color at different ambient temperatures.


An attractive appearance is a major advantage for the fashionistas, but except for appearance matters more and usability. Among the advantages are the following:

    1. Varnish looks are always a winner, it does not require multiple application for him.
    2. The material is not dissected during wear.
    3. After polymerization, it provided the perfect manicure for a long period of time.
    4. From the viewpoint of the master, no need for careful preparation of the nail plate.
    5. The range of colors is very rich, making such material more interesting work.
    6. The combination of changing color - it's not only related related combinations and unexpected colors.

Thermo-gel lacquer: Fashionable novelty!
  1. It can be applied on the nails of any length.

Usually, only one or two times to cover the nails.

Looking at the nail varnish by thermo observedchameleon effect, that is, the color hue changes from the base to the tip. This is due to the fact that the temperature throughout the nail plate is different, however at the base of the nail changes color, and the fingertip is unchanged. "Work", that is, change the color of the coating begins after the temperature of 200 C. In addition, when lowering the hand to heat the nails become monophonic, in contact with the cold - tint is changed to another. On long nails color transition smoother for short - sharper. Whatever it was, the result is always unpredictable. Smooth transition can be initially incorporated in the lacquer formula, which is a closely guarded secret.

Thermovarnish can be different effects:

  • Keep holographic chips, that is iridescent. This varnish has a matte finish.
  • The lacquer may already contain glitter, even a large size. There are options that combine both large and small items.
  • The effect of a chameleon can offer many producers of varnishes. This reaction colors not only on the temperature but also on illuminated.
  • Thermovarnish - is not only a combination of two colors, it is also a three-color options. But such options can offer a few manufacturers.

Evenly apply thermo lacquer with different sizes sequins more complex than monochrome version, but the end result is more interesting.

manicure Ideas

Use shellac and easily at home, you just observe a number of requirements.

Despite the seeming routine use of coatings, manicure ideas for using several Thermovarnish:

  • Using thermo-gel lacquer can be applied with a brush image. For example, the figure rose colored shades will look fresh and new, especially when the colors change.
  • Varnish can be used successfully to decorate a French manicure.
  • For a successful implementation of the idea of ​​lacquer can be combined with different kinds of decorative items. It rhinestones, foil, glitter, crystals.
  • Using this varnish can be done easily gradient manicure, combining several colors into each other.

When applying the coating it is necessary to pay attention to the following features:

  1. Before applying the basic foundations of the nails must be degreased using bezatsetonovoy liquid.
  2. To effect was maximum, using primer-free acids. This will ensure a better adhesion of the coating with a fingernail.
  3. The base coat is applied and dried on a nail or a UV LED-lamp.
  4. Gel or varnish is applied in a thick coating layer, or in two thin layer.
  5. This is followed by a top coating, which is dried in the tube and then removed and the adhesive layer is rubbed into the cuticle oil.
  6. Avoid unnecessarily long drying nail polish in the lamp.
  7. Thermo-gel lacquer can also be combined with drawings, patterns and sliders polish.

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