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Nails design gel lacquer 2017

Last year we remember the insanebubble-manicure, fortunately, this trend has lived with us for long. In 2017 also has several new products in the field of design nail gel polish, but they all tend to naturalness and elegance.

In addition to new products we are waiting for a perpetual transformation trends, such as the moon manicure and french. We propose new variations on the theme and Ombre manicure with stripes. But first things first.

Updated french manicure

Classic, relevant at all times - the Frenchmanicure gel polish. Only if previously there was no need to bother with coming up with combinations of colors and patterns, but now fashion manicure requires add brightness and dynamic. So forget about the usual duo of pink and white nail polish, nail polish color in fashion french, french manicure with a modified form of the "smile", shiny manicure French-millennium and unlimited fan-french manicure.

Colored gel coat varnish

A wide palette of gel varnish allows you to turnboring classic jacket is now a riot of colors. You can choose how two or more bright colors that will contrast with each other and used as a base color clear coating with shellac, and the tips of the nails to cover any juicy flavor.

The clear gel coat varnish

Festive looks French-millennium, when the nail plate is applied to a transparent gel lacquer and "smile" area covered by the glitter.

French-millennium gel polish

Fan-french manicure - another novelty in designFrench manicure. In this case, the tip of the nail is decorated with every possible decoration: beads, Bulonki, foil or simply colored chameleon paints or halogens.

Fan french gel nail

Actual combination of glossy and matte coating. For example, the base of the nail is covered with matte gel lacquer, and the tip is painted glossy.

Matt French manicure gel polish

Trends in 2017 require to experiment,in the case of the French manicure is suitable for this purpose the line "smile". It can be double, triple, triangular, with a beveled edge, V-shaped or any other shape.

French gel varnish with a V-shaped smile

Updated moon manicure

Moon manicure also has become a classic, whichFrench is the opposite. "Smiles" line may be concave or convex, or any geometric shape. In general, the geometric design - a major hit in the nail industry for several seasons.

Moon manicure gel polish

Per well of foil can be applied, with the remaindercover pre-gel lacquer. If you want everything at once, you can combine several designs manicure in one example, the lunar jacket with a classic.

Lunar french gel nail

For autumn and winter suit manicure cold dark shades - brown, burgundy, gray ... For spring summer choose bright colors - yellow, green, blue, magenta.

Manicure frame gel lacquer 2017

New 2017 Nail design and,consequently, a fashion trend - manicure-frame. To create a thin line along the edge of the nail, the layer of first gel varnish, which will limit the frame, and then another layer of varnish has a different shade. The perfect combination - black and white.

Manicure frame gel polish

However, for a better summer choose bright rich hues to be contrasted with each other, may be applied any pattern in the final coating.

Manicure frame shellac

Manicure-frame approach is not all. This design looks good only on long nails elongated and almond-shaped.

Cat's eye

This design manicure is not a novelty, it isthere was a couple of years ago, but in 2017 he reached the peak of its popularity. Manicure cat's eye looks best in the natural scheme of chrysoberyl stone - brown, green, gray, blue. Allowed registration of wells, liquid decorating stones, sequins, painted.

Manicure cat eye gel polish

The effect of unusual radiance is achieved by applying a special gel coatings containing fine particles of metal, and the impact of the magnet, without which perform manicures cat's eye will not succeed.

Manicure cat eye gel polish

Design stripes

We can not ignore manicure side stripes, whichIt has become the main trend in 2017. It does not matter you will choose the strip as the main design or add to it a classic jacket, this season should strips and nails on the hands and feet.

Manicure striped gel polish

The strip became more diverse: vertical, horizontal, zigzag, tends to spiral, sea blue and white on a colored background or a transparent gel varnish.

Design stripes gel polish

sunset effect

Manicure with sunset effect - is continuingfashion last season and Ombre Gradient Nail Design. This innovation in the field of nail design is more suitable for the summer, as the palette consists of bright saturated shades of orange, red, yellow and blue, imitating the color of the sky during a summer sunset.

Manicure gel varnish with a sunset effect

broken glass effect

New design nail gel polish comes fromSouth Korea is gaining increasingly popular. Manicure is a nail styling under the stained glass and broken pieces of mirror glass, which can be obtained upon application of special stickers, holographic foil or mica pieces. As a result, "fragments" shimmer with different shades, and the color depends on the tide tone gel varnish.

Nails design gel nail broken glass

In order to achieve the three-dimensional depth and reflection, these "fragments" is better to put on a black or other dark background. It is possible to focus on one finger or cover all nails.

Glass manicure nail gel polish

Focus on ring finger

Another novelty comes from Asia - with manicurefocus on the ring finger. This nail design is part of a manicure on Feng Shui. However, before it was carried out in accordance with the rules of Taoist philosophy, now it is just a fashionable trend.

Nails design with an emphasis on the ring finger

The ring finger can select a different color, decorate with sequins or glitter, decorate the rocks or liquid injection, put openwork mesh or artistic painting.

Manicure with a focus on the ring finger

Knitted 3D nail design

This boom in the nail design madethe appearance of a manicure in a volumetric 3D knitted, consisting of threads of wool, braids, knobs and lozenges. Its creator was the Russian nail designer Catherine Miroshnichenko, author of many popular techniques in the field of nail design.

Knitted design nail gel polish

To nails acquired favorite sweater texture necessary for gel-coating of varnish applied pattern and to fix using a gel under UV lamp. In the background is better to choose pastel matte shades.

Knitted manicure gel polish

By the way, none of manicure design does not look so nice on short nails, how to knit.

2017 brought us a lot of ideas in the field of designnail gel polish. So you really have to choose from. Try manicure-frame design or "broken glass", perhaps it is this manicure will be the favorite in the near future.

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