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Nail Design at home (photos)

Beautiful manicure makes your hands and tidymanicured. That is why every woman who always takes the time to their appearance, do not allow yourself to have neglected nails. Even if you do not have time to visit the nail salon, it is always possible to perform in-house.

Useful tips, photos and video lessons for beginners will allow you to become a real mistress to create a stylish and fashionable nail art.


  • Simple nail designs at home
  • Water nail design at home
  • Nail Design at home with rhinestones
  • Nail Design at home usual varnish
  • Nail Design at home gel polish
  • Nail Design at home: photo

Simple nail designs at home

Nice and neat pattern on the nails can beperformed using special brushes are also suitable for this purpose manicure tool DOTS. With it, you can draw abstract patterns, bitmaps, lacy ornaments and much more. With DOTS can be made simple by design "peas". On it will take only 10-15 minutes, but the result will exceed all expectations.


  • Give your nails the desired shape, remove the cuticle.
  • Apply a base coat. Selecting Color solution depends on personal preference.
  • Further, in a chaotic manner are arranged point. They can be of different sizes. Thus, home nail design will look even stranger.
  • The final touch - finishing varnish coating, which can have different effects (matte or gloss to create the effect).

There are plenty of ideas on how to diversify the classic nail design dots: you can change the color, position, size. It can also be supplemented with sparkling rhinestones or sequins.


It is noteworthy that the design of nails in the home is perfect for short nails.

Water nail design at home

Water manicure looks very impressive, butIn order to do it properly, you need a bit of practice. For its implementation need a small glass filled with water, a few pieces of different shades of nail polish and floss. In order to avoid contamination of the skin, you can use adhesive tape of a width not less than 1 cm or greasy hand cream.


  • The nails are put in order: wash the old paint if it is, clean the cuticle, rasp.
  • Next entrance are varnishes. To this is added a drop of water lacquer. When it will be spread on the surface of the water glass is added in the middle of the other group (the procedure repeated for all colors). Toothpick pattern created .. More finger is lowered into the water. paint residues can be removed with a toothpick.
  • With the finger is removed tape or cloth wipe paint if used cream.
  • Once the coating is dry, the nails are covered by the usual color enhancer or a colorless varnish.


Nail Design at home with rhinestones


Nail Design at home with crystals can be made in various techniques, it can be painted, lace manicure, french, moon manicure, where the hole is framed with rhinestones.

For beginners, there is the fact manicureeasy option nail decoration with rhinestones. To do this, yet not dried up on the main paint laid one strazinka (optional, you can put a few pieces), and everything is covered with lacquer-fixers. In addition, you can use colored rhinestones beads, beads, small pearl, metal figures and logos.


Nail Design at home usual varnish

nail design at home oftenin the usual varnish. To design creative need several colors. Selected nail general background, then it by means of nail tools, a drawing of a different color. Also in the design of Brocato can be used bulonki, stickers, dried flowers.



Nail Design at home gel polish

Today manicure at home withGel polish has become more accessible! The shops sold a lot of interesting color options, with which you can create real masterpieces. If you want to match the fashion trends, choose the classic shades and luxurious wine-colored.


Nail Design at home: photo

So if you are wondering how to makenail design at home, you can view photos from the beautiful manicure ideas for beginners (photo from nail design, which made private Manicurist Pauline). Allowing you to perform an interesting nail designs for beginners easy.

Nail Design at home in blue (see photo).

Nail Design at home with sequins (photo)

Nail Design at home: a stylish polka dot print (photos)

Nail Design at home in the style of nud (photo)

Knitted nail design at home (photos)

Red nail design at home (photos)

Nail Design at home with sequins (photo)

Nail Design at home: fashionable airbrushing (photo)

Nail Design at home in 2016: cat's eye (photo)

Nail Design at home in pink (photo)

Summer nail design at home (photos)

Beautiful nail design at home (photos)

Bright nail design at home (photos)

Lunar nail design at home (photos)

Nail Design at home in beige tones (photos)

Volume nail design at home (photos)

Matte nail design at home (photos)

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