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Nail Design 2017 (photo). Recent trends manicure.

2017 is not brought to the shellac nail designsome radically new directions. Rather, it is a fresh look at already beloved and familiar to all kinds of manicure: inverted, or wavy coat gradient, moon manicure in the new technique of execution under the name «Negative Space Nail Art», etc.

But we shall understand more around and see what is important in each season (spring, summer, autumn and winter) 2017 nail design.


  • The design of short nails 2017
  • Nail Designs 2017: Spring
  • Nail Designs 2017: Summer
  • Nails Design 2017: fall
  • Nail Designs 2017: Winter
  • Nails Design 2017: photo. New items manicure gel polish

The design of short nails 2017

In 2017, continuing the theme of the short nails. This trend is still more than one season will be relevant, for short nails look more well-groomed and beautiful. The design of short nails 2017 - is primarily a natural oval shape of the nail plate, as well as pastel, beige (nud) shades. Manicure light colors visually lengthens the fingers, making them more feminine and beautiful. As for the classic tunic. For short nails it also remains relevant, but the arc at the end of the nail is performed in the form of a very thin line. Or another option tunic 2017 on short nails - "inverted".

Very popular nail design 2017 Negative SpaceNail Art with thin strips. They paint with a fine brush in the same gel lacquer or acrylic paint. Usually they are made vertical, but there are other options in a grid or a wave diagonal strips.

Whichever option you choose, remember that the thinner lines in the figure on the nails short, so looks neater design.

New forms of Lunar Design

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Moon manicure

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Moon manicure

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Manicure with stripes

Kamifubuki Design: new fashion manicure equipment

Almost every month there is somenew manicure equipment or fancy new variety of designs on your nails. This video describes the technique and shows manicure called Kamifubuki. Run like a manicure is quite simple and easy.

Nail Designs 2017: Spring

Spring manicure always had a softcolors and bright colors. Nail Design Spring 2017 was no exception to the specified rules. Floral prints, pastel shades of gel varnish application on the spring, it will all be important in the upcoming season. If you want to make a stylish manicure spring, then give preference to a combination of colors as trendy mint, blossoming yellow, purple, sky blue, beige, peach, etc. By March 8, you can make art manicure with tulips, daffodils or lilies of the valley.

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Manicure Pastel

Nail Design 2017 (photo). flowers

Nail Designs 2017: Summer

What will be popular in the design of nails in the summer? The color scheme will be brighter and more juicy. At the peak of popularity is a bronze colors. Active will be used crystals and various accessories that are so inappropriately clung spring and winter gloves. Summer manicure rich in abundance patterns: abstract, floral print, fashion in 2017. "patchwork" and "boho". It will become a popular novelty in the design of nails 2017 - duplication of clothing prints on nails. Do not remain aloof and travel topic: the immortal sea or application with the symbols of different cities and countries.

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Boho and patchwork

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Cities and countries

Nails Design 2017: fall

Autumn is always associated with gold, brightyellow, orange, and burgundy shades. "Marsala" and trendy colors will not be forgotten. You can perform the classic jacket, date in 2017th odnotonny design or a manicure in the Spanish style in this color scheme. Just choose an unusual shade of the new collection of gel varnish. Latest textured prints will be under the "precious" stones, as well as nail design in the Baroque style.

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Manicure Baroque.

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Bordeaux, gold, Marsala.

Fashionable Black - White manicure

Nail Designs 2017: Winter

Winter back to the dark, even black,colors and gel lacquers with metallic effect. It will come back into fashion comfortable, really knitted winter manicure. How to make a manicure at home, see below in the video. Not forbidden, and experiments with the Scottish cell, which returned the relevance of fashion house Chanel.

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Knitted manicure.

Modern minimalist design

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Metallic paint.

Nail Design 2017 (photo). Cell.

Nails Design 2017: photo. New items manicure gel polish

Nails design gel lacquer is now one of the mostpopular cosmetic procedures. It is made both in salons and at home. Moreover, thanks to the availability of materials for nail design you can make a stylish manicure at home yourself. It is enough to see some video lessons, practice and you get no worse than in the cabin. New products and new ideas nail design 2017, you can draw a selection looking photos on the Internet.

Nail Design 2017 (photos)

Modern minimalist design

Nail Design 2017 (photos)

Nail Design 2017 (photos)

Nail Design 2017 (photos)

Nail Design 2017 (photos)

Nail Design 2017 (photos)

Nail Design 2017 (photos)

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