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Nail Design: news and popular destinations in 2017 (300 photos)

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  • Nail design: how it all began
  • Nail design: species
  • Nail Design: news 2017
  • Nail design: how to diversify manicure accessories
  • Nail design: popular figures
  • Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: how it all began

Nail Design (Nail Design, Nail Art) can betranslated as the art or skill of decorating nails. There is a nail design in one form or another for a long time enough, but it is widely received in XX-XXI centuries. One of the most important stages of its mass popularization was the use for decoration and nail acrylic. The so-called acrylic molding at one time created a furor. Artificial nails have become available almost every girl. In the past five years, the beauty industry has stepped even further. In vogue natural beauty, and with it, new materials and design of nails. Now there is a boom in home manicure by using more natural light and gel nail.

Shellac (gel nail) - Floor polish on the basis ofnatural resins curable using ultraviolet light. Shellac have many advantages over acrylic. He quickly applied, has a beautiful appearance, is inexpensive and lasts a long time on the nails. Home nail design using shellac has become a new trend, which replaced Thick acrylic nails.

The first and still the popular nail designs -French manicure on short nails, which, thanks to the gel varnish to date has received numerous interpretations. Another kind of fashionable nail design became the moon manicure (French manicure vice versa). "Smile" it is not at the bottom and at the base of the nail. Today there are many varieties of nail design, which for convenience are divided into several groups depending on the materials, coating technology / drawing and used to decorate nail accessories.

Nails Design: French manicure

Nails Design: French manicure

Black french manicure

French manicure 2017

Nail Design: moon manicure

Moon manicure

Nail design: water manicure

Nail design: species

  • 3D modeling of nails or aquarium design

Enough difficult nail design technology,requiring long and laborious work. The coating consists of several layers of transparent gel. At each stage of the coating used painting or accessories. Through this layering creates a 3D effect. Often in the aquarium nail design flowers and ornaments are additionally used, molded acrylic.


  • Art painting on nails

This is one of the most popular application technologydecorative coatings today. To nail design used in 2017 quick-drying gel-lacquers. Figures on nails are applied with a needle, brush or sponge (gradient design). To create geometric patterns use special adhesive strips on the basis of, or scotch. A special kind of art manicure design is water where the figure is applied to the surface of the water, and after transferred to the nails. Sometimes water manicure isolated as a separate type of nail design.

  • stamping manicure

For printing on nails usedspecial plates. Stempinng 2017 design is quite simple, a variety of original plates allows to draw the nails, and you can save a lot of time. It looks a manicure very impressive. Often stamping design is used to create a lacy bridal manicure and French manicure.

  • Photo Design (Manicure with stickers)

Another type of Express nail design, whichI love novice master nail art. Special stickers decorate one or all nails. Mainly use two types of labels: adhesive based on conventional and water, which is necessary before applying the wet. Photo Design is very convenient for home use.

  • Nails design with accessories

The beauty industry is developing very rapidly,It does not remain on the sidelines and design manicure. Many boutiques and online stores offer a wide range of accessories for decorating nails. All kinds of ribbons, butterflies, flowers, rhinestones and paetki glued to the nails, making the usual nail designs for short nails more spectacular.

  • Combined Neil - art

Skilful masters of nail art manicure making masterly combine several types of nail design at once. The result exceeds all expectations. As a rule, it turns out very interesting options and manicure ideas.

Aquarium design

Art paintings

Nails with figure

Nail design: water manicure

stamping manicure

stamping manicure

Photo Design

Nails design with accessories

Nail design: trends in 2017 (photo)

Of the variety of nail designs I want to highlight a few new features.

  • Oil-manicure

It is still very fresh in the new nail designs. While few people from home-masters know how to do it. In fact, there are several ways to create it: with a special gel varnish using foil or colored stencils and using vtirki. See the instructions for the implementation of Oil-in turn-based design photo.



Step by Step Photo: Oil-manicure, 1 way

Step by Step Photo: Oil-chrome design, method 2

Step by Step Photo: Oil-design vtirka, 3 Way

  • Crushed Nail Design

This design looks very original and stylish. It can be run with the help of gel varnish, but effectively this manicure looks at the aquarium design.

Metal crumpled design

  • Marble manicure

Very elegant manicure, which winsFemale heart who like bold experiments. Nails with marble effect can also be performed in two ways: by means of water equipment or using nail painting brush on wet liner layer top. How to make a similar design, see the article about the marble manicure.

Marble manicure

  • Manicure with the effect of broken glass

This nail design techniques to master easily. Manicure performed as usual, except that before applying the finish to the nails foil pieces are bonded randomly. This technique is best suited for a geometrical pattern.

Manicure broken glass

  • Nail Design "Liquid stones"

This can be called a holiday manicure. But always it looks very luxurious and rich. The stone is usually "framed crystals and microbeads, often in a similar design used gold leaf or gold acrylic paint.

Liquid Manicure stones

  • Lucky interesting effects

First of all, it paints with unusual effects: mirror cat's eye, sugar or cracking (crazing). Still there is "space", magnetic lacquers and even glow in the dark. They are designed for nail design, which can be done independently, without having special skills.

Nail design: dehiscent varnish (craquelure)

Nail Design: Lacquer "cat's eye"

Beautiful gel nail Cat's Eye

Nail design: "space" varnish

Nail design: glow in the dark nail polish

  • Microbeads and rhinestones

This type of nail design has appeared not so long ago, butIt has already become very popular. Options microbeads nail decoration can be very different, a flight of fancy is not limited. Beaded cover all nails, a nail or a spread pattern.

Nail Design microbeads and rhinestones

  • Transparent glitter

by itself it is used in the nail glitterdesign for a long time, but the latest fashion trend of unusual mixes of various steel nail technician. From the last nail design innovations: a combination of gradient and transparent glitter or glitter cover the nail close to the form of a mosaic.

Design with glitter

Design mosaic

  • Accessories: Rings on the fingers and nails

Fresh nail design trend thatIt is to complement manicure stylish miniature rings (they are worn on the upper phalanx of a finger). Also, the ring is used as imitation gold or silver polish.

In general theme of accessories for nail designIt is developing rapidly and gaining more and more popularity. Master of nail-art there are few simple drawings on the nails, it is important texture coating, invented a variety of three-dimensional compositions, using additional decorative elements. Regular manicures became a work of art.

Design with rings

Manicure with rings

  • Manicure with the effect of sugar or acrylic powder

Recently, sprinkle the entire nail orindividual drawings using colored acrylic powder has become very fashionable. It diversifies manicure, making it three-dimensional. Powder sprinkled monogram, drawing "sweater" and other ornaments. It makes such a design: cover the nail varnish, and dry, then apply a gel or varnish denser pattern of gel paint and not prosushivaya it, sprinkle with powder, and then send in the lamp. That's the whole secret of powdery manicure.

Nail design: varnish with the effect of sugar

Monogram and flowers with powder

Nail design: varnish with the effect of sugar

Figure "sweater" with powder

  • Mirror Floor polish (chrome nails)

Very effective design, which can beused as an evening option. Looks stylish, often combined with rhinestones and fashionable novelty - marble manicure. Perform this design five ways: special gel varnish by overhead mirror polish by using labels with metallic effect, a foil or a specially vtirki powders. Detailed instructions can be found with an article devoted to the mirror manicure.

Mirror nail design

Manicure with chrome effect

Mirror manicure

  • Translucent manicure "Veil"

An interesting version of the design, which despiteapparent complexity, is quite simple in execution. To create a "transparent" design need to apply base gel nail translucent beige, then mix top with black or dark brown gel varnish in a ratio of 5:1, the resulting composition applied to the nail, and then dried black gel lacquer perform pattern.

fog effect on the nails

Nail design: how to diversify manicure accessories

If you want to make a first-class manicure, thenyou can not do without fashion accessories polish. Conventionally, they can be divided into small decorative shapes for spraying (chippings, dust, microbeads, etc..), A variety of stickers and appliques, three-dimensional ornaments (large crystals, pearls, solid elements), non-standard materials (feathers, cloth) and others. They are mounted on neprosohshy varnish or special adhesive.

  • Rhinestones

With large crystals can be chicevening manicure. Smaller stones are used for everyday manicure. Overflow in the sun, they will attract attention to your hands. The daily version manicure with rhinestones not strewn all nails, but only placed emphasis.

  • Sequins and confetti

Not a brilliant manicure can not do without them. The color palette sparkles wide enough to pick them up perfectly to almost any type of manicure.

In recent years more and more popularbecoming the large-sized sequins as polygons. They are called glitter. It can be colored and transparent. Color is usually used for the bright and contrasting nail design glitter transparent creates an unusual relief on the surface of the nail and the play of light.

Sequins versatile material for nail decoration, which is compatible with any kind of coating, used in nail design.

  • Pearl

Jewellery from pearls are often used for evening or sea manicure.

  • shells

This ornament to create a mosaic design of nails. Shells have nice pearlescent and unusual shape.

  • Bulonki

Small transparent balls of different colors can be attached to the nails in the form of a drawing or edging. Often they are used for the moon manicure (spread them smile), the sea and the "caviar" manicure.

Nail Design: manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones Nail Decor

Nail design: Glitter manicure

Gold glitter on the nails

Nail Design: manicure with pearls

Nail Design: Manicure with shells

Nail Design: manicure with Bulonki or microbeads

  • Jewellery made of metal and plastic

Volume decorations

If you have no time to do the painting on the nails, andmanicure want the original, the volumetric 3D decoration is definitely your option. Stick flowers or bows on the nails you in an instant transform your manicure. The volume of gold and silver jewelry can be called a trend of nail design. Skilled craftsmen combine these decorative elements with foiling technology, as well as gold-painted with acrylic paints. It looks such a design in a million.

Flat applications

It became a popular decoration nailsmall figures, made of different materials. This may be a star, diamonds, polygons and other shapes. They are attached to the nails they are very easy and manicure design turns out very interesting.

In metal and plastic applications similar idea, only different material, shape and cost. Ornaments made of plastic is much cheaper. The metal is usually selected for the evening manicure.

Rubber applique nail excellent designaddition to the spring or summer manicure. They do a manicure brighter and more interesting. Widespread application in the form of flowers, hearts, butterflies, smiley stars, all kinds of berries and fruits. These decorations for nails designed for young girls who want to be stylish and original.

Nail Design: manicure with metal ornaments

Nail Design: Manicure with bulky jewelry (3D)

  • Materials for spraying

Mikroblestki and dust

This tiny particles to create a matt orshiny manicure. The nail design is spraying occurs quite frequently. Beautifully it looks sparkling mikroblestki on the tips of the nails or deposited in the form of a drawing. Dust is used to impart a matte surface. for nail-art specialists like to use dust or mikroblestki to create an evening, wedding and space manicure.

Nail Design: manicure with mikroblestkami, matte acrylic dust and sand

Powder nail acrylic sand


Do you want to create the effect of velvet nails? Then for decorating the need to use such material as a flock. Generally velvet nails can be called one of the latest nail trend. Depending on the selected color effect may be different, such as burgundy or dark blue flock will be associated with velvet and pale pink with plush toy. To work with this material for air nail design usually use a special device flokayder. A very important point. Flock does not lose its shape when exposed to water, so besides the inherent beauty and practicality for him.

Nails design with flock

  • nude

This material is used for nail decoration are notoften because its main purpose of creating a marble effect. Name gossamer gone from the structure of the material itself, and not the final effect. In fact, it is gossamer thin intertwined threads which are applied to the base coat, followed by fixed-transparent finish varnish.

  • Lace

Easy lace, made of fabric, finefor manicure virtually any stylistic orientation. Working with him is very easy, fixing fairly clear lacquer and sleek trendy manicure ready.

Nail Design: Manicure with textile lace

  • Feathers

Natural feather - an unusual variant of the accessorypolish, which is rarely used, but it turns out manicure with them is always a very interesting and unusual. The feathers of different colors usually used for nail design in oriental style or animal-manicure.

Nail Design: Manicure with feathers

  • Dry leaves

Another accessory for nail decorationnatural origin. The leaves and dried flowers look perfect manicure in the autumn. This natural material is used to using a gel varnish, and for a surround aquarium design.

Nail Design: Manicure with dry leaves

  • Mica

Thinnest very beautiful material for decorationnails. Working with him is necessary to very carefully, preferably with tweezers. Gold, silver mica pieces of various shapes abstract pictures spread on the nails resemble the texture of the decorative stones and minerals. Besides gold and silver can be found mica, colored in almost any color.

Nail Design: Manicure with mica

Nail Design: Manicure with foil

Nail Design: Manicure with foil

Nail Design: Manicure with rings

Rings on the fingers and gold tattoos on his hands in the Indian style, or the style of "boho"

Nails design gel varnish: Popular images (photos)

As for the artistic design and drawings on the nails, then a single article is not enough to cover them all, so we distinguish the basic types.

  • Peas

The easiest type by drawing on nails. Thanks to the simplicity and brevity peas love novice master of nail design.

  • Strips

Special adhesive strips or adhesive tapes are used to make this picture. Striped nail design, you can easily perform and at home.

  • zigzags

Simple, yet interesting type of painting on the nails. They look stylish and original twists, especially in black and white.

  • Floral ornaments

Perhaps the most common pattern innail design. Floral prints are always popular, because women love to the colors will never take place, she lives despite all the fashion trends and trends. Floral patterns in the nail design is very popular in the spring and summer. Depending on the choice of flowers and colors create a mood of general manicure. The easiest home manicure flower - a flower made of large and small drops of nail polish. Flowers on the nails, you can paint with a brush, or use stickers and appliques with floral prints.

  • Geometric patterns

All sorts of triangles, squares, and diamonds alloften take as a basis for the creation of drawings on the nails. Depending on the skill and imagination of the master of the usual geometric shapes can turn out very peculiar and unique pattern.

  • Multyashy design

Often it makes young girls and adolescents. This manicure looks very bizarre and colorful. It certainly is pleasant emotions. Perform cartoon design nails with a brush or labels, it is as you wish.

  • Oriental ornaments

A truly noble and beautiful oriental manicure. The mysterious and fantastic atmosphere, even the east was always attractive and interesting. Intricate patterns and unusual natural ornaments remained in demand in the nail design today. The main elements of oriental manicure - is intertwined stems and tendrils, unusual colors and patterns under the name Indian cucumber.

  • animal prints

As typically performed in a naturalcolors: brown, yellow, beige shades. The most popular animal print in the nail design - it is the leopard. And just leopard print is performed in the most unusual colors. Also popular prints of the nails in the form of color zebra, giraffe and bird feathers. By the way for the creation of the past often used these feathers.

  • Ethnic pictures

This unusual and very beautiful style nailDesign is relatively recent. Ethnic motifs began to be used to create a beautiful manicure summer season 2017. And the interest in them did not quenched. It is possible these bright patterns will decorate our nails and summer of 2017.

  • Art paintings

Like an artist painting on your nails! It is always a very delicate and painstaking work by master Neil-art, worthy of the highest praise.

  • Abstraction

Abstract paintings are among the most complex. They require creativity and even some courage from the Wizard, because there is a risk that the pattern will not work or will be so specific that it is not like a client. But there is a certain eccentricity and originality in these figures. Abstract Design - is the highest degree of skill and creativity in the field of nail design.

  • Combined patterns on nails

With the development of nail design there is everythingmore new forms and types of manicure. No exception, and painting the nails. Already rarely seen simple drawings. Master Nail Design is always experimenting: mix together different versions of drawings complement their accessories using various coating techniques in a manicure. Sometimes it turns out very unexpected and nice.

Nail design: a collection of ideas (photo)

Was inspired to create his masterpieces can be seeing photos of other masters of nail design.

Nail Design: manicure with accessories

Nail Design: manicure with accessories

Nail Design: manicure with accessories

Nail Design: manicure with accessories

Nail Design: Manicure with stickers

Nail Design: Manicure with stickers

Nail Design: Manicure with stickers

Nail Design: Manicure with feathers

Nails Design: French manicure

Nail design: Fruit manicure

Nail design: Fruit manicure

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

Nail design: a collection of photos

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